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Donald Duck And Friends #347 Reviewed (Donald WIth A Gun?)

G-Man checks out the latest adventure of Donald.

Donald Duck has been a beloved character for decades.  People around the world know who he is.  As part of the recent Disney Comics that Boom! Kids has been publishing, now we're seeing the further adventures of Donald Duck.  Can this comic capture the traditional Disney feel or will it feel out of place?

It's hard to believe it's been about three years since the last Donald Duck And Friends comic book was published.  After reading the latest Uncle Scrooge comic I was a little surprised to find some readers...concerned over the change in format.  I do like the idea of a regular sized comic book that is easily accessible for kids (and grown ups as well).  In this issue we get a story that runs the entire issue.  There's even a cliffhanger to get readers wanting to come back for more in the next issue.  
The writing and art are top notch here.  Even though some elements of the story have an updated feel to them, you do still get a sense of that classic feel.  Reading this comic felt just like the old adventures I recall from my youth.  If you're a fan of the Disney characters, you'll definitely dig this comic.  This is also a great way for young readers to get into comics.  The story is fun with nice visuals.  The comic doesn't feel watered down and aimed strictly for kids.  This is definitely a book everyone can enjoy.
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Posted by Jotham

I had to check this thing out when I saw the cover. You're right, it's pretty good. And if it was written by an Italian company, that would explain a lot. I know Disney comics with non-Disney themes are really big over there. I saw one Italian comic where Goofy was an Indiana Jones style adventurer, that was definitely weird. It could be a good thing that this style of comic is coming back to the US.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Great, first Janie got a gun, and now Donald Duck is packing heat. Hope it works out better then it did for Janie. lol

That's actually a pretty cool cover. Surprisingly, that art looks really good. That story sound interesting enough that I really think they should animate it. It would be a right side better then all the pointless remakes and sequels Disney keeps pushing out. They have this rich cast of classic characters that they just don't seem to use anymore, outside of comics and the Kingdom Hearts franchise.
Don't feel too bad. Few can pull off Donald Duck without sounding like they are being strangled. Yours sounds like a pretty good Modok though.

Posted by G-Man
@FoxxFireArt: Ha ha...thanks?
Posted by FoxxFireArt
I meant that has a compliment.
Posted by G-Man
@FoxxFireArt: No offense taken!  I think I started laughing as I was trying to do Donald so I know it was bad.  I did do a MODOK review but don't remember how I made him talk.
Posted by TheOmegaMan

I picked this up the other day for my son. I'm hoping it's as cool as the Mickey and Friends book they just put out as well. I actually think Boom Comics is doing a 5 star job with their kids books. Go Boom!

Posted by Media_Master

Concept alone sounds like a good adventure with Donald Duck.

Posted by rouju
You remember Donald as PK? That's kinda awkward don't U think? But still he is the reason I still reading Disney's comic
Posted by afierce

What a great cover! I want to pick it up just for that alone. It's hysterical!

Posted by InnerVenom123

Holy crap! After years of anger issues, Donald's finally lost it! LOL
Posted by Tiwi

I think this has happened before. but i don't remember when...

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

usually in cartoons