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Desaad Revealed in 'Justice League: War'

Get a glimpse of the torturer in DC's next animated flick.

Publicist Gary Miereanu continues to reveal more and more of the upcoming DC animated movie, Justice League: War. He previously released images of some heroes and Darkseid, and today, he tweeted the first picture of Darkseid's follower, Desaad. Miereanu also informed us the character is voiced by Bruce Thomas. Here's the image he shared.

Justice League: War is based on Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's opening story in the New 52's JUSTICE LEAGUE series. Seeing as Desaad wasn't in that and Aquaman is being replaced with Shazam in the film, it definitely seems like there will be some big changes. We're seeing more and more images as the movie approaches, so hopefully a trailer isn't too far away!

Justice League: War is directed by Jay Oliva and currently set to release early 2014.

Source: Twitter

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Edited by redhood21

id prefer aquaman but if hes getting his own solo then i dont see an issue really.

and the captain is right...i had to force feed people his new 52 stuff "its good but its still just lame" to which i replied "LIKE YOUR C$CK"

also i dont know why dc pushes for captain marvel so hard...