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Dynamite Entertainment Celebrates THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN 40th Anniversary

A 'Season 6' comic expands upon the classic TV show.

It's always great when a publisher acquires the rights to a property and expands upon where it left off. That's what Dynamite Entertainment will be doing with THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN.

THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN: SEASON 6 will be written by James Kuhoric with artwork by Juan Antonio Ramirez. The series will launch with covers by Alex Ross.

As a direct follow-up to the classic television series, we'll see Steve Austin and his trusted handler Oscar Goldman pitted against a rogue faction of the OSI. There's a new type of infiltration agent, one that is robotic and completely obedient to the traitors. The question is, can a soulless machine make the first Bionic Man obsolete?

THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN: SEASON 6 will please long time fans as the infamous villain Maskatron debuts for the first time within story continuity.

"Being able to tell a story about Steve Austin is a lifetime ambition," says writer James Kuhoric. "The Six Million Dollar Man was a cornerstone of positive childhood memories, and stuck with me over three decades. The idea of a man who could do anything he wanted, but always chose to do the 'right thing,' captivated me. Time and time again, Steve would show us that it really wasn't the machine that made the man special, it was the man that made the machines special. That little spark of childhood, that hidden gem that told me to do the right thing, stuck with me all this time. Every time since that I would hear the distinctive opening credits sequence, I would be brought back to a purer frame of mind -- one where you could solve any problem with bionic limbs, a wry smile, and a raised eyebrow."

Here's some preview sketches:

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This looks sweet!

Posted by TheWalkingDeadpool

Is this replacing The Bionic Man, or is this in addition to The Bionic Man? Either way, I'm in!

Edited by Miss_Garrick

Cool, but Oscar Goldman needs a little tweaking. He doesn't look enough like Richard Anderson to make it work yet.

Posted by Barkley

lee major!!!!!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Awesome! This and Battlestar Galactica are why Dynamite is killin' it in comics monthly for me.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

Is this replacing The Bionic Man, or is this in addition to The Bionic Man? Either way, I'm in!

your user name and picture is so cool!