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Dynamite Entertainment and Top Cow Announce WITCHBLADE: DEMON REBORN

The Mark Millar/Jae Lee story is getting a sequel.

Back in 2003, Mark Millar and Jae Lee teamed up for WITCHBLADE: DEMON. Today, Dynamite Entertainment and Top Cow have announced a sequel to that story, WITCHBLADE: DEMON REBORN.

Jae Lee cover

This time around, the story will be written by Ande Parks and drawn by Jose Luis with covers by Jae Lee and Dennis Calero.

In WITCHBLADE: DEMON REBORN #1, Sara Pezzini with the Witchblade sent a serial killer who thought himself a demon to hell. A year later, the "demon" has learned what true torment is all about. He has now been offered the chance to drag Sara back down with him. Sara has to confront her own demons to avoid losing everything and everyone she loves.

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Dennis Calero cover

Ande Parks had a few words to say about the project:

The Witchblade has sent a lot of bad people to hell over the centuries. WITCHBLADE: DEMON REBORN gives us a chance to see what happens when one of them comes back. Mark Millar and Jae Lee created a character they called The Demon several years ago, in a Witchblade/Demon crossover one shot. Since then, Demon has discovered, at the hands of a genuine demon in the pits of hell, just how petty and insignificant he really was on earth. As Sara Pezzini has been getting on with her life, Demon has been going through some very unique and specialized tortures in hell. He's also been collecting a lot of hatred and resentment toward the woman that sent him there. Our series sends Demon back to earth for a short time in an effort to exact his revenge against Sara and the Witchblade. More important than the Demon's schemes, though, is how they reveal Sara's ongoing struggle to keep the Witchblade and her life under control. Hosting the Witchblade allows Sara to help rid the earth of some people we're all better off without, but it's also a burden. WTICHBLADE: DEMON REBORN looks at that burden very closely, examining the toll living with the Witchblade exacts on Sara and the people she loves. So, we've got all kinds of bloody, hellfire action, along with a penetrating look at what it's like to be the Witchblade's host. It's a dark story that has been really fun to work on. I think readers who dig Witchblade, demons, or just police procedurals are going to really dig it.

WITCHBLADE: DEMON REBORN will include the original story by Mark Millar and Jae Lee. You'll get 48 pages at no extra cost. Look for it in stores July 2012.

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Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Millar and Jae...what more needs to be said? Total awesomeness! And with 48 pages at no cost it seems quite the deal to me.

Posted by Inverno

If Jae Lee is drawing I am sold. Anything he draws is worth a classic painting

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I love Jae Lee

Posted by The Impersonator


Posted by wieldermoo2

Looking forward to the sequel, honestly was really surprised to see this and read about this today seeing as how the original one shot is about nine years old. Still awesome though, Witchblade is by far my favorite comic franchise.

Posted by Comicbookgal

This looks great! I can always use more Witchblade!

Posted by Nuec_Sol

Now I have to find the original witchblade: Demon
Posted by kindredwarr

@Nuec_Sol: It includes the original "will include the original story by Mark Millar and Jae Lee".

I forgot to order this the other day when I was picking up some things, now I'm glad I didn't especially since it's like 14 pages or something. Would much rather wait for it and it's sequel.

Posted by KidSupreme

@The Impersonator said:


totally awesome!!

DE meets topcow