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Early Review: Young Justice Episode 1: Independence Day

The first episode is coming. Will it live up to your expectations?

Young Justice debuts on Cartoon Network as a special one-hour movie event on Friday, November 26, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT. The series will continue in early 2011 with half-hour weekly episodes. The voice cast includes Danica McKellar as Miss Martian, Jesse McCartney as Robin, Nolan North as Superboy, Superman and Zatara, Alan Tudyk as Green Arrow, Kevin Michael Richardson as Martian Manhunter, Bruce Greenwood as Batman and many many more.

Young Justice deals with the idea of teenagers trying to prove themselves to their peers, parents, teachers, mentors and even themselves. This becomes a harder task when you're a teenage superhero. The members of Young Justice - Robin, Aqualad, Superboy, Kid Flash, Miss Martian and Artemis - all will have to deal with these issues along with the added danger of a superhero life.
 == TEASER ==
The first episode, Independence Day, opens with an attack by Mr. Freeze. When was the last time we saw him? His new look may be different from the Batman: The Animated Series style but he does appear more deadly here.

It's interesting to see how the younger heroes are being allowed to step up but are still being sheltered/doubted by their mentors. This really sets up the "us versus them" attitude that kids often get when they can't or don't want to understand the rules. When Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad make take their inevitable stand against orders, we get to see the different personalities of each and how they work together. Since we haven't seen too much of Aqualad in the comics yet, it's cool to see him as the level-headed member of the team. It makes sense that he would be the team leader, as announced at SDCC

Besides the kids, there are also appearances by Batman, Green Arrow and Roy Harper taking on Icicle, Aquaman and Aqualad versus Killer Frost, Flash and Kid Flash versus Captain Cold, Red Tornado, Martian Manhunter, Superman and Zatarra all in the first ten minutes. There are more appearances by other DC characters but let's leave some as a surprise. There's so many others that do appear. 
The episode establishes the series nicely. We  get to see the Justice League discover that these young heroes are more capable than they thought. Again, as announced at SDCC, Young Justice will be the Justice League's secret weapon. They will be handling some of their black ops mission. It does seem a little bit of a stretch considering at the beginning, Batman, Superman and Aquaman wanted the "kids" to stay put in the Hall of Justice as they went out on a dangerous mission. 
What makes this series really exciting is the acknowledgement of the larger DC Universe. For example, I really dug the Teen Titans cartoon but you rarely, if ever, saw guest appearances by other DC characters. In the past, there may have been legal issues that put a constraint on other characters appearing. Whatever happened to change that and open this door is the best thing that could have happened. 
Is the show worth watching? Heck yeah. We may see "kid" superheroes here out on missions but there is plenty of action and danger to keep the show moving. The only bad thing is after the November 26 premiere, we'll have to wait until early 2011 for more. But as they say, "good things come to those who wait..." You won't want to miss this.
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Posted by SystemID

No Wonder Girl? What's up with that?

Posted by danhimself

awesome!  I can't wait!!  The only problem I foresee is that this might be on at the same time as the hour long Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Hero's episode that airs the same will have to get dvr'd

Posted by Baron_Emo

This actually sounds pretty cool. Too bad I don't have cable... :/

Posted by Ahmed Sherif
Maybe you can record one of them, if you have VCR.
Posted by Gregomasta

I'm excited to see the show.

Posted by mickoreo_LZ
Is it just me or is DVR and PVR the best invention since the telephone? 
Can't wait for this series to get going. Looks really promising. Still don't know why they didn't use Tim Drake as Robin instead of Dick. Superboy, Miss Martian, Kid Flash, these are all of Tim's friends and allies. Oh well, it'll still be good
Posted by Duo_forbidden

I wanna watch it now...

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

Sooooo looking forward to this!!!!

Posted by Mbecks14

I AM SOO EXCITED!! This is what i want to do with my life now

Posted by Crazy Pan

No Wonder Girl or Arrowette. I don't consider Artemis the same thing as Arrowette. There is all sorts of sh*t wrong with this show already.

Edited by johnny_spam
@Crazy Pan: Wonder Girl will show later according to Greg Weisman in some other place the makers said that Artemis is not Arrowette but she is someone in the DCU. And it is on another Earth so it's not trying to be in the same DCU. 
I am looking forward to watching this at first I could not have been more uninterested but now I am waiting for it. 
Posted by Lovenuggets
I cant wait to see this...I didn't hear about this until NOW lol...this is going to be awesome...I loved The Teen Titans cartoon but....I was waiting for some special appearance from  other DC heroes but it never happened...this is going to be great! 
Posted by Jordanstine

Too bad the Young Justice team has no representation of Green Lantern
They should put a teenage Kyle Rayner in as part of the team. 
Hey, I can still pass for a prepubescant teenager!
Posted by G-Man

This takes place on Earth-16. There's bound to be some differences.

Posted by The WeatherMan

Man, I totally can't wait. Hopefully it's better than Justice League Unlimited.

Posted by mighty dude

nice portrayal of aquaman. he looks cool!
Posted by LightBright

<3 Nolan North!  
So excited for this show! ^_^

Posted by bobtv

Yes, tell the fanboys is on another earth and you're done, endless possibilities for the creators. 
It's cool to have this story in the DC multiverse, and that they are covering it's happenings qith a tv show, is like an animated elsewords. So does th DCAU gets it's universe on the multiverse? 
This show has the looks to be the next big thing in animated tv for DC. hope the best for this one.

Posted by G-Man
Posted by johnny_spam
@bobtv: I think the DCAU is Earth 12 the Batman Beyond mini may be on it.
Posted by Takerukun

This looks good. Can't wait.
Also, it's Jesse McCartney. :)

Posted by G-Man
@Takerukun: Oops, guess I'm showing my age. Thanks for catching that.
Posted by Decept-O
@Baron_Emo said:
"This actually sounds pretty cool. Too bad I don't have cable... :/ "

In the same boat as you.  *sigh*   
However, I think it's GREAT there are more comic book properties becoming animated series!
Posted by Gambit1024

What time will it premier on the 26? Just so I remember to put it on DVR :)

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I was really excited to see thins show now I am even more excited. I am counting down the days. 

Posted by weapon154


Posted by pikahyper
@Baron_Emo @Decept-O
for those of you without cable I'm pretty sure you'll be able to watch it streaming from the cartoon network web site on a delay (they stream brave and the bold so no reason for them to not stream young justice), it is a horrific website and player but if you can stand it it works in a pinch.
Posted by Crimson Eagle

I hope there is an episode where the titans (young justice in this case) meet their future counterparts like in the Titans of tommorow story.
Posted by Doctorchimp
@G-Man: Huh, did they say if under the red hood was Earth-16? 
The animation looks to be in line with it, plus it's the same Batman and everything. 
Also will Chris Kent show up to fight Connor so Young Justice can have it's own version of Infinite Crisis?
Posted by jamdown

Posted by Bestostero

I'm very excited for this, I have high expectations...DC animations are always good.  I don't like the two main girls (Miss Martian and Artemis) chosen to be in this, but maybe they'll grow on me...

Posted by Ms. Omega

Cant wait to see this

Posted by NXH

I am sure as hell looking forward to this. =] 
Im sorry, Marvel. But Avengers: EMH is shite. =/

Posted by WindArrow

Now, I saw Speedy in the 8 minute preview that I saw, but no Artemis...does he only come out in the beginning and then forgotten? Also, it should have been Mia instead of Roy...oh well.

Posted by TVN

I'm glad that my hopes were not crushed.  I caught a 6 minute pre-view and loved it. 
It's on my DVR.

Posted by juniorlhulk
@Baron_Emo: dude u dont need cable u can watch it online on cartoon network
Posted by Grimoire
Does their personalities match their comic book counterparts? 
Posted by G-Man
@Gambit1024 said:
" What time will it premier on the 26? Just so I remember to put it on DVR :) "
It will be on at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network. They should be sending over some more images and clips soon. 
@Grimoire said:
" @G-Man:  Does their personalities match their comic book counterparts?  "
Roy's got an attitude, Robin's clever and jumps into the action, Kid Flash is impatient and also rushes in. The "adults" seem to be themselves for what little they were seen. Superboy...I don't want to say too much about him until you guys see the episode. But it will be good.
Posted by -Vigil-

I'm still steamed about them using Dick Grayson instead of Tim Drake as Robin, but I'm still WAY looking forward to this show. It looks amazing.

Edited by Brickabrack

Looks cool. I don't understand why Aqualad is the leader instead of the usual leader who is Robin? Is this just to arbitrability mix things up a little or is there an in-universe reason? For example from the group picture it looks like Robin is the shortest, so I wonder if that means he's the youngest as well, and so has to work for respect harder? And no Wonder Girl is also something I'll miss, but it's good to hear she'll show up.
Posted by -Vigil-
@WindArrow: It also should have been Bart instead of Wally and Tim instead of Dick. But for the most part they're using the original version of each sidekick.
Posted by MintBerryCrunch

This can't be worst than the Teen Titans show, right?

Posted by Gambit1024
@G-Man: Ok, thanks bud
Posted by Bestostero
Posted by NaruNick073

This Show Looks Pretty Awesome

Posted by lostlantern13

Winnie Cooper is in the show? I guess I'll be watching this 100% now.

Posted by Metatron_Da_Don

Aquaman. lol @ his beard trying to make him look cool.

Posted by G-Man
@Brickabrack: Robin is 13, Wally is 15, Artemis is 15, Miss Martian is 16 (Martian) years old and Superboy is16...weeks old.
Posted by Brickabrack
Ah-hah that explains it. Thanks G-Man. That's it then, I'll bet it's the age thing.  
On a seperate note I forgot to mention, I love the art style, especially compared to Marvel's Avengers. I have high hopes for this show.
Posted by #1ElderScrollsFan

Man, DC is rockin' the animations!!! 

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