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Does Cable need help with the Baby?

Cable #6
After looking at these images and seeing how the Baby Mutant's hair is growing, I'm wondering if this little girl is someone we already know.  After all this time, she still doesn't have a name (at least I don't think so, I still have to read issue #5).  This mutant is supposed to save mutantkind, right?  Well...what if this baby was really a certain other red-haired female mutant we all know and haven't seen around for a while?  Maybe that's why Cable's so compelled to protect her.  Or maybe I'm just crazy.

But not as crazy as that Ape variant cover!

The X-Men Join Cable’s War!

After the status quo shattering Messiah CompleX, Cable found himself on the run through time with the new mutant child and now the X-Men make a move to aid him! In the extra-sized Cable #6, featuring a longer story from acclaimed novelist Duane Swierczynski (Immortal Iron Fist), along with artists Ariel Olivetti and Michel Lacombe, presents a story of a father and son separated by generations, but sharing the same mission—saving mutantkind. In the present, Cyclops looks for a sign that he made the right decision, while in the future, his son Cable is still on the run from his former ally Bishop. What will Cyclops & The X-Men do to help Cable? Will it be enough? And will he come to regret it?

Additionally, to celebrate Marvel’s landmark simian series, Marvel Apes, debuting in September, this issue features a Monkey Variant cover by legendary artist Rob Liefeld!
Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Cable #6, an X-Men: Manifest Destiny tie-in and perfect jumping on point for new readers! Wrapped up in a gorgeous cover by Adi Granov, and tying into current X-Men events, no X-fan should miss the extra-sized Cable #6!

CABLE #6 (JUN082388)
Monkey Variant Cover by ROB LIEFELD
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC—7/17/08, On-Sale—8/6/08

Cable #6 Variant

Posted by Buckshot

Cable actually doesn't look bad as a monkey.

Posted by Shatterstar

Cyclops probly planning to give her to the nearest time traveling gypsy so he can run wild with some big boobed, newly resurrected redhead. The man has parenting skills.

I like the Marvel Apes idea, I don't care what the h8rs say, some people seem to forget the comic in comicbooks.

Posted by The Pants Party

In issue #5, look at the baby's eyes when he shoots Cerebra. Dead giveaway, but pretty awesome.

Posted by SilverZeo

Wait... Scott can sense his alternate timeline son being in danger, but doesn't dream about Jean?

Posted by inferiorego

This is the first time I've been excited for Liefeld's art... That variant cover is pretty funny.

Posted by G-Man

D'oh!  I just read issue #5 this morning.  So who else thinks it's Jean? 

Staff Online
Posted by SilverZeo

G-Man: But isn't Jean still alive? She just finding pieces of herself while Emma and Scoot get down and dirty twice a day?