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Doctor Who's New TARDIS and New Clips!

It finally has more than one room again!

Well, The new season of Doctor Who begins Easter Sunday in the UK, and us diehard American Who fans have to wait until April 17th to legally watch the show... Unless you bought a plane ticket to the UK, and flew over just to watch it. If you're an old school fan of the show then you know, most of the time, when a new Doctor rolls around, so does a new TARDIS, and the newest version harkens back to an older Who era. 

This picture, posted by GeekSyndacite, remind me of a mixture between the old and the new. For the past four seasons, the TARDIS just seemed to be one giant room located in a tiny police box, and this was not always the case. The TARDIS always had one main room, but it was attached to many other rooms as well. There were actual episodes where the Doctor would become lost in his own TARDIS. (Tom Baker run I believe, but for the life of me I can't remember the episode name) There was also speculation that, like the universe, the interior of the TARDIS was always growing, and that the immensity of the interior could be unimaginable. 
Anyway, the new TARDIS takes the color scheme of the old and adds on some stair cases and obviously, some more rooms. Below, we have pictures of the new Doctor and his new companion, chillin' in the TARDIS. 


== TEASER ==
In addition to these new pictures, there are some new clips floating around the web that deal with the new season... And someone doesn't know how to fly a TARDIS! 
It's his first day, so don't jump to conclusions just yet. We've already had werewolves in a Doctor Who episode, but WHERE are the Vampires? Don't worry... This season has an episode called Vampires in Venice, and I'm loving Matt Smith's comedic timing in this bit.
Here's one last one to wet your whistle.
  Hold on hold on... Did I see a Silurian in there? 0:39. It might be an updated version of it. How about 0:47? If you don't know, now you do, the Weeping Angels are back. It looks like this season is going to go to more interesting places instead of urban Earth. Some more tombs (Tomb of the Cyberman again...maybe?), alien planets, and more space. Matt Smith seems to be fitting the roll, just from these trailers very well.
But what do you guys think? Will you watch this season? What are you excited to see?
~Mat Elfring is a comedian, teacher, comic book writer, comic store employee, and Doctor Who fan.~
Posted by Green ankh

I lived through the Colin Baker and Sly McCoy years nothing can as bad as that was.
Posted by Beatrix

The new Doctor looks like a right knob.

Posted by leokearon

The Weeping Angels return for a two parter which also sees  River Song return and Victory of The Dalkes is set in WW2. The Radio Times this week as all 13 episodes previewed.
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

I liked Colin Baker, could have done so much but thanks to trouble at the top it was never to be. Looks interesting, though i have to say smith is very Captain Jack Sparrow in that second clip, prehaps that's why he almost ended up with a costume like him 

@inferiorego: The Inavsion of time had Baker lure the Sontarans deep into the Tardis, getting lost on the way, love that one mainly for the Sontarans :P

Posted by inferiorego
@Omega Ray Jay: That's the episode! Thanks..
Also, Trial of the Time Lord is not only the best C. Baker story, but one of the greatest Doctor Who stories. He's an under-rated Doctor.
Posted by Taiqod

Cant wait for this.

Posted by Moomin123

I dunno about this series, because I've been so used to seeing David Tennant, I'm wondering what this'll be like, having a new Doctor. 
But I'll try it out. And with Steven Moffat writing, I assume a lot of the episodes will be scary.
Posted by Omega Ray Jay
@inferiorego:  Hell yeah, I took the first serial 'The Mysterious Planet' cover to get signed when I meet him last year at a convention
Posted by inferiorego
@Omega Ray Jay: you just won
Posted by Omega Ray Jay
@inferiorego: I'thank you
Posted by xerox_kitty

Ah, you found the Vampires In Venice clip from Friday Night With Jonathan Ross!  It looks funny... with enough 'scare' factor to keep the kids hidden behind the sofa ;D

Posted by Axdemon

STAIRS....STAIIIIIRS!!!!! Also, he's got a gun!

Posted by Draconis Prime

Looks like its gonna be badass if you ask me.  ^__^

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

i'm intrigued

Edited by Kamen Rider Kajiki

LoL the Doctor hasn`t changed his library card since his first incarnation XD
This one is okay not great but not bad i just need to get used to him again just like i did with the 10th

Posted by NightFang

Can't wait to see the new Doctor in action!    

Posted by Citizen 14

So epically epic. I cannot wait!