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Does Batman always win? Batman vs Captain America

Steve Rogers versus Bruce Wayne is without question one of the most heated debates in comic book history. Does Batman "always win" or is the super soldier going to take him down? We provide our thoughts!

Place your bets.

"Batman always wins. Why? Because... he's Batman."

That's an on-going joke surrounding the character, but I thought I'd take it a step further and have some fun with the statement. "Does Batman always win?" will hopefully be a monthly feature where I'll pit Batman in close match ups, weigh the advantages of each combatant, and then declare a winner (just like I did with Movie Dredd vs Movie Batman). The battle will always be standard comic book versions with their standard gear and it will take place in a neutral setting: a traditional and unpopulated city block at night. This will be a random encounter with ample starting distance. That means there's no prep!

Don't make him "one punch!" you, Hal.

Why Batman? Batman is simply a human at the end of the day, and that makes his accomplishments that much more impressive. Not only is Batman one of the most well known comic book characters around, he also demands your respect as a combatant. Even if you don't like him, you still have to admire the fact that he's extraordinary skilled, brilliant and has a huge array of equipment packed away in that belt of his. He can hang with some of the best and most dangerous street level characters around, and since that's the level I'm the most knowledgeable on, I'm excited for many of the matches I have in store for all of you (I'm welcome to suggestions, too!).

I present to you my first "Does Batman always win?" segment: Batman vs Captain America. Both are accomplished tacticians and highly talented combatants, but they each bring drastically different advantages to the table. They've faced before in non-canon crossovers and both times they were pretty evenly matched. Do I agree with that or do I think one should clearly be the victor? Read on to find out!

Captain America's advantages

There's no bat spray to counter a shield to the face.

Bruce Wayne has reached peak human condition with years of dedicated training. He was chopping through bricks and kicking down trees at just 25 years-old, but despite being beyond what any real-life human is capable of, Captain America is still his physical superior. Thanks to the Super-Soldier Serum, Captain America is technically defined as enhanced human and this provides him with strength, speed and endurance above The Dark Knight.

Captain America has been seen bench pressing 1,100 lbs and is capable of running a mile in just over a minute. While top running speed isn't the most critical factor, it still plays a role and proves that given the opportunity, Steve Rogers can absolutely keep pace with Bruce Wayne. In fights, strength is always a big factor. It means strikes can be more powerful and he can overcome in the event of a grapple. And with endurance, it obviously means the Super-Soldier won't fatigue as quickly as Wayne. That's not to discredit Wayne in that regard, of course. The events of 'Knightfall' prove Wayne can push his body to absurd limits, but Captain America simply has the unfair advantage of the SSS.

Agility that shouldn't be underestimated.

On top of being physically superior, Captain America has the perfect offensive/defensive weapon at his disposal: a virtually unbreakable shield. In Cap's hands, the shield is a colorful weapon worthy of your fear. Not only can he wield it incredibly well when it comes to striking his opponent in close combat, but he can also throw it with a ridiculous amount of accuracy (he's managed to turn off a lighter on the floor), has the technical mind needed to calculate amazing ricochet shots, and can use it to block a majority of incoming attacks. To me, ricochet shots are quite a wildcard worth taking into account here. The disc to the back of the head or torso is sure to throw someone (yes, even Batman) off their game.

Additionally, Captain America has made the claim that he can simply "see faster" than regular humans, and that grants him the reflexes to use the weapon with incredibly efficiency when it comes to defensive measures. That's going to be key here considering Batman has the edge in hand-to-hand capabilities.

Naturally, Captain America has some experience facing characters similar to Batman. He's had a few fights with Daredevil (though most have had significant factors) and had no real trouble holding his own (in all of them except for the recent one in Waid's DD), taken down Taskmaster, has proven to be roughly equal to Black Panther, and had a close encounter with classic Iron Fist.

Batman's advantages

Can skill overcome physicals?

While Captain America has Batman outclassed physically and has one incredibly resourceful weapon, Bruce Wayne has some praise worthy advantages of his own. First and foremost, Batman is more skilled than Captain America. Rogers is very talented in his own right (once claimed to be adept at every style), but Batman has a level of skill that few street levelers can compete with. Somehow through years of extensive studying, his Bat brain has "perfected every known fighting discipline." (JLA: The Ultimate Guide to the Justice League of America). Not only is he more talented than Rogers in unarmed combat,but Dick Grayson has also made the claim that Wayne knows every single pressure point -- and we've seen Wayne disable foes with nerve strikes quite a few times before.


But, this isn't unarmed combat. Captain America has his shield and luckily for Batman, he has a wealthy amount of weaponry at his disposal. While Captain America has just one weapon (albeit an impressive one), The Dark Knight has variety on his side. America's super soldier has no counter for a cryo pellet, various gases, smoke pellets, light explosives and electric attacks. That's barely even scratching the surface of what Wayne can implement in combat, too.

Smoke pellets can further compliment Batman's already beyond impressive stealth capabilities as well. Batman has flawlessly vanished while he was right in the target's line of sight. To me, this totally defies logic, but it's a consistent feat in his career and therefore something he can do on a regular basis. If needed, Batman can use this environment to his advantage with proper use of his smoke pellets and grappling line. From there, it's a game of ninja cat versus steroids cat. Batman can regain the edge thanks to his stealth, but at the same rate, there's no guarantee the strike will be a critical game changer.

Batman has an extensive history of fighting characters physically superior to him. Deathstroke would be a prime example of this (since he's also enhanced). While Deathstroke has made short work of him, it's worth noting that Batman didn't implement his gear and Slade Wilson is, as he bluntly stated himself, more vicious and trained to kill. While Rogers has no problem crossing that line when required, it's not in character for him to be that aggressive in this encounter. Then there's Bane, a man of course less powerful than Captain America (off venom since that's how a majority of their fights went down), but still Batman has been able to overcome him thanks to his greater talent in martial arts.

The Verdict

Flip a coin.

Of course these characters fluctuate from writer to writer, but I believe that written to their full potential and thrown into this scenario, the outcome would be a stalemate. To think either has a blatant advantage to make the outcome obvious is simply false to me. Both bring valuable aspects to the table and it's completely logical to see either taking it. While Batman has the edge in skill, it by no means renders him untouchable to Cap, and one clean connect from his enhanced level strength or shield (be it a strike or ricochet) holds the potential to turn the tide. Meanwhile, Batman's stealth abilities and massive array of equipment that Cap has no immediate counter for are equally big wild cards to me. I legitimately believe it's entirely conceivable for either to be the victor in this case.

G-Man's thoughts

"I would say, even though Batman is supposed to win, you could expect Cap to win. ESPECIALLY because of The New 52. It just seems Cap has way more experience taking on a large variety of threats with many on a galactic level.

Batman, we have to assume, hasn't dealt with too many foes outside of his rogues gallery. Yes he fought Darkseid in JUSTICE LEAGUE 1-6 but what other huge threats did he face? Has he lead the JL on many missions or other teams? Cap has more experience and is prepared to go up against foes like Ultron, Kang the Conqueror and even Galactus. There's always the infamous "prep" time but unless Batman defeats him quickly, Cap would have the skills to keep dodging his attacks and the stamina to outlast Batman."

Who do you think would win and why? Sound off!

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment. If this feature does well, expect another one next month! Be sure to follow him on Twitter for early spoilers every week about Rants & Raves and Best Battles!

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Posted by They Killed Cap!

I think a 50/50 split or a 60/40 split is a pretty realistic breakdown.

Posted by The Stegman
@Med:  Who said that this was post Flashpoint Batman?
everyone here has been using ALL of his feats, not  just New 52 feats, you just made a random assumption. Second, in the case of his training, his life was on the  line for all of it, same as Cap during his battles. Finally,  no matter how much respect Cap gets, it has nothing to do with this battle, and It's not like Batman is regarded  lowly or anything.
Posted by wallywest55

after reading the article my edge would of went to batman. Physically Cap is stronger but like u said bruce has faced people physically stronger than he and won and batman has way more way to fight. Meaning he has the utility belt which has a large amount of things in it to come out on top. But then g-man made a really good point. If we are talking about new 52 batman he hasnt faced threats that Cap has faced aside from darkseid. SO he has less experienced making Cap the more seasoned fighter for the time being. So as much as it pains me i would have to say cap wins. =(

Posted by AmonSet

Batman. Why? Because I like people who "cheat" in fights. Cheating in a fight is always the most practical option. Cheat cheat cheat. And that is fair game because, every time you fight, your life is on the line (all it takes is getting hit the wrong way). Other reasons? Cryo-pellets (Cap was frozen for years). His shield cannot defend against it. Knock-out gas. His shield cannot defend against it. Tear gas. His shield cannot defend against it. Does his shield conduct electricity? I dunno. If it does, it cannot defend against an electrical attack unless he is grounded somehow. That being said, hand to hand, I'd give it to Cap the majority. The shield can block all physical attacks it defends against, can be thrown, can be ricocheted, and can be used as a blunt force weapon. I think in the scenario given, Bats wins. Yeah Cap is considered stronger and faster. But lions, tigers, and bears are like that to humans and we were taking them down with spears. Spears I tell you. A stick with something sharp tied around the end. Tech beats physicals in my book.

Posted by Med

@The Stegman: well, G-Man talks like it's about the characters as they are presently, i.e post-52. Cap being respected means that he has to be on a level that can solve any problem and win any fight, and they have hit him with pretty much any battle and any fight and he usually comes out on top. while bats isn't lowly, he isn't looked upon to save the world. that's what people like Cap and superman are for.

Posted by timetostart

You know who would win this fight... Captain America. But in a rematch and then on, Cap will get destroyed, he wouldn't even get a chance to attack because then on, Bats knows the weakness of Caps just like how he knew the weaknesses of his fellow team members in Tower of Babel. Bats will then use that weakness to his advantage and work a tactical fight against Caps

Posted by fps_dean

Us Batman more skilled than Captain America, or do his writers over the course of the years just make it seem that way. I've always thought Batman to be more skilled, but when you really think about it, maybe he's not. Both characters reside in a different universe and both characters rely on being exceptionally skilled fighters to take on bigger and badder foes. I strongly believe the outcome of this fight resides on this question - if Batman is in fact more skilled, then Batman gets the edge (like 11 of 20). But if they are evenly skilled, then Captain America has the edge (11 or 12 of 20).

Posted by MuyJingo

@Sammo21 said:

@MuyJingo: Cap has fought an many, many times without his shield and he's fine. That's like saying with his utility belt then Batman is helpless...and I guess you wouldn't agree with that? Cap has no specific weakness, just like Batman has no specific weakness...Cap is far stronger, Cap is far faster, Cap is far smarter, etc. This has been proven because of super soldier serum added on top of the fact he was already pretty smart to begin with. He also lead people in WW2 and has years and years of experience on Batman. Even pre-New 52, Batman has what...10 to, at most, 20 years? Batman also took years to create those files and it only worked because those heroes had weakenesses because of their super powers. In a straight up 1 on 1, spontaneous fight I seriously doubt that Batman's going to devise a plan that would take years in minutes.

Cap does not have years and years of experience, if anything Batman has years fo experience. Also, experience in the army is kind of useless for this fight. Batman trained with Lady Shiva, is a better martial artist and regularly beats people physically superior to him. Saying Cap is smarter is just silly.

Cap has the speed, strength and endurance advantages. Batman has every other advantage.

Edited by DMC

My favorite super-hero of my childhood vs my new favorite super-hero.....

Sorry Bat's CAP WINS!!


Because even against his greatest villains, he usually has to lose first, especially in his movies.Then in the second round he's victorious.

But there's no "best 2 out of 3" here

Posted by ChillinVillain

I keep seeing that Captain America has more experience.....I suppose you guys mean the like what 3-4 years he had in WWII, right?

If so then, I don't know how people think that he has more experience than Batman; mentally, physically, or in terms of strategy (especially since Batman was able to systematically take out the JLA by himself).

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

They are both some of my favorite characters but I'd say Batman.

Posted by crabtree

cap wins.

Posted by lorex

Batmans roots are as a street level hero and against those level enemies he should almost always come out on top. The problem now is that Batman is not only involved in streel level crime. He is involved in all matter of trouble from global to galatic to interdimensional and I think the too many writers (maybe DC itself) have taken Frank Millar's 'The Dark Knight Returns' to heart and have the mindset that Batman has to win. All the planing and prepeartion should not allow Batman to beat Superman. Against Captain America I think it would be close but Captain America would prevail.

Posted by CrimsonAlchemist

@BigPromise: Cap has enhanced durability so he can definitely take a way bigger beating then bats and last longer fighting.

Posted by ccraft


Relax on the rant, and just say how Cap could win. If you can haha

Posted by CrimsonAlchemist

@comicace3: Even without his shield Cap woud still be a formidable fighter and has way more stamina than Bruce.

Posted by Pokeysteve

@k4tzm4n said:

@Pokeysteve said:

@k4tzm4n said:

@Pokeysteve said:

This article loses credibility at the end. A stalemate? There was never any set time limit and Bats is with out a doubt going to tire first. Katzman has The Bat Syndrome!

Cap having superior endurance is addressed in the article itself, but just because Captain America can outlast Batman doesn't mean they'd end up reaching the limits of their energy levels every single time. If it comes to that, then obviously Captain America would take that round. However, I'd say thinking they have even potential to win the fight before it reaches that point is reasonable, not "Bat Syndrome." After all, wouldn't said syndrome mean I think Batman is the clear winner for unreasonable and blatantly biased reasons? (BATMAN BEAT SUPERMAN, BRO) That's not the case.

A stalemate is a draw. A tie. No winner. One of them will win. You should have just said "I don't know" with a shoulder shrug lol. If you had chosen one than the other side would have crucified you so I understand.

In this case, a stalemate means both would win roughly 5 times if this scenario was simulated 10 times. I left out those details because I didn't want to overcomplicate matters, but that's the general rule we apply over in the battles thread (if this happened 10 times, what would the win ratio be?). Perhaps that was a mistake on my behalf to not include this and I'll be sure to include that in the next one so there's no confusion on the verdict. As for picking a side and being crucified for my choice, I'm sure that's going to happen a lot down the road. I have some fights in mind Batman will win... and some he won't ;)

You know, I'm on the battle forums a lot and see people do the 6/10 stuff and just thought that was an easy way for them to say how they think it would go. I had no idea it was like a thing here hahaha I've been here about 2 years I think. Looks like it's just as much my fault. I'll be keeping an eye out for these so if you make my favorite characters lose, I'll be sure to send Vinnie and Eddie to rough you up a bit.

Posted by csimon

Captain America 4TW

Posted by DChero

Batman will win. idk how cap would win.

Posted by davidgrantlloyd

Captain America

Posted by CrimsonAlchemist

@Reignmaker: Obvious Batman fan-boy...

Posted by DiversaMan

Cap wins this fight. Batman is more in Daredevil's weight class than Cap's, and I'm surprised that it's never been discussed before. Now Daredevil vs. Batman---that would be a close fight.

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

Cap wins.

Batman is overrated and usually always PIS.

Posted by Reignmaker

@CrimsonAlchemist said:

@Reignmaker: Obvious Batman fan-boy...

What was your first clue?

Posted by metroplex02


They are written as incredibly smart calculating people so I assume they'd work out their differences with a nice debate.





Posted by fables87

Batman can't always win. I mean this cover says it all. Get involved with Wonder Woman affairs and she'll whoop your ass! Plus their some heroes with the smarts and the powers to find Batman's weakness. He's human after all living in a world were the gods exists if he likes it or not.

Posted by Dalwih

Cap wins, sorry bats

Posted by entropy_aegis

The fanboyism from both sides is kinda hilarious,but gotta admit the Batfanboys actually brought up legit points,while the Cap guys have been doing nothing other than to quote Citizenbane


I haven't seen anyone here claiming that Batman is God or unbeatable,but I do keep seeing counter claims for that argument, insecurity maybe,or is it lack of actual arguments?

Cap cannot tire,Cap has more experience(cause fighting fodder for 2-3 years is suddenly experience) blah blah.

Regardless Batman wins IMO,superior weaponry and equipment,stealthier by far,smarter,more skilled and close enough physically.

Cap's only true advantage is his shield,good fight but Batman takes it 7/10.@BiteMe-Fanboy said:

Batman is overrated and usually always PIS.

Aren't you the same guy who goes around bashing Nolan because" his Batman is nothing like his comicbook counterpart"? the irony.

Posted by ssejllenrad

Did a staff article really provoke a flame war?

Edited by Blonde shadow

I have to say Cap would win even though Batman has his gadgets and skill. The fact is Cap has the good sense to separate Batman from his utility belt and leave him with just his skill and the Bat suit. If Batman can get a superior footing on Cap then it will more than likely end in stalemate. I would like to put Batman against Phoenix powered Jean Grey now that would either be a short or extremely intense battle.

Posted by romojk979

@SHAZAM117 said:

I've always felt in one on one, no bs, CIS or PIS Cap should be the victor after a hard fought duel. It's a debate that will go on forever tho, just like Superman vs Thor.

A toss up between Batman and Captain America is logical, because they're pretty evenly matched. However, I think it blind to say there would even be competition between Thor and Superman. Superman would win, and probably without even breaking a sweat.

Posted by blueninjapanther

@ApatheticAvenger said:

It would certainly be close, and I love both characters, but I gotta go with Batman on this one. He's a more skilled martial artist, has a superior analytical mind, and an arsenal of gadgets that put Cap's shield to shame.

Cap is stronger and faster for sure, but let's not forget that the Super-Soldier Serum enhanced him to the peak of human potential and not beyond. The level of intense training Batman has put himself through is said to make him superior to any Olympic-level athlete, so he's pretty darn close to Cap without actually equaling him.

Batman would tire before Cap, but he'd be smart enough to see that and find a way to end the fight (which is admittedly a strong possibility for a stalemate). Objectively speaking, a tie is fair proposal, but I still think the edge goes to Bats.

Batman Wins

You basically said it all and I totally agree with you. Cap has the super-soldier serum while Bats have gadgets and his intelligence. I prefer Batman to win cause he's awesome and he's F**KING Batman

Posted by Mediumguy

It's kind of the battle between experience and ability.

Posted by SovereignDivinity

@kanerobot: lol

Posted by Shazam78

I've already had my say on this(in favor of Cap) but a really good fight to see would be Taskmaster vs Batman.

Posted by GreenScar1990

With a combination of tech, prep and tactics.... the battle would favor Batman.

However, if this is a first encounter with no prep... Captain America would be the odds on favorite.

Both are some of my favorite heroes. And both are equally impressive human beings and heroes in their own right.

In other words, depending on the circumstances... it could go either way.

Who agrees with me?

Posted by entropy_aegis

@DiversaMan said:

Cap wins this fight. Batman is more in Daredevil's weight class than Cap's, and I'm surprised that it's never been discussed before. Now Daredevil vs. Batman---that would be a close fight.

Daredevil is also in Cap's league.

Posted by Toxinalolic

He isn't Batman because he has to be he is Batman because he chooses to be Batman. Just like Steve Rodgers chooses to be Cap Batman has defeated people like Cap before like Bane who had maybe the same strength that Capetian America has.Or more thanks to the venom but doesn't have the skill that Cap does so it would be a closer fight with Captain America. But Batman has fought against Superman and won who is a lot more stronger and faster then Captain America so I'd say. That Batman will sit back and study Captain America until he finds a weakness and then struck to win the fight.

Posted by yowereggaesir

I genuinely think this fight would go on forever and never reach a conclusion. Neither man has it in him to yield to the other or give up fighting til their last breath so the only way it could possibly end is in a fatality which neither of them would even consider.

Posted by Killer_of_trolls

Not this crap again, Death-Stroke kills them both as a warm-up for a serious fight.

Posted by Dark Noldor

Captain America has a war hero mentality, he's a commander, but also does very well in solo fights, while Batman is well known for his martial arts combat skills and "lone ranger" style. If Batman can't take Cap quickly, I think Rogers has an advantage, since he's got more stamina and strenght than Wayne. The real problem here is who would deliver the finish blow and I believe Batman could take Captain America first, but if they were to have a rematch or something like that, Captain America would win, because he has a better strategic mind than Batman.

Posted by Markus_Langbourn

Batman would win. He's only a touch less capable physically, is a superior martial artist, tactician and strategist, and unlike, Cap, isn't a self-righteous douche prone to making speeches rather than actually knocking out his opponent. 

Posted by TheManhunter

One of the big advantages for bats that people seem to be forgetting. The setting, it's nighttime. Bat's has night vision and oracle / alfred in his ear 24/7. Batman earned his agility, reflexes, strength, Cap was given his. I would say that makes him more experienced. Bat's is borderline genius. As well as been able to take hits from a psychotic superman. Been thrown through a building by the kryptonian alien. I'm pretty sure bats could handle a blow by the shield. He also has his batarangs in many varieties. So he can do the distance fight temporarily. He's been able to take out armored guards firing assault rifles at him. I think he's more than capable and will triumph over cap.

Edited by PaperDemon

"Batman always wins. Why? Because... he's Batman."

Nuff said. you quoted it yourself.

Posted by DougCL

i think as a purely physical battle, it comes out even but i think batman would win. the only people who have ever come close to defeating batman had to assault him mentally and emotionally as well as physically. a boy scout like Cap could never scare or intimidate Bats, so Batman would be fighting with a completely clear head, while Cap would be struggling with the idea of fighting someone who is on the side of justice and good.

Posted by PlayerUno

Batman. Always.

Posted by redscare

2 years ago, I would have said Batman and stood behind it with a long list of accomplishments to further the point. But New 52 Batman? I'd take seasoned Cap over nu-Bats any day.

Posted by Vance Astro

I just want to say that this is a well written, well thought out piece. I think Batman would win the majority but not ever time and by a slim margin.

Posted by sarahsdad

Not to cop-out, but I think it would depend on how long the fight lasted. If batman was able to quickly size up cap, and didn't discount the shield, I think he'd go straight to some gadget/chemical thing to take cap out fast. The longer the fight lasts, the more it comes down to stamina. They might both be at some peak physical state, but unless there's a bat-serum going around I think the SSS in cap gives him the advantage in a longer term fight.

Posted by k4tzm4n
@Vance Astro: Thank you.