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Early Review: Ghost Rider #27

Ghost Rider #27

I think I'm starting to get interested again...

I think I've been open that I'm not the biggest Ghost Rider fan.  I like Johnny Blaze even less.  I've never been able to pinpoint the exact reason.  I did get caught up in the 90s craze and read most of Danny Ketch's Ghost Rider appearances.   I did like the first issue of this series but soon lost interest after a couple issues.  With the return of Dan Ketch, I thought it was time to check things out again.

The issue starts out showing us some nuns training kung fu style.  We also see Caretaker's granddaughter using those skills.  If she is to become an on-going character, it's good to see that she can hold her own in a confrontation.   It might have been brought up earlier but we also see that there is a big picture behind everything Ghost Rider related.  There are some dark secrets that Johnny hasn't been aware of.  I haven't decided if this is too cliche or the start of something interesting.  The concept of 'everything being tied together' has been used many times in the past.  In reading this issue, I have to say that I do like it.  Ghost Rider has always been a dude with a flaming skull on a bike.  Now there may be more to his mythos.  That's good.  I also wondered why they always rode a bike and why not a car.  It seems there may be a slight answer to that in this issue. 

Dan Ketch
Jason Aaron did a good job with the writing.  Being honest, I have to say Tan Eng Huat's art doesn't really work for me.  Most of the character's faces make them look like they're in constant pain.  Dan also looks like he's either been through hell (no pun intended) or he has aged a bit since last I saw him.

I will be reading issue 28 when it comes out.  I do want to see where this is going.  I just wish the art was a little better. 

Because of the art, I have to give this a 3.5 out of 5.  It is worth reading.
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Posted by blade hunter

this may be the biggest and best Ghost Rider story ever!!!!