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Early Review/Preview Cyblade #3

Issue #3 in stores February 18.

There is something about this Cyblade series.  I think it's the combination that she can majorly kick ass yet she is also vulnerable at times.  Seeing her fight for her freedom early in her career has been interesting and entertaining.  There's already been tons of comparisons to Jennifer Garner's "Alias."  I do think that is part of the charm.  Cyblade is like "Alias" but times 10.  Reading through the issues, you can almost feel it as a live action feature.

Joshuah Hale Fialkov continues to add depth and character to Cyblade.  There is more to her hard persona.  She may have a bunch of cybernetic implants in her but she is far more human than the 'enemy' is.  Lee Ferguson's art usually works for me.  It is good but sometimes the characters appear a bit cartoony.  More so if they are in the background.  Perhaps there's a part of me that can still recall Marc Silvestri's artwork. 

Because of the characterization given to Cyblade along with the action and suspense, I give this issue a 4.5 out of 5.  There's a whole hidden world of esponage going on.  Things are set up in this issue to add to that feel.  I'm not totally crazy about the lovey-dovey parts but I understand how it is important to Cyblade's development.  There is also a very nice Stjepan Sejic cover.

And the last page promises to give us some hardcore action in issue 4.

Here's the preview:
Cyblade #3
(W) Joshua Hale Fialkov    (A) Lee Ferguson        (Cov) Rick Mays, Stjepan Sejic

Dominique's hard decision leads to her salvation, but with Cyberdata on her heels, can the Resistance rally themselves fast enough to stand up against an army of SHOC Troops? With a special appearance by another member of CYBERFORCE!

Cover A – Rick MaysCover B – Stjepan Sejic
Full Color        32 pages        $2.99      limited series

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Posted by WonderBoy1132

Kind of reminds me of psylocke?

Posted by pixelized

The interior art has prevented me from reading this.

Posted by G-Man

The art isn't bad. It sorta lapses a tiny bit at moments.  She's a great character and it's a shame to let that get in the way.

And she may slightly resemble Psylocke but their characters are pretty far off from each other.

Posted by Media_Master

Pretty cover

Posted by pixelized

isn't this a different penciler than the first 2 issues?

Posted by King Saturn
Cyblade is like a new badass Psylocke... the Artwork is Solid Indeed