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Dynamite Entertainment Announces 'The Prophecy' - Major Crossover Event

What could possibly bring these characters together? If you guessed the 'end of the world,' you are correct!

Crossover events can be a mixed bag. When done well, they can be a blast. When done too often, we begin to roll our eyes, despite how epic they may sound. With the characters from Dynamite Entertainment, you don't really see too many crossovers. The characters pretty much exist in their own separate universes. To bring them together has to mean something huge is brewing. And that's exactly what it looks like.

Today, Dynamite has announced THE PROPHECY coming in June 2012.

That "..." suggests more info is coming, right? It sure is. Because it's 2012, the Mayan doomsday prophecy is coming to pass and that means the end of the world. Of course the heroes and characters won't just sit back and let it happen. They're going to band together to do something about it. That means we get quite the list of allies.

Vampirella, Red Sonja, Kulan Gath, Dracula, Eva, Herbert West The Reanimator, Alan Quatermain, Athena, Dorian Gray, Purgatory, Pantha and many more choose sides and clash in battles that will decide the fate of the Earth and all of mankind.

Sounds pretty crazy. Who would be best to write this story of the end of the world? How about Ron Marz, with Walter Geovani doing the art and Paul Renaud providing the covers?

== TEASER ==

Here's what Marz had to say:

I've written a fair number of crossover stories over my career, and one of the reasons I keep coming back to them is that they almost always end up being fun. There's something intrinsically comic-booky about a bunch of characters meeting for the first time. One of the attractions of Prophecy when it was offered to me was that we talked about embracing that aspect, the sensibility that a comic can still be fun, with big action moments as well as big characters moments. I'm really looking forward to getting to play with this bunch of characters.

In case you're a little unfamiliar with all the characters, here's a glimpse at some that will be taking part in this series.

Dorian Gray
Red Sonja

THE PROPHECY #1 lands in comic shops this June. Be sure to tell your local comic shop to reserve a copy for you.

Posted by Vincenzo

This could be something worth checking out. Promo poster is very cool...

Posted by Trodorne

Actually would not mind checking it out. it seems like a Dynamite version of Artifacts.

Posted by KidSupreme

I brother is gonna be collecting these ... IIll check these out after he gets a few of them!

Posted by zackattack529

looks like a cool event. i have some older vampirella comics and red sonja is a good series as well...but imaa wait till the trade for this comes out better. i like events better read in trades so i get a full nonstop story :)

Posted by Joe Venom

sounds fun, sign me up!

Edited by NightFang

Looks interesting, i'll check it out

Posted by The Impersonator

@NightFang said:

Looks interesting, i'll check it out

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

Chesh, I'm sold <3

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Ron Marz you say? I'm in!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

How very appropriate to the year we currently live in! I'm definitely gonna watch for this.


Checks in the mail. Really you had me at Dynamite+Vampirella. There isn't a comic they make staring her I pass up.

Posted by Comicbookgal

Marz did a great job with the Artifacts crossover event so I think he'll do great with this one.