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Doctor Who Gives BBC America Its Best Night Ever

Did you remember to watch last Saturday night?

As we approach the final Doctor Who episodes/specials with David Tennant, BBC America has announced that last Saturday's airing of Doctor Who: The Waters Of Mars gave them their highest ever primetime rating.  Over 1.1 million viewers watched on Saturday, December 19, which pushed the BBC America to #13 in coverage rating during the premiere among ad supported cable networks for ages 25-54.

“The final specials starring David Tennant have opened the door for new audiences to this iconic series while taking longtime fans on an incredible journey,” says Richard De Croce, Senior Vice President Programming, BBC AMERICA. “Tennant’s remaining two specials, The End of Time, Part One and Part Two, are the most anticipated episodes in the history of the series – which is why we’re airing them just a day after their UK premiere.”

The final two End Of Time specials premiere on BBC America December 26 at 9:00 pm ET/PT and January 2, 8:30 pm ET/PT.  Don't forget to tune in this Saturday or at least set your DVR.
Posted by inferiorego

Why did the DVR not record this? Now I'm pissed

Posted by PrinceIMC

I really liked it. Tennant does a great job of adding humor and then being completely serious and then having good 'F-Yeah' moments.

Posted by G-Man
@inferiorego: Did you set it to BBC America or is it still set for Sci-Fi (SyFy)?  I almost missed it myself because of that.  I'm sure they'll re-air this ep.
Posted by PrinceIMC

In Canada they're going to have a marathon of the Tennant Dr. Who specials on the Space channel up to the airing of End of Time on Jan 2nd.

Posted by inferiorego
@G-Man said:
" @inferiorego: Did you set it to BBC America or is it still set for Sci-Fi (SyFy)?  I almost missed it myself because of that.  I'm sure they'll re-air this ep. "
That's probably the problem. I'll rectify this situation later today.
Posted by Harlekin

Tennant will be miss. New guy is going to do some hard work.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

crap I missed it

Posted by G-Man
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: Just check your cable guide or maybe even BBC America's website.  I'm sure they'll show it again.  Especially if the ratings were that great.  Maybe they'll air some episodes Christmas day or something.  All the specials will be released on DVD/Blu-ray early next year as well.
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

The End of Time is likely to be the highlight of my Christmas, seeing as I get to see it Christmas day :P 
And ive already pre-ordered the Specials Boxset

Posted by Satyrquaze

Sadly, I don't get BBC America. I'll just have to wait for it to show up on dvd or something.

Posted by Moomin123

2 more days for us Brits to see Dr. Who. Hoorah!
Posted by bloodshed

i watched it and i thought it was pretty damn good. 
for those who missed it on the the east coast,i think it's being shown again sometime this weekend. 
Posted by Timm


Posted by Nailana Lee

I actually did miss it.. Except for the last 15 minutes. They'll do a re-air this saturday I'm sure. They usually do.
Posted by Jake Malcom


Posted by drawme

Is he that good???

Posted by G-Man

Did everyone watch The End Of Time (part 1) last night?  If you missed it, there will be a marathon on New Years Day (on BBC America).  As it continues on Saturday, they will show part 1 before part 2.

Posted by Kiara_Sullivan

I watched it. I missed half of it because I fell asleep but I caught it again when it cam on at like 3 am... 
Time Lord's back? o_O Serious buisness :P