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Early Preview: Dark Wolverine #80

Looks like Daken going after a baby.

Looks like Daken might be planning on killing a baby?  Daken has been discovering that being a hero isn't as easy as it looks but mercilessly slaughtering people is another story.  
Writers Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu are joined by rising star artist Stephen Segovia to deliver the last issue of this chapter in Wolverine's son's life.  Norman Osborn tried a publicity stunt which fails big time and Daken is more than happy to clean up the creating an even bloodier one.  Find out how Daken will pay back the villains that beat him to within an inch of his life.  
Issue #80 goes on sale November 25, 2009.  It will have a cover by Greg Land with a variant by Young Guns artist Stefano Caselli.  It will sport a $2.99 price tag.  How do you think this will end?
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Posted by InnerVenom123

Wow... Daken hits a new low.  
Posted by G-Man
@InnerVenom123: Well, we're just assuming he's gonna kill the baby.  Maybe he's actually going to save it?  Or maybe it's really just an evil baby.
Posted by King Quisling

Oh man, wicked! 

Posted by EdwardWindsor

or maybe the baby is part of sentrys mind and the pic is from a dreamscape lol

Posted by InnerVenom123
Yes, clearly, it's Damien Thorne. *Theme to "The Omen" starts to play* 
Oh sh*t!!! Grab the daggers Rupert! XD
Posted by danhimself

that Young Guns cover is sick

Posted by LordX1095

Daken finally gives in and wants some "baby back ribs."

Posted by inferiorego

Don't tell anyone, but this book is my guilty pleasure.

Posted by Vance Astro

I don't like the character but i'll give this a try.It could be interesting.

Moderator Online
Posted by xerox_kitty

That baby looks ill.  Not because it's crying... but because it's actually laughing.  What, could Greg Land not find a baby crying on google??

Edited by Nahero

im not gonna jump to conclusions based on a cover
Posted by NXH
   Stephen Segovia's art looks too similer to Leinil Francis Yu . Not a bad thing, cos I like Yu's work.
Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH

I didn't think the cover had to do with the story when I first saw it, but now seeing as the variant also has him surrounded by fire... 
Maybe he's forced into a situation where he has to do something heroic for the cameras, and he finds that it's not that bad? 
Posted by RedK

the one thing that got me was that guy leaving the puppy out.

Posted by waruikumo
@InnerVenom123 said:
" Wow... Daken hits a new low.   "
Well he does have tribal tattoo's
Posted by hero vs. villian

Why do we need Greg Land covers? It's bad enough to pay $3.99, but enough with the extra bagage

Posted by Archetype

My that is a huge belt.I think once it gets so big it can't be called a belt anymore it's like a sash with a buckle on it, I mean how heavy are those pants?

Posted by Media_Master

Not so sure about this...