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Early Review: Moon Knight #22

Moon Knight #22

When will Moon Knight get a break?

I'm a long time Moon Knight fan.  He's always suffered the fate of having his comic canceled.  It's nice to see that we are approaching two full years' worth of Moon Knight comics.  Charlie Huston did a great job bringing him back into the spotlight. 

Where's the popcorn?
The problem now is everyone thinks Moon Knight is insane.  I suppose anyone willing to dress up and risk their lives must have some level of insanity in them.  It just feels like everyone is getting on his case lately.  Now we have the insane Thunderbolts gunning for him.  My first question is, does this story take place before or after Norman's mission to destroy Spider-Man in the current "New Ways to Die" story?  I suppose we can assume it's before since Mac is still in one piece as Venom.  Venom's dialogue is getting a little old.  It was a little humorous seeing the team sitting in their briefing room (which looked like a movie theatre) getting the lowdown on Moon Knight.

Moon Knight is now fighting on his own.  He's always had a close team to help in different areas.  What's good about this is it's a chance to reinvent himself, especially since he's renounced Khonshu.  Marc even develops a new...gadget to add to his arsenal.  It doesn't really fit in with what he's used in the past but is pretty cool.  He's not messing around.  At least Crawley is still in his corner.  

It's kind of funny that Moon Knight isn't wearing his traditional costume since he's on the run yet somehow he's still getting the credit (or blame) for his actions.  Maybe this is just something we're supposed to overlook.  Despite this, Mike Benson has been doing a good job since he took over.   Mark Texeira's art is the same as usual.  Sometimes he delivers great images while other times things seem a little off.

I liked the issue.  I give it a 4 out of 5.  I would've like the fight between Moon Knight and the Thunderbolts to last longer.  Regardless, it was a pretty sweet fight.
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Yo G-Man.. who says it's Mac who's venoms host in that comic... he does seem kinda changed from the looks...