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Early Review: X-MEN: BATTLE OF THE ATOM #1

Not one, not two but THREE different X-Men from different time periods. If you've been reading X-Men comics lately, this is exactly what you've been waiting for.

The Good

With each issue of Brian Michael Bendis' ALL-NEW X-MEN or UNCANNY X-MEN, I've been in a bit of awe. After the events of AVENGERS VS X-MEN, the X-Men became divide. Cyclops did some disastrous things even though he had good intentions. It was Beast that decided to bring forth the original X-Men from the past into the present in order to try to prevent the current Cyclops from going down what he saw as a dark path. Time travel and the X-Men go together like superheroes and spandex but I've been hooked with every issue.

This is where it all starts bubbling to a boil. The reality of it is, there is an almost limited sense to the direction of ALL-NEW X-MEN. How long can the X-Men from the past stay in the present without serious consequences occurring? That's something we're going to see starting with this issue -- in a big way.

The premise of this event is we'll be seeing X-Men from the future journey to the present to try to straighten up the problems of having the X-Men from the past forward in their time. Yeah, it sounds like it could get messy and confusing. But Bendis makes it so compelling. We've seen so many different alternate futures in the X-Men comics. What we haven't been aware of is what effect could having the original X-Men in the present. There's also been the question of are they actually from the same timeline since it used to be Marvel characters couldn't travel within their own timelines. Rest assured, answers will be give. Some, at least.

Bendis sets this story up nicely. With a splashy opening, he also immediately establishes the characters and mood of the current state of X-Men. Sprinkling in the bits of humor makes the story that much more enjoyable.

In terms of art, it's a visual feast. With Frank Cho, Stuart Immonen and Wade Von Grawbadger along with Marte Gracia's colors, you'll have to step back and say, "Wow!" It all just looks so good. We get a variety of scenes. There's some nice big splashy layouts that really allow the details and dramatic poses to be used without a feeling that we're getting short-changed in terms of storytelling. There's quite a few characters present here and they all look good, as they should.

The Bad

It may be another crossover but, seriously, I've been waiting for this since ALL-NEW X-MEN #1. When crossovers start off like this, I have no complaints. Well, this could mean some bad things for some characters, especially if you've looked at the future solicits...

The Verdict

Is the end near? Time travel has often been a big factor in X-Men storylines and this one is about to erupt in a big way. Brian Michael Bendis has been setting up this story since taking over two X-Men titles. We are treated to some great art and action is cranked up to get us hooked from the beginning. Some of today's readers may feel on the verge of crossover overload but it's stories like this that make it worth it. As soon as you finish, you'll wish to see another chapter ASAP. I am fearful of what could happen to some characters. But that's just a sign of good storytelling. Bendis has made me care about some of the X-Men in new and different ways I didn't think could be possible. Reading this, I found myself letting out a big sigh while a smile formed across my face. I cannot wait to see more.

On sale September 4, 2013. Checklist and preview can be seen HERE.

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Posted by Shallbecomeabattoo

CYCLOPS WAS RIGHT!!! The Avengers are fachists!!!

That is all.

Posted by DecoyElite

CYCLOPS WAS RIGHT!!! The Avengers are fachists!!!

That is all.


*Disappears into the shadows*

Posted by Cezar_TheScribe

Arthur Adams is just the cover artist?

Edited by acomicbooklook

This looks like it could be good, I had lost faith with the X-Books but slowly they are getting me to turn around and give them a read. Lately I have not been disappointed.

Posted by Kevinva

Can't go wrong with past, present, and future teams fighting.... very excited for this.

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

Cant wait!! Bendis is gonna kill it!

Posted by lykopis

Not feeling the art - only mildly curious about this event.

Posted by venomalpool

Really looking forward to Battle of The Atom! Interested to see how Deadpool is written and his personality.

Posted by TheBlackHood

My only concern is that the story doesn't end with a "team shakeup" the way almost every X-men crossover does. I am really liking Cyclops team or as I call it "The fresh smell of a Wolverine free environment" so I really don't want them to change the roosters at all.

Edited by HAWK2916

Im not against the separation right now. However I do think Cyclops team needs to get a bit larger.I also want it to be more defined. Is it revolution or not and really please stop running around with kids in training as part of the team. That's a bit ridiculous

Edited by darthphoenix

Good thing they released 1 and 2 at the same time. i'm reading them now

Posted by Eneguema_I

Wait, didn't Age of Ultron already establish that time travel was bad? Why are we still getting a time-travel story? Wouldn't this story absolutely wreak even MORE havoc on the poor, 616 Timeline? I mean, X-men from the future coming to the present to send the X-men of the past FROM the present to the past?

Age of Ultron saw only one change to history and that was sufficient to break time. How much damage would this event incur, when you have the original five already changing their future histories (?), without adding in even more time-travelers to further mess things up?

Or was there an interview with BMB that I missed?

Posted by HAWK2916


Good points. Which makes it hard to get behind this event.