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'Doctor Strange' and 'Ant-Man' Confirmed for Marvel's Phase Three

Edgar Wright's 'Ant-Man' is finally coming and Doctor Strange will get a solo film!

Marvel Studios' Phase Two is right around the corner and has plenty to be excited for, but today there's some veeeeeeery delightful news about Phase Three!

MTV News had a chance to chat with Marvel's President of Production Kevin Feige and he confirmed that we'll see Edgar Wright's (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) Ant-Man in 2015.

I've known Edgar since our first lunch together at Comic-Con in 2004," he continued. "He asked me what Marvel was doing with 'Ant-Man' — we weren't even a studio then; what a difference eight years makes! It's very much an 'Ant-Man' origin movie from the perspective of Edgar Wright and his co-writer Joe Cornish. It will of course be firmly planted in the MCU, but a different corner than we've seen before.

When asked about other characters, Feige said, "you probably don't have to look too far to guess at the next list of characters we're toying with and beginning to develop." Shortly after, he said Doctor Strange is "definitely one of them."

He's a great, original character, and he checks the box off this criteria that I have: he's totally different from anything else we have, just like 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' He's totally different from anything we've done before, as is 'Ant-Man,' which keeps us excited.

So yeah, Phase Three sounds incredibly promising. Not only will we have Avengers 2, but we'll also have these two films which could potentially bring a drastically different vibe to the bring screen. How do you feel about a Doctor Strange and Ant-Man solo film finally heading our way, Viners?

Source: MTV

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Posted by DJ1107


I kina think it is a race thing. How exactly do you get movie goers to see a movie where 95% of the cast are either African or African American & it isn't a Tyler Perry flick? How exactly to you please both the movie goers & the comic fans with something as complicated as Black Panther?

Posted by queenfrost_

also a black panther movie would have been epic. hint marvel: it is OKAY to have more than one *gasp* black character! dare i say it..../satire

Posted by MurderSlingshot

David Tennant as Hank Pym. Think about it. It would be great

Posted by GothamRed

@mk111: Didn't she get her powers from Captain Marvel, wouldn't he need a movie first then that leads into her own solo film?

Posted by fables87

Finally a Doctor Strange movie! Who would play him?

Posted by powerflux


The strongest sorcerer of the marvel universe! (who has my first name coincidentally)

and one fo my favorite superhero's, ant man! too bad the costume looks more like Eric Ogradey, just look at the footage they released:

Posted by tupiaz

@DJ1107 said:


I kina think it is a race thing. How exactly do you get movie goers to see a movie where 95% of the cast are either African or African American & it isn't a Tyler Perry flick? How exactly to you please both the movie goers & the comic fans with something as complicated as Black Panther?

Well if people don't wanna see a black actors in movies you could just let a white person play Black Panther. You have Black actors play white characters all the time so why not?.

Posted by Mega_spidey01

even, red tails didn't sell well, and george lucas produce it.  i think it will be hard to sell cause they need a solid script , cast , director and a good budget. more importantly, will he have a love interest or not? if so who will she be ?  and no storm for a bp movie.  

Posted by Ramier

i think it is time to put black panther on the big screen. I guess maybe marvel is worried an African hero movie won't do big at the box office. I feel it should us as fans are going to see all the marvel movies and since marvels movies are built up pretty good through the years all these movies will do big numbers at the box office. I'm glad ant man has a movie now we can for sure get a Ultron down the line. Maybe this is marvels plan to build a movie universe that lasts throughout the years. Thats what i'm afraid of the actors not renewing to re do their parts . But all in all I expect BP to show up in Phase Phour (see what i did there) ms marvel and others. Just wish it would come sooner

Posted by SUNMAN

Dr. Strange could be good, but I honestly don't have high expectations.

Antman just sounds like a bad idea. It just does. There are at least 12 other movies I'd d before Ant Man

Posted by Yung ANcient One

AVENGERS 3: Dormamus Wrath 2020

So is it PYM? or the other guy... not O'Grady the other one.


Posted by VictorVonDoom_1

Finally the announce it!

So stoked for phase 3. I mean, it's Dr. Strange. That's all there is to know and then Ant-Man. I recall reading somewhere about a BP film and Stan Lee was the one to confirm it, but then again, it is Stan Lee and I don't know how much the guy really knows about upcoming Marvel film projects. Either way, they should put a BP film into production. With the right budget and casting, it can take off to a success. I think casting Chiwetel Ejiofor as T'Challa would be perfect.

Posted by SavageDragon

The idea of a Doctor strange movie is awesome to me. Ant man...not so much.

Posted by weaponx

Wait, isn't this old news? Especially about Ant-Man.

Not too excited about these two, but they *could* be good.

Posted by dondave

@SavageDragon said:

The idea of a Doctor strange movie is awesome to me. Ant man...not so much.


Edited by Dernman

How are they going to do strange when they turned away from magic in the movies?

Posted by wetzelthepretzel

you ppl don't get it do you, with out ant man it lowers the possible plots plots they can have, and ppl hating on Dr. strange need to back off he is way better then she hulk or ms marvel and the reason there probably doing it is because they want to expand the marvel U, just like there doing with 'Guardians of the Galaxy. and yea im sad that there is not black Panther yet, but the film with out the avengers would not hold because the gen. population that are not comic book readers.( not because of him being black) if he was white it would not be the same. as for female solos that would be cool but just like they don,t do the greats in solo book why would the want to risk it if there books are not selling. o and the person who likes the idea of an avx movie you are dumb because that movie would be fail. plus storm could not hold her on solo (aging not because of her race).

Posted by Teerack

@queenfrost_: Saddly Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver are mutants so we wont be seeing them in anything, but there have been rumors about both spider-man and captain marvel, so who knows.

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

Great news.

Looking forward to both movies.

Ultron for Avengers 3!

Posted by Perfect 10

uhm, we already know about ant-man so....

YEAH!!! Doctor Strange. literally been waiting my entire life for this. hope its better then that 70's version. just need good casting. can we get one the guys from game of thrones to play him? the guy who plays john snow is my first pick

Posted by markslurpee

Doc Strange!!!

Posted by Poncho

HEY! Want some awesome movies? Well they are coming in 3 years, enjoy the wait!

Posted by turoksonofstone

I hope to see a heavy Steve Ditko influence in the Strange Film.

And Ant-Man had better be an adaption of the man in the Ant hill starring the Hank Pym version...or else.

Posted by pspin

The reason that Avengers works is that it was a small group. Even if Thanos himself attacks, at this rate, there are too many heroes to have any type of respectable movie.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Awesome, Love Doctor Strange!

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am not a big Dr. Strange fan, but maybe the movie can convince me other wise

Posted by Ganthetsward20

This Phase three set of films is the reason for my living, okay I'm exaggerating but for real im thrilled this is happening

Edited by nappystr8

I'm pumped for both of these movies. But I really hope Ant Man and Wasp cross over to Avengers 2, while I really hope that Doctor Strange stays in his own corner of the movieverse.

@UltraBiel said:

@mk111 said:

Because these two characters suck alone and are only good when in other characters comics yet they are getting a movie while good and more successful characters like B. Panther // Spider woman // Ms; Marvel // She-hulk // Luke Cage // are in the limbo of the marvel movies...

I could be mistaken, but I believe that Doctor Strange actually has more solo-issues than any of those other great characters you've mentioned. Luke Cage is the only one of those character that had an ongiong series that lasted longer than Doctor Strange, but half of those issues had him teaming up with Iron Fist. I would love to see a solo film based on any of them, especially Black Panther, but Doctor Strange is definitely a successful character who can support a film on his own.

Posted by monitor_earthprime

Marvel has to make up for there first Dr. Strange movie, so yeah I cannot wait to see it.

Posted by ssj2DeadPool

How about they make the fricken deadpool movie before we jump to antman?

Posted by Gambit1024

Jesus, people are still b*tching about Ant-Man's movie? Get over it people. Nothing you can say will change that fact. Move on.

Posted by mtrakos


Posted by AmazingWebHead

Ant-Man AND Dr. Strange? Psyche!!!

Posted by __transgojobot__
still no black panther, shame on marvel.

Shameful indeed.

C'mon, Marvel; Chiwetel awaits.

Posted by Lightburst

Marvel should do everything they can to get Spider-man and a few X-Men for Phase 3 honestly no matter what they pay for them they will make it back.

Posted by dondasch

Much more interested to see a Dr. Strange movie than Ant-Man.

Posted by mk111


Aren't we all?

Edited by Nightwing4

Hopefully by the time they get around to Avengers 3 they'll have enough characters for Civil War. If not, an Ultron story could be cool. And Black Panther is a must. An absolute must.

Posted by Gambit1024


Posted by Agent9149

BLACK PANTHER?????????????????????????????????

Posted by Mezmero

They still need to make a Luke cage movie before Terry Crews gets too old. It might be too late already.

Posted by TheMess1428

I thought Ant-Man was supposed to be in Phase 2. Kinda disappointed about that... Excited about Doctor Strange though.

Posted by SynCig

First of all, I love this news. Secondly, I REALLY want to see a Daredevil reboot. He is my favorite Marvel character and there is so much potential for great cinematic adventures. I also think it would be nice to see Marvel flesh out the street level heroes a bit in their cinematic universe. Daredevil and Heroes For Hire would be cool imo. Also, I would like to add my name to the long list of people that want to see a Black Panther movie. : D

Posted by Cafeterialoca

Awesome. Can't wait til we get more obscurer heroes!

Also, so people don't get confused:

Posted by annafh

When can we get a film for a female superhero in the MCU?

Posted by millennium

i would love to have a dr strange movie but marvel HATES their magic based heros so i dont know and wasnt antman originally part of phase 2? if i remember correctly

Posted by Skaddix

Please marvel needs to remember Blade started their movie rush. Yes a black guy shocking I know. I am tired of excuses for no Black Panther. Just be honest and say we don't think a movie with that many black characters could sale.

Posted by nightmind

Sweet, now i just hope one day Marvel will make a namor movie and get the right of the silver surfer so they can make a Defenders movie

Posted by Boumei

Definitely looking forward to a Doctor Strange film, as for the films other people have been mentioning to be made (ie: Black Panther, Ms. Marvel), the only problem with those films is that none of them have any villains or a supporting cast that are recognizable or known to anyone outside of comic fans so it'll be harder to draw non-comic fans to watch those films.

Posted by GodDamnIronMan

@Oscars94 said:

@mk111: I just hope the actors live that long.

True, RDJ already 47...and I don't think studio will let him plays Stark when he's 50 or more...