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Dynamite Entertainment Expands into Toys and Games

Start saving up your money for the cool things going on sale soon.

Dynamite Entertainment currently holds several different licenses as well as original properties. They have just announced the creation of a new division, Dynamite Toys and Games.

"With our tenth anniversary coming up in 2014, the time is right to expand into new categories, develop cool collectibles based upon our many company-owned and licensed characters, and grow our business to incorporate exciting new licenses," says Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite. "Dynamite is currently ranked as the sixth most prominent supplier of comics and graphic novels to Diamond Comic Distributors, North America's leading distributor to the comic shop specialty market. With significant gains in the sale of ancillary product such as toys, novelties and games into brick-and-mortar comics and specialty stores, the market is ripe for expansion, and as an established and trusted supplier to our retail partners, Dynamite will prove to be a leader in the creation and marketability of original and licensed merchandise. Our experience with manufacturing 3D products, including our successful licensed statues, inspired this expansion. We have been building toward Dynamite Toys and Games for several years, waiting for a special occasion to re-enter the 3D market, and our tenth anniversary is that moment."

While still early, the plan is to include products for:

  • The Six Million Dollar Man 40th Anniversary
  • Chaos Comics, via the reintroduced Eternal Toys brand
  • Red Sonja
  • Army of Darkness
  • Vampirella

In 2014, we can expect to see action figures, a statue and novelties for The Six Million Dollar Man, which will also mark the 40th anniversary of that property. There will also a new line of action figures based on Vampirella as well as limited edition sculpts and action figures from the Chaos Comics library including Evil Ernie, Chasity, Jade, Lady Demon, Purgatori and more.

Aside from toys and statues, there will also be gaming cards, board games, calendars, t-shirts, plush products and more. Expect to hear more as the products are announced.

Posted by daredevil21134

Jennifer Blood game would be cool

Edited by G-Man

Question is, will they re-release this?

Staff Online
Posted by lifeboy

Put me down for a Dejah Thoris and Miss Fury whatever!

Posted by bob808

no statues or toys of pulp characters?

Posted by Mucklefluga

@g_man: That "bionic eye" is fantastic.

Posted by NightFang

@lifeboy said:

Put me down for a Dejah Thoris and Miss Fury whatever!


Posted by jwalser3

Eh, the only thing that sounds nice is the Bionic Man.

Posted by Perfect 10

definitely would love a red sonja video game. come on dynamite

Posted by Perfect 10

oh and a vampi video game too (rpg all the way) sigh my little heart would just soar if that came to light

Posted by Lord_Pyre

Heroclix, PLEASE! I'd kill to have Vampirella and Evil Ernie in the game!!!

Edited by Decept-O

@g_man said:

Question is, will they re-release this?

Only the greatest action figure EVA.

The real news pertaining Dynamite's foray into this area does sound pretty cool. Nice to see some new "swag" and other items available pertaining to other comic properties instead of being bombarded by DC and Marvel stuff all the time.

Posted by snarkybits

Red Sonja figures!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Oh I'd love to see Vampi and Miss Fury figures come out of this. Awesome news!