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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Chatting with Warner Bros. About DC

Could "The People's Champion" become part of DC's cinematic universe?

Speculation is never in short supply when it comes to comic book movies, and now Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has given us something definitely worth thinking about. The actor held a Q&A on Twitter and, when asked about which Marvel or DC character he'd want to play, Johnson revealed he had a "big meeting" with Warner Bros' CEO about DC Comics.

First and foremost, it's important to note this obviously isn't confirming he'll appear on the big screen in a DC movie. A meeting doesn't automatically mean the the opportunity will pan out, after all. That said, this isn't the first time Rock's name has been attached to DC movies. He's stated he would love to play Black Adam and he was previously attached to a Lobo project. It's also worth noting the big dude was sporting a Batman shirt for his Q&A picture.

If Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson does end up landing an opportunity with the DC cinematic universe, who do you think he should play? Have fun speculating below, Viners.

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Comic Viner Captain13 found something very interesting on Instagram. Could The Rock be joining the Green Lantern Corps?

Source: Instagram

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Posted by M3th

OMG He would be a amazing Jon Stewart.


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Oh my gosh, if the John stewart thing is true I'm going to die. :'D

Posted by DoctorXander

Hey, Jimmy Olsen wasn't in Man of Steel, maybe they'll bring the Rock in... :P Seriously I haven't seen many Rock movies, but I think Lobo or Adam would be good choices

Posted by lykopis

A bit of a fangirl when it comes to The Rock. I would love to see him in any superhero film.

Posted by PabloGdeAnda
Posted by JetiiMitra

Scarlet Spider

Posted by Israel28

Lobo,Amazo,Cyborg,Doomsday or Darkseid.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Black Adam or Hawkman!

Posted by JeanRalphio

What's also interesting is that Rock hinted at John Stewart back in 2012.

Posted by Batman404


Posted by fiodestromus

He is most likely Jon Stewart,Black Adam or Martian Manhunter

anyone else and I will be suprised

I hope DC/WB make a Shazam film with Dwayne Johnson and Brandon Molale. :(

oh annd this times 100000

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People are actually saying Darkseid....

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Posted by Captain13

What's also interesting is that Rock hinted at John Stewart back in 2012.

Really? Link?

Posted by TheBhramaBull


Worth noticing this (admittedly old) tweet from The Rock. Could just be hinting at the fact he's going to team up with DC, or significantly link him to John Stewart.

Posted by _Atomikill_

I don't think he should get his bad-acting hands on a DC movie, IMO.

... But Black Adam.

Posted by korghano

@fodigg said:

I think he'd make a great Teth Adam. The character is basically a "heel" from wrestling.

I don't think The Rock could pull off Lobo, but think he could possibly make a pretty cool Black Adam. Always thought Ron Perlman would make an excellent Lobo, but he's probably too old at this point.

Posted by Black_Claw

@korghano: he could always play Deathstroke in live action. Especially since he has experience playing the character already.

Posted by redhood21

hes the only actor with the physique to bring Ambush Bug to the big screen

Posted by patrat18

I'm just glad Dc's got him.

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@black_claw: when does the Rock have experience playing Deathstroke? what did I miss?

Posted by ImTheDamnBatman

Black Adam would be sick.

Why am I under the impression he wouldn't do bad as Lex Luthor?...

Also Ares.

Edited by Black_Claw

@ccj77: I was talking to the guy who brought up Ron Pearlman.

Posted by viin

After a couple days of thinking about this..I think he actually would be a good John Stewart. I also really like the idea of a Green Lantern with no mask.

Edited by RustyRoy

He could be a good GL, after the 2011 bomb, he's one of the very few guys who could make a GL franchise running again.

Posted by nintendork666

I'd rather see STONE COLD


Posted by War_AngeI

idc if it's Elba or Johnson, so long as we get John Stewart in the JL movie.

Posted by Vaeternus

Black Adam by far!!

Posted by rob1157

Just hope its not Lobo.

Posted by SHAZAM117

Well earlier reports said the Shazam/Billy Batson movie Warner Bros was planning was scrapped after the success of Man of Steel. They can't introduce Black Adam without introducing Billy Batson and the rest of the Marvel family/mythos

So with that said, I guessing there's three really good role possibilities:

Lobo: Supporting villian role. Maybe sent to Earth to capture the last Kryptonian after the events of Man of Steel.

John Stewart/Green Lantern: Rebooting the GL franchise, introducing a protagonist the general audience will actually like (sorry Hal Jordan fans, but Ryan Renolds never should have been cast imo)

Cyborg: Debuting in a cameo role in preperation for the Justice League movie based off the New52 roster.

I'm prolly completely wrong, but these are the only character/roles that make any real sense for WB/DC could be planning. We'll probably gets some concrete intel at Comic-Con this year as to what WB/DC has planned for Rock.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

I'm totally calling bullsh*t on that. Superman took on an army of Green Lanterns before he hit puberty and he mopped the floor with them. (I mean, there wasn't really a floor, because they were in space, but you know what I mean) John Stewart is tough as nails, sure. But Superman could swipe that ring off his finger and crush it like a potato chip before he could even say "bring it".

Posted by reaverlation

@amazingwebhead: Don't derail the thread like that.Lanterns can beat Superman(Kilowag has physically)

Posted by Black_Claw

@shazam117: Lobo and John Stewart are good guesses. But Dwayne just seems a bit unfitting for Cyborg. If anything Cyborg should be played by a younger actor like Mechad Brooks or Chadwick Boseman.

Posted by Misterbleh

I can see him as Black Adam but also Hawkman for some reason....