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ECCC 13: DC Comics Announces TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA Ongoing Series

The mysterious 'pink lady' gets her own series this June.

Since the final issue of FLASHPOINT and all the first #1s of DC's New 52 comics, we've been wondering who Pandora is, the mysterious pink lady. We've had a few glimpses of her, particularly in last year's New 52 FREE COMIC BOOK DAY issue. With the Trinity War event coming up, our need for questions has increased. Looks like this June we may start getting more answers.

Today at Emerald City Comicon, DC Comics announced a new ongoing series beginning in June -- TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA.

The series will be written by Ray Fawkes and feature art by Daniel Sampere. Fawkes has become attached to more and more DC series including CONSTANTINE.

We'll have to wait for more information about the series and what we could expect.

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Posted by maddpanda

Um...when did Rachel Grey become a DC character?

Posted by TheCannon

@haydenclaireheroes said:

Does anyone like Pandora enough for her to have her own ongoing?

I do.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Incoming bomb.

Posted by Logan Reilly

@The_Tree: I sure as heck hope so!

Posted by sethysquare

@JamDamage: let it be then. I honestly feel that these characters have something unique and better to offer than a repeated skill set. Barry Allen and Wally West are basically interchangeable. Thats my opinion ofcourse and I don't think it makes me look ridiculous.

Posted by RavenArrow

@haydenclaireheroes said:

Does anyone like Pandora enough for her to have her own ongoing?

Well, I for one find her to be quite an intriguing character, and I believe she has a lot to offer, so...why not?