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Early Review/Preview: Broken Trinity: Angelus

Top Cow offers an early look at the Broken Trinity tie-in explaining the Angelus' role.

Broken Trinity: Angelus (Cover A - Stelfreeze)
On Wednesday January 7, the final of three Broken Trinity one-shots will be released.  These issues have focused on the three different players DarknessWitchblade and here, the Angelus.  The Witchblade issue dealt with the aftermath while the Darkness issue and this show us the events leading up to the battle in Broken Trinity.

After reading the Angelus Pilot Season issue and then seeing Celestine back as the Angelus in Broken Trinity, I was a little confused.  This issue helps to clarify things.  I'll admit I never really cared a whole lot for Celestine.  Here, Ron Marz has done an interesting job in making her somewhat likable.  In that regard, this issue is worth reading.  Fans of Celestine or the Angelus will want to see what happened right before Broken Trinity.  I also enjoyed the little twist that made me go back and re-read some pages.

 The downside is we already know how things are going to end.  From that perspective, one might say what's the point of reading this story.  Obviously if you like the character and want the full story of Broken Trinity, you should pick this up.  Otherwise it could be a toss up.

The other downside, which isn't a fair complaint, is we don't get art by Stjepan Sejic.  The man is amazing but can't draw every single comic.  Brian Stelfreeze does draw a nice looking Celestine and Dave McCaig's colors help provide the right atmosphere of the story.

With these two minor gripes, I give the issue a 3.5 out of 5.  It's a good read.  It's somewhat essential to the overall arc but because it's a lead in story to one that we've already seen the end, it's a little hard to get overly enthusiastic about it.  I am a little bummed about Celestine's ending but she made her choice.

Here's the preview:
Broken Trinity: Angelus
(W) Ron Marz        (A) Brian Stelfreeze        (Cov) Brian Stelfreeze, Jeffrey Spokes

A BROKEN TRINITY tie-in! In FIRST BORN, The Angelus power chose the troubled young woman Celestine as its host. Now, Celestine’s split personality struggles with The Angelus force for ultimate control, even as a rogue contingent of Angelus warriors plot their leader’s overthrow.

This is one of three, stand-alone tie-in issues to BROKEN TRINITY, featuring the heavenly art of Brian Stelfreeze (BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT, X-MEN: UNLIMITED) and one-third of a three-part alternate cover set by Jeffrey Spokes (SADHU: THE SILENT ONES).

Cover A – Brian Stelfreeze
Cover B – Jeffrey Spokes
Full Color      32 pages        $2.99       one-shot

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Posted by Baal Zak

I'm gonna miss Celestine, she was a crazy hot maniac :D

Posted by pixelized

That second gripe is my only complaint for anything Witchblade/broken trinity/13 artifacts related.

Other then that... opinion on her one way or the other

Posted by Hawk

Art looks great......Where is a good starting point for these comics.....(Witchblade and such?

Posted by pixelized
Hawk said:
"Art looks great......Where is a good starting point for these comics.....(Witchblade and such?"
I started at Witchblade 101, and i'm not having many problems.
Posted by G-Man

Ron Marz has turned Witchblade around in my opinion.  They have a couple trades available and their pretty cheap.  He started with issue 80.  HERE'S 80-85.  Searching there, you'll see the other volumes.

Posted by sythspawn

Stelfreeze drew it? SOLD!

Posted by G-Man

In stores today.

Posted by pixelized
sythspawn said:
"Stelfreeze drew it? SOLD!"
Posted by sythspawn

Definitely. I really like Stelfreeze's art.