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???? lol
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In Britain, they call him "Father Christmas".
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@Anderson: Agent of SMITH: One of my favorite Kinks song:
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Christmas Beans!
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Pure awesomeness

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Awesome,Who as santa...hope I get a molecular transdeminssional portal device...??? o_0  LOL ^_^
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Lol. The Doctor is Santa Claus.    

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Loved it ^^

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It's funny that the first time I see this is on here... not on the telly :p 
At least it's a chance to see him enjoying himself this Christmas :)

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@Anderson: Agent of SMITH:
And we used to say "merry christmas and a happy new year." Now its "happy christmas and a happy new year." Anyone else see a problem with that? Or am I just being picky? It really, really pisses me off to hear people say "happy christmas," just does not sound the same.

Ah well

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@G-Man said:

" @Anderson: Agent of SMITH: One of my favorite Kinks song:

I love that song =D!!!!
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its just a christmas season indent.
last year all the indents were made by aardman animation.

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lulz whut? nice add though
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very kewl

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you gotta love the tennant eyebrow lift!

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Ok I live in England ..... Is comicvine english???? or do you have this show in America??? 
slapp me if i am making no sense =P
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@Rashooo: Comic Vine operates out of California, USA but I'm a huge Doctor Who fan (how could anyone in their right mind not be?).  I will post about the Doctor any chance I get.  We do have loads of members from around the world.  I guess we're all about global harmony here.  We don't need to draw the lines between countries.
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He'd make a awesome Santa!