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Does "HE" love She-Hulk? What about X-Factor?

X-Factor #33 "He Loves You" Part 1

How great is this going to be? Peter David is uniting his two titles.   I just love his stuff.  He always writes interesting stories and throws in the humor left and right without (usually) forcing the story to get too silly.   I am looking forward to this.  Especially to find out what's up with She-Hulk's Skrull friend, Jazinda.  There definitely is a story behind her.  How does Longshot fit into everything?

Oh and check out Larry Stroman is back on X-Factor.  Feels like he and Peter David did X-Factor so long ago.

Secret Invasion Pits She-Hulk Against X-Factor in “He Loves You”

The status-quo shattering “He Loves You” begins in July as Secret Invasion puts X-Factor on a collision course with She-Hulk! Beginning in July’s She-Hulk #31 and X-Factor #33, writer Peter David brings both his acclaimed series together for a story that delves into the Skrull religion, evolution and features the return of some beloved X-characters! Just how has the Skrull infiltration gone deeper—and more successfully—than anyone imagined?

In X-Factor #33, featuring the return of legendary X-artist Larry Stroman to the team he helped make famous, Darwin and Longshot make their long-awaited returns! As X-Factor moves into their new digs, they’ll find themselves embroiled in conflict with She-Hulk—and like her cousin, she won’t go down without a SMASH!

Then, in She-Hulk #31, She Hulk’s Skrull partner Jazinda comes under scrutiny for her possible role in the invasion ravaging Earth! What did she know about the Skrulls’ plans? And might she have aided her fellow people in replacing some of the world’s heroes?

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Don’t miss a single issue of “He Loves You”:

X-FACTOR #33 (MAY082318)
Written by PETER DAVID
Cover by BOO COOK
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—6/26/08, On-Sale—7/16/08

She-Hulk #31 "He Loves You" Part 2

SHE-HULK #31 (MAY082317)
Written by PETER DAVID
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—7/3/08, On-Sale—7/23/08

X-FACTOR #34 (JUN082364)
Written by PETER DAVID
Cover by BOO COOK
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—7/31/08, On-Sale—8/20/08

Posted by Buckshot

Not liking the X-Factor art but the She-Hulk stuff is great.

Posted by dmstarz

Thanks for giving Peter David some love.  He's a great man for character writing.

Posted by Beatrix

I am so, so, so disappointed by the X-factor Artwork. Since the beginning from MadroX: Multiple Choice we have been given dark, gritty and to a degree somewhat realistic artwork, that was never glossy or inhuman. Here we have the exact opposite. I don't mind change, but I do when it is this drastic and this insane!

Can I first say that I love the cover by Boo Chook, and while I don't expect the artwork to be at quite the same level inside, I do expect it to complement it and of course be of good quality. There is obviously a huge contrast, and I think we can see this is not a good thing.

I don't see why Larry Stroman was picked, other than a failed nostalgia trip to try and capture the frankly poor pencilled days of the former X-factor books, which were nowhere nearly the same style or quality in story or art as X-factor is today. It is beyond me why Pablo Raimondi, penciller of 11 issues of X-Factor and all 5 MadroX issues couldn't continue his magic, or De Landro, by whom issue #32 was illustrated, who's work is in the same vein, couldn't be trusted with a full run. I would also question why, my personal favourite: Ryan Sook, pencils of issues #1-6 and covers from #1-12, wasn't considered. His dark and almost cartoon style managed to juxtapose reality and fiction perfectly.

Okay, so let's suppose these artists are busy with other work or are unavailable for other reasons, wouldn't it be a good idea to find an artist that carries on the style that we have come to know and love. Or, at least, find one who can actually draw in an up to date style, well. I'm sure Stroman's work has it's place in history, and although I can appreciate somewhat abstract art, I don't think it works well for X-Factor, I mean, Bachalo can manage a balance of this idea, and to a lesser degree Ramos. I think we would be happier with even them, although not, as I said before, in an X-factor they each have their merits.

Also, while I'm on a ranting roll, I would like to emphasise my disapproval of the character Longshot. He is never a character to whom I have warmed. Dazzler, yes. Longshot, no. I also wonder if Dazzler is (as rumours suggest) joining Astonishing X-Men, and Longshot left Exiles to be with her, then why are the two characters seperated... Okay, I;m sure there is a reason. I mean Peter David is a very good writer, we've seen it over the last 37 issues of X-Factor/MadroX. I will wait to see what he's up to! Also: Darwin, although I'll admit I was initially unsure, is a character that I can see David using brilliantly! The nature of his powers is X-factor. Unexpected, somewhat unexplained. 

Other Things:

Will we ever go back to Singularity? (I love how suggestive the name is)
Will we cover Rahne anymore? Links to X-Force?
Will we ever see Isolationist again?
Will we ever see Quicksilver again?

I reckon Peter David has it covered! =]

I can't wait for the special Layla Miller issue. Can't wait to see what happens, as long as they have a good artist, that is.
I really hope Stroman proves us all wrong and his art improves, and that I can eat my hat.

But I somewhat doubt it.
Please: come to your senses Marvel, get someone else on the case.
I don't care how brilliantly written it is, at the end of the day, if the art isn't up to scratch people aren't going to read or be as enthusiastic about X-Factor.

Sorry about that, had to get it off my chest, love X-Factor that much, I just want it to carry on being brilliant!