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Diamond Select Reveals Action Figure for 'The Wolverine'

Previously shrouded in secrecy, now the figure can be shown to the public.

Back in February, Toy Fair 2013 took place at the Javits Convention Center. You can see our full photo gallery of the Diamond Select product HERE. One thing you'll notice is there's no sign of any product from The Wolverine. Product was at the Diamond Select booth but photographs were not allowed. It wasn't a conspiracy or anything as you can see below, the figure looks pretty good. It's believed it was simply a matter of pending license approval.

Diamond Select, through their Marvel Select line, has released figures based on the comic book versions as well as the Cinematic Universe. Now we can behold the Wolverine figure.

This 7-inch figure was sculpted by Gentle Giant and will be available in the Fall. It has 16 points of articulation, three interchangeable heads and six hands. A sword will also come with as well as a detailed display base, common for the Marvel Select figures.

== TEASER ==

Along with the Marvel Select figure, there will also be some Minimates on the way. These are still top secret.

You can pre-order this figure from your local comic shop or online specialty toy store.

Posted by eiderglast

Awesome detail!

Posted by k4tzm4n

Looks just like Huge Jacked Man.

Posted by Atary77

I love the articulation and the posability! Very nice!

My only problem when it comes to Wolverine figures are when the packaging messes up the claws. I know it's not easy trying to keep those things straight since they're always so thin. But I just wish action figure packaging didn't bend them up before you even have a chance to take it out of the box.

Posted by LoganRogue24

i have my comic shop holding one for me when they come out.

Posted by inferiorego

Les Miserables: The Action Figures

Posted by mikeclark1982

I may have to get this the same day the DVD is released! 

Posted by LoganRogue24

@Atary77: i agree most times the claws are bent or dammaged.

Posted by zombietag

SPOILER ALERT. gosh, gives so much away

Posted by Onemoreposter

Man, wish I had toys like this when i was a kid. Looks great.

Posted by Xanni15

Not digging the cargo pants.

Posted by impossibilly

@inferiorego: Ahh! I was thinking the exact same thing! That sculpt clearly came from The Confrontation.

Posted by Ninjablade09

looks like he's taking a poop.

Posted by Mucklefluga

Seriously, where do those claws come from ?!?! :L

Posted by weaponx

Not sure how I feel about the hands.... are they really that big/loose? I would also prefer other pants, but those are ok.

Posted by satyrgod

Remember when Wolverine had body hair? What's wrong with depicting him as a goddamn man??

Posted by danhimself

the hands look HUGE in the last picture

Posted by FiguredOut95

Remember this is a prototype.

Posted by Smurfboy

Still waiting for the trailer! Ugh... :)

Posted by quatro_briefs

Wow awesome!

Posted by sweatboy

So,... idk how long it's been since I've had action figures/statuettes but are multiple facial features/expressions a normal thing? Do you switch the heads out or do you change it's face while... how would you change his face?

Posted by FoxxFireArt

If you have adamantium claws that cut through anything, why would you use a steel katana?

Posted by kid Apollo

does the inset pic not look like hes dropping a deuce?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus


Posted by sethysquare

MOS figures look so much better

Posted by Leon_Dissada

It's a cool idea and i like the detail that they put into it but unfortunatly i cannot see this lasting to long in the stores.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

Wow ham fist.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

The face is so well-detailed, it's almost creepy.

@FiguredOut95 said:

Remember this is a prototype.

Says a lot about what the final thing will look like.

Posted by FiguredOut95

@kid Apollo: Haha yeah.

Posted by redhood21

@k4tzm4n said:

Looks just like Huge Jacked Man.

i see what you did there..youre not fooling me! im off to ANUSTART!

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

MOS figures look so much better

looks like this summer everything Wolvie is being compared to everything MoS.

Posted by God_Spawn

The Wolverine action figure comes with 7 different attachable stoic and or teeth bearing heads. Get yours today!

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