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Doom Patrol #1 Reviewed

G-Man reviews the first issue of the new volume.

Doom Patrol is back.  Who's excited about that?  I'm a little surprised that DC is giving them an ongoing book again.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they did.  I was just unaware there was a current demand for Doom Patrol.  They're not your typical team which is what makes things interesting.

What do you think of this team?  Does this book sound interesting.  Do you think Metal Men is a good pairing for Doom Patrol?  Did you pick this up?  Are you going to get the next issue?
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Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

i've always loved Doom Patrol and the Metal Men just add to the cake, i'm really surprised they are working for the Cheif again
Posted by burr787

This was my favorite comic this week, I never read the Metal Men before and now I love them. The Doom Patrol was great but the comic is worth the price tag for Metal Men alone.

Posted by goldenkey

art looks good 
Edited by johnny_spam

I wish I could have found this other than Batman and Robin I really don't get individual issues just collections I checked out some of the Superman books (Which I think I'll just read the graphic novels), Cry for Justice was interesting, Blackest Night was okay but I think I'll wait on that collection. This Doom Patrol looks interesting with Metal Men but 3.99 price tag bothers me maybe I'll check out Wonder Woman firdt since it's cheaper.
Posted by Decept-O

Doom Patrol is that one book with such unique characters yet for some reason just hasn't been able to maintain a regular hold on readers' interest and it also seems like some writers just can't do the title justice.   
Doom Patrol is worth a look for one reason and that is:  Robotman.  Love that character--when he's written right, that is. Glad Doom Patrol is back I hope it stays around for more than just a few issues! 
Edited by Nahero

i wonder what Beastboy is doing? cuz im sure hes in the team
that doesn't surprise me that guy in the wheelchair has always been more commited to the mission

Posted by Asymmetrical

Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol FTW! But on a sidenote, I still haven't picked this up but I probably should...always thought the Doom Patrol was cool...too bad they never hold onto a steady fanbase

Posted by Chaos Agent

who on his right mind joins a team named "Doom Patrol"?
That being said, always been a fan of the team. Hopefully Giffen's name will be enough to maintain the series from being cancelled (again)

Posted by Darkchild

Ive been following Doom Patrol since the DC/Vertigo title and i really do love this Gem team. They dont get the credit they deserve that being said
I really enjoyed this issue, it showed what DP has become. I gave it a 4 out of five
and Metal Men pairing is a bit odd. I really just skipped that part since i really dont like Metal men
Im defiantly going to follow this.

Posted by NightFang

Great review G-Man!  

Posted by Media_Master

added realism to a comic book is always a plus!!

Posted by johnjcoe9198

     You have to give credit to Brubaker for pulling this storyline off.  To me, it seems like Steve's return was forced on Bru by the Marvel higher-ups, hence the whole wonky "time bullet" scenario.  Somehow, the Bru manages to make this story a compelling read, despite how stupid it sounds on the face of it.  He's the new Bendis of Marvel Studios.  ALL HAIL!

Posted by Trauma

im so glad its back ive always loved this "underground" team they are very under rated and the nly reason i call them underground is becuz they are not very appreciated