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Doctor Who #1, New Ongoing Series Reviewed

G-Man checks to see if the new comic is worthy of the Doctor Who franchise.

In our continued effort to review comics from publishers other than the "big two," I thought I'd analyze the new ongoing Doctor Who comic from IDW Publishing.  Like many, I've been a Doctor Who fan since I was a wee lad.  It's great having an ongoing comic.  Question is, how does it stand up to the series?  Is it worthy to be called "Doctor Who"?

Sorry about the eating.  It was late in the day and I hadn't had lunch and was just trying to optimize my time.  I want to hear from others that have read this.  I want to hear from the other Doctor Who fans.  Do you approve of this comic?  Does it look and feel like a Doctor Who episode?  If you haven't read it, does it look appealing to you?  Do you mind the stories that take place in the "past"?
Posted by Citizen 14

Dr. Who is great. It is weird that he is dropping names. ugh. I couldn't stand Donna. and the art is odd.
I love Dr. Who but I'm not gonna get this. Great Review G-Man and the bg music is really cool.

Posted by TheFlash29

I love dr.who and i liked Donna as she was funny

Posted by xerox_kitty

Don't lose your noodles!! :)

That's a fair rating, especially considering you're not crazy about 'the past' episodes.  I like the way that it tied in to the end of series 4 with how Donna wanted to visit Charlie Chaplin.  I miss Donna, but I hear she'll be back for the last of the specials with all the NuWho Companions :)

But I gotta disagree on the Pop Culture references.  The Doctor has dropped a lot of references since the relaunch.  However, he seems to be careful around who he mentions things and when he says them so not to cause any repercussions.  So it is more subtle, as opposed to the blatant way Marty McFly was called Calvin Klein and Clint Eastward in Back to the Future (I & III).
Posted by jefprice

Does anyone else just not care for Dr Who?

Posted by the guv'nor

i dont,never been a big fan at all,even though i am from the uk.

Posted by Media_Master

Haven't seen an episode before, early Hollywood setting sounds ok.

Edited by Omega Ray Jay

He Does drop names in the show, When he first meets Captain Jack - Jack thinks his name is Mr Spock and so on