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Dr. Doom Asks for a Limited Series and Told to Go To Hell

Is it a good or a bad thing that Doom is going to Hell?

Dr. Doom is an arrogant jerk. And that's putting it lightly. He's been a thorn in the side of the Fantastic Four pretty much from the beginning and has been such an ass over the years. But he's still a pretty cool villain.

We don't often see villains getting the spotlight in their own series or limited series but because Doom is so deserving (at least in his opinion), this November he will be getting a four issue series.

Nick Spencer will handle the writing while Becky Cloonan will do the art. The series is simply called Victor Von Doom. By the look of this image, his face is clearly scar-free. Does that mean this is a flashback story? He does appear younger. We know he was obsessed with Hell due to his mom's soul being stuck there.

Normally a flashback series on a character I already know just about everything about wouldn't sound too appealing but with Nick Spencer on board and Cloonan's art, I am pretty curious. This is also the same month when Fantastic Four #600 is out. Coincidence or will it be a FF-themed month?

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Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

sounds interesting, couldn't of happened to a nicer guy .

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I want to get this series. i trust that nick Spencer will do a great job

Posted by The Impersonator
By the way, I can't wait for this mini.  :D
Posted by King Quisling
Posted by Baddamdog

But he just went to Hell in the Namor ongoing?

Posted by They Killed Cap!

...I normally am not a fan of the mortal charecter finding himself in a story based out of hell...kinda boring. We will see I guess.

Dooms been to Hell and walked out fine, notably in the miniseries Triumph And Torment.
He doesn't seem to mind the place.

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

The doors of hell are revolving in the Marvel universe...

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

The doors of hell are revolving in the Marvel universe...

Posted by Asymmetrical

I love Becky Cloonan's art...maybe that will be the draw for me

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

hm this actually seems ok...

Posted by blur1528

I thought he had been in hell before. And he got out by chasing Thor's hammer.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

Wolverine went to hell last year, and that was awesome. More Hell is fine with me.

Posted by sesquipedalophobe

Doom 2099 was awesome. This should do nicely on my wall.

Posted by No_Name_

I want to paint a giant picture of Doom on my bedroom wall.

Posted by Morgaine_Levesque

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I will so be getting this. 

Posted by teoP_ehT


Posted by teoP_ehT
@Babs said:

I want to paint a giant picture of Doom on my bedroom wall.

personally, that would produce nightmares, but thats just me...
Posted by zombietag

becky cloonan rules and everyone should buy comics she draws

Posted by Deadcool

Sounds good...
Posted by Feliciano2040

This might be really cool, will check out.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Oh wow this looks  great.  Really, REALLY great as a matter of fact :) I'll have to keep this in mind...

Posted by cbishop

This reminds me of What If? #22 (original series) - loved that story, and will be interested to see what comes of this one.  Doom was obsessed with freeing his mother's soul from hell - could he also be interested in visiting some payback on anyone or anything that dared to torment his mother's soul?  And what would his mother's soul be like, after all that torment? 
And lest we forget, in the original Secret Wars, Doom briefly wrested power from the Beyonder.  What would he do if he could harness the power of a netherworld?
Posted by The Mighty Monarch

I was vaguely interested until you said Nick Spencer. 
Then I was really interested!

Posted by CellphoneGirl

I wonder if Scarlet Witch is the one who sends him to Hell :P

Posted by pspin

This looks pretty cool, villains deserve more attention, especially the classic ones 

I thought his face was all scarred though, i wonder if it is about that kid he pick to succeed him, wasnt his name victor also?
Posted by Mega_spidey01

this pic looks awesome might have to check this out in trade paperback.   

Posted by pikahyper
@aztek_the_lost said:

I love Becky Cloonan's art...maybe that will be the draw for me

ding ding ding !!! samesies.
Moderator Online
Posted by shawn87

Now this sounds awesome. Awesome villain and awesome creative team = a must read.

Posted by A-Strondinaire

I read the title and said damn straight till i find out he's actually going to hell are they making this like an annual for every comic? ( ¬_¬) 
Next month Ms. Marvel will go and resolve the Marcus issue while dealing with her love for every male avenger she oggled not to mention a stubborn chili dog. Stayed tuned for next month when Ghostriders faces a irate Mephisto for sending to many damned souls his way before being able to make shifty deals!

Posted by theghost910

Looks interesting!
Posted by goldenkey

Love Doom, but I thought his face was more deranged then this.  Is this an orgin story??
Posted by Larkin1388
@Morgaine_de_Bourbon said:
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I will so be getting this. 
Took the words right out of my mouth, or keyboard, lol.
Posted by FNspiderdan

to quote ric flair, woooooooooooh!

Posted by Pizawle

Spencer! Cloonan!!! DOOM!!!!!!!!!
Yes, please.

Edited by fbdarkangel

and we're all surprised by this? O_o

Posted by maxicere

I love Doom. I want this!!

Posted by ThanosIsMad

If he doesn't get a suit of armor made out of flesh again, there's no point in him going back to Hell.
And Marvel needs to stop being asshats and give him his Marquis powers back and make him into the Marvel threat he needs to be. 

Posted by Nova`Prime`

This actually looks interesting. I am always down for Doom'centric stories, if anything Marvel needs more of them. But since Red Skull is or has gotten his mini out its only right to do the same to Marvel other greatest villain. Maybe after Doom we'll get some awesome Kang stuff... hell I'd be happy with just the retelling of how Kang wiped out the Council of Kangs, there isn't much better when Kang is destroying his alternate reality/timeline selves.

Posted by leokearon

Doom has already gone to hell twice, what will make this time different

Posted by RalfvdH

... Is that supposed to be Victor??
He looks like an Emo Gothic kid... Isn't he supposed to be older?

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Very interested in this.

Posted by Icemizer

Oh what he goes there again? Yawwwwwnnnnnnnn. Something new please.
Posted by Samimista

Mmm he's very cute on that cover...I'll be reading this as I love Doctor Doom.

Posted by EdwardWindsor
@Babs said:

I want to paint a giant picture of Doom on my bedroom wall.

this , it should be made a legal requirement of every household.
Posted by MoonKnightFan123

Sounds cool

Posted by Silkcuts

I don't think I've seen both these two creators team up before, but Spencer has impressed me with Morning Glories and Becky is a Vertigo alumni so I only have love for her.

@Babs said:

I want to paint a giant picture of Doom on my bedroom wall.

Awesome! Do it Babs, and take a picture and post it!
Posted by SuperXAsh

Whenever Dooms goes to Hell, it's usually never a good thing.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Wasn't Wolverine just in Hell?  Is this going to be some kind of standby whenever Marvel needs a limited series?

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