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Early Review: Gail Simone's RED SONJA #1

There's a new Red Sonja series coming and she's more than ready to kick plenty of butt.

Gail Simone's first issue of RED SONJA is on sale in July but here's an early review for the issue.

The Good

Ever since it was announced at Emerald City that Gail Simone would be writing a Red Sonja series, everyone took notice. Both Red Sonja and Gail Simone are known for kicking butt so it sounded like a perfect fit.

We are dropped in the aftermath of an epic battle. It's great seeing the issue begin this way. Instead of page 1 panel 1 featuring Red Sonja, we get to see a set up of her world. Seeing the events unfold that lead up to her first appearance here builds up the anticipation. Without giving anything away, it's a great set up and nice twist. This isn't how I thought the series would begin.

What is Red Sonja capable of? Simone does not hold back in showing us. If you're looking for great Red Sonja action, you will not be disappointed. It'd be easy to go over the top but Simone manages to delightfully balance showing what she's capable of without making it too excessive. It is excessive. But it's the right amount of excessiveness.

This isn't just a tale of Red Sonja kicking butt though. We do get to find out a little more about her. She is not simply a she-devil with a sword. There is, believe it or not, some compassion present. Also, if you've read Simone's writing, you know she will sprinkle in some humor at just the right moments. And be prepared to see Sonja in a way you haven't seen her before.

Walter Geovani's art is a perfect fit. The art in a series like this can be crucial in making it stand out from the rest. Red Sonja needs to have a certain level of elegance when she's in the midst of action or in her down time. There are also the big action scenes. When there's an invading army on the horizon, the threat needs to be credible. As mentioned above, the action scenes contain the right amount of violence without being gratuitous.

The Bad

This series is off to a great start. The only bad thing is you have to wait until July for the first issue and I now have to wait until August for the second.

The Verdict

There is a craving for epic fantasy adventures these days. Red Sonja is no stranger to these types of stories and Gail Simone shows she completely understands the character. Usually seen as just a female warrior with a sword, Simone shows Sonja is not someone your favorite comic character would want to mess with. This is the perfect jumping on point new readers and old readers will enjoy Simone's take. We find out a little about her past without this being a full fledged origin story. There is a great mix of action, backstory, humor and good old fashioned storytelling here. I've read Red Sonja comics off and on in the past and this issue fully captures my attention. There's good news and bad news about this series. The good news is we're off to a great start for this new volume. The bad news is this means you now have a new series to add to your pull list.

5 stars out of 5. I can't wait to see what Simone has planned for future issues.

Here's an unlettered preview for the first issue:

Posted by bloggerboy

I'll definitely check this one out. Thanks, Tony!

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I'll probably end up checking this series out now that I'll have an Earth 2 sized hole to fill in my pull list. Simone is hit or miss sometimes, but she still gets me to show up for most of the things she writes.

Posted by TheUnN4med

I going to pick this up!! I love Gail Simone's works!

Posted by Oscars94


Posted by FlashDamn

Is that a New format for the reviews?

Posted by dondave

Definitely picking this up

Posted by kilomac29

Would have checked this out based on that awesome cover art alone. After hearing about it on Twitter over the weekend and reading this review, I'm definitely in.

Posted by G-Man

@flashdamn: Reviews usually go on the Reviews page attached to the issue. But since the book isn't out until July and this is an advanced review, it's on the news page. We don't add issues to the database until the week they're released. Then this review will be attached to the issue. But either way, it's a great read.

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@g_man said:

@flashdamn: Reviews usually go on the Reviews page attached to the issue. But since the book isn't out until July and this is an advanced review, it's on the news page. We don't add issues to the database until the week they're released. Then this review will be attached to the issue. But either way, it's a great read.

Thanks Man

Posted by G-Man

Attention everybody, I added some preview pages to the original post. Check 'em out!

Posted by amutant

Gail Simone writing Red Sonja? I have to pick this up in July!

Edited by bladewolf

Never bought a Red Sonja comic before, but I'm willing to give this a chance. Looks cool enough, and buying one issue won't hurt. Plus, this might fill the medieval action void what with the end of Demon Knights on the horizon...

Posted by OmgOmgWtfWtf

Is Red Sonya going to spread feminism throughout Hyrcania?

Posted by nerdork

Wow, just wow. This looks amazing and bada$$.

Posted by iaconpoint

While I think Simone is the single most overrated writer in all of comics, I'll still give this a shot. I love kick ass females.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

This will be pretty great

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Posted by Pokeysteve

I'll probably check this out just because of Simone.


I've never read any Red Sonja. Is this issue an acceptable place to start? And also, is it under a mature label? She seems like the type of character that would need one.

Posted by Mercy_

So excited for this book

Posted by Samimista

This is gonna be awesome.

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I Can't wait to read this book! :D

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Now all I need is northlanders to make a comeback.

Posted by Owie

I have to say it's the art that's been keeping me from reading Red Sonja, which I've been thinking about picking up for a year or so now. Kind of generic and lacking any real zing. This seems to keep up that tradition. If only they could get some of this issue's cover artists to do the interiors!

But I think I may get this anyway. It has definitely piqued my interest.

Edited by lifeboy

I bought a lot of dc trades and out of them all, batgirl was the worst. Gail sucks snail ass; no wonder dc tried to fire her.

Edited by Darkmount1

Dang it--can't violence in comics go two seconds without turning into complete gorefests?

Posted by bigboi100000


Posted by oldgum

Red Sonja get reboot again?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Can't wait to check it out! :)

Posted by yo_yo_fun

I will definitely check this out!

I need another fantasy book in my pull list.

Posted by Queso6p4

Might have to check this out.

Edited by lykopis

Already marked for pick-up. Can't wait to see where Simone is taking this character and that cover alone is a good indicator at how awesome its going to be.

Edited by isaac_clarke

I've been looking for a good book featuring a female heroine - perhaps this could be it?

Posted by bigboi100000