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Early Review: Green Hornet #11

This is one sassy superhero comic.

The elder Kato leaves Green Hornet and the new Kato to their own devices right when a dangerous new cult, Los Hijos de Santa Muerta, threatens their reputation on the street.

The Good

I love how this comics meld modern superhero aesthetics with the mouthier tone of the pulps that birthed Green Hornet. While they’re still serious about their work, Kato and GH are still a couple of wiseasses and their approach to handling gangs like this cult is refreshingly more worldly than that of your typical do-gooders. Lau’s work is a treat too, reminding me a lot of Neal Adams’ classic style while still keeping its own distinct identity.

The Bad

While it does make for a cute gag, I question if giving the Black Beauty the capability to instantaneously alter its appearance in fact pushes GH’s arsenal too far over the edge in terms of capability. Part of the appeal of the character, as I figure, is that he’s a little more down-to-Earth than that other famous vigilante, Batman, and a chameleon-like car is about as out there as a private Bat jet is.

The Verdict – 4/5

I was skeptical as probably everybody was when Green Hornet was announced for a major revival a few years back. I just didn’t believe that a regular masked vigilante and his Judo-master sidekick were still fresh enough to speak to contemporary audiences. Every Dynamite book I’ve read so far - - from the Lone Ranger to John Carter of Mars - - has always pleasantly defied my expectations by finding sharp new ways to make these classic characters relevant again. Green Hornet is no exception and the strong work in this issue, in particular, has got me excited to check out the movie next month (the one that everybody’s as dubious about as I was about this series, initially.

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Posted by GT-Man

I'm cripped in FALLOUT 3 what do I do!? HELP!!
Posted by Red Rum
@GT-Man: Stop playing and read Green Hornet.
Posted by Nova`Prime`
@Red Rum said:
" @GT-Man: Stop playing and read Green Hornet. "
Posted by iLLituracy

I feel like I'm going to miss Kevin Smith on this title...

Posted by jakob187

The last ten issues with Kevin Smith were great, and I'm looking forward to seeing Phil Hester's work on the series now that Smith is out.

Posted by Mercy_


Posted by Pizawle

Not sure if I'll keep reading monthly or switch to the collections.

Posted by Eyz
@Nova`Prime` said:
" @Red Rum said:
" @GT-Man: Stop playing and read Green Hornet. "
Hahaha XD
Seriously though, this comic's great!
Posted by Rich-Man

the first 10 issues have been brilliant, i recommend this to any comic reader. Kevin Smiths story telling is superb and the art work goes perfectly! im glad Lau has carried on with the art. i hope GH carrys on to be this good now smiths finished.
Posted by longbowhunter

I've been really fond of this book along with Year One.
Posted by Video_Martian

Love Green Hornet, although it's been a while since I've read this series...

Posted by BKole
@iLLituracy: Phil has been ghost writing Green Hornet since the start of the series. He's uncredited. I think this is mentioned on CBR when Kevin Smith is talking about his time on the title - So, really, this isn't a bold new start with a new writer, it's just Smith isn't on it anymore.
Posted by GT-Man
@Red Rum:
I'm not playing! but now I found the problem apparnetly I was carrying to much package
Posted by longbowhunter

I did not pick this up this week due to the sheer volume of other books that came out. Next week looks to be a good deal lighter. Hope to buy it then.