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Deadpool - The Video Game Impressions

Now that the game's been out for a bit, find out what we thought, from a comic book perspective.

Deadpool is far from your typical comic book character. Depending on who writes him, he's often portrayed as a wise-cracking (sometimes annoying) mercenary that will kill without a second thought while usually breaking the fourth wall. Makes you wonder who decided to make a video game based on a character like this.

As the game has been out for a while, the reviews have already been released. If we're being honest, some of the reviews haven't quite been in Wade Willson's favor. What it comes down to is who is the game made for and what exactly are they expecting from it.

In terms of gameplay, it's not a perfect game. There are some technical glitches you'll discover while playing, some points in the game require you to wander aimlessly searching for key items. There are the occasional platform-jumping portion and of course loads of repetitive fighting against a seemingly endless horde of similar looking villains (which, in some fairness, can be explained by story elements).

This doesn't mean it's a bad game. I actually had fun playing.

The game starts off with Deadpool aware he's in a "big budget" video game and has a bounty he's after. When a couple Marauders show up to save his target (Arclight and Vertigo), the story veers in a different direction. Soon you'll see cameos by Mr. Sinister, the X-Men (Wolverine, Psylocke, Rogue and Domino) as well as a trip to Genosha where Deadpool gets some time with Cable.

What you'll be doing is a lot of fighting. The game mechanics isn't too difficult. You can easily figure out the controls and between the two attack buttons (with your swords) and your heavy artillery, you can mix up your attacks and build up fighting combos. Defeating enemies gets you credits which you can use to buy and upgrade your weapons at any time during the game.

The best or worst thing in the game is Deadpool. Here, he talks. He talks a lot. If you enjoy his low level of humor, you will find the absurdity entertaining. Where it could be a problem is for the casual Deadpool fan. With elements of the gameplay having a repetitive nature, having to listen to Deadpool's banter, some of which will repeat ("Hey, that's my favorite bullet. Can I get it back?"), completing the game might be difficult but not due to the actual difficulty of the game.

The other thing to note is this is a hard M-rated game. There is plenty of profanity and suggestive comments thrown about during the game (pretty much all by Deadpool, of course). The violence is high as well. He has swords and guns. He slices, dices and shoots his opponents. Deadpool also takes severe damage.

This is a game where it makes sense for your character to be able to take abuse and recover quickly. There is no need for health or med-packs. When you start taking too much damage (and the screen starts going red), you simply run away to allow yourself to heal. Using your teleportation also makes avoiding damage a little easier as well.

This isn't a sophisticated video game. It's completely juvenile. That's how it's supposed to be. This is the chance to play as the Merc with a Mouth. You get to control a wacky killing machine that can easily recover from injuries. There are plenty of Easter Eggs in the game that will make you laugh.

The main thing is you have to like Deadpool and this sort of humor to really appreciate the game. The game doesn't really bring anything overly unique to the genre but it is fun to play. Those that don't know or like Deadpool will not appreciate the game unless they are open to this type of humor. Being able to be submerged in Deadpool's world is both fun and scary. Whether you rush out to play the game immediately or wait for the price to drop really depends on your level of affection towards Deadpool.

If I had to give this a rating, it'd be a very high 3 out of 5. It really depends on how much you love Deadpool and the idea of playing a video game with him. The game gets repetitive and a tad frustrating at moments, but it's still pretty fun for comic book readers to get to play as Deadpool.

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Repetitive with a few good moments.

Yeah, sounds like your typical superhero budget title. Probably rent this first and buy later if I like it enough. I'm pretty easy to please, so low scores aren't a deal breaker for me.

Still think they should give the Saints Row team a shot at making a Deadpool game.

Posted by lesterlawton

A mediocre game at best. Rent it, 'cause it's not worth buying.

Posted by JamDamage

I'll buy it used, and if it's not getting raving reviews then I'll get it for cheaper must quicker was is okay with me.

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@g_man said:

@thetimestreamer: yes, it was a bit much. The swearing in games is like regular heroes killing in movies. Must be what non-comic readers want.

@g_man, This kind of sounds insulting Tony. Because what you are trying to say since I enjoyed the Superman killing Zod plot in Man of Steel means I am a non-comic book reader? You seriously not making any sense. These regular heroes did kill before in the comics that was before the movies. Superman or Batman killing someone is not something new and they didn't do this plot to appeal to the non comic book readers. They did it for the story and a strong upbringing of a sequel. I don't know. But you are really not understanding why did this happen in the movie at all. Superman is NOT going to be a constant killer. He's gonna learn from his mistakes and it's what makes him human. He's gonna become the hero everyone wants him to be and that's the hero that never wants to kill again. Remember Superman isn't God and he isn't better than us. He is the same as us. So, he is gonna make the same mistakes as we do. We sometimes have to do things we don't want to do in order to do something we want to do. This is what Superman is learning. I think you really need to watch the Man of Steel again and really try to understand the plot. I hate to say this but you're sounding like a typical fan boy that claims he knows everything about it (When he really doesn't) and that just rants and tries to not think about why this plot was made and what it is try to tell us. It seems like you're just angry with the plot and not at least appreciate what it is. Seriously, try to think more about this film. I know you are not a typical comic book fan boy. You are actually better than that. I am just disappointed because you were able to accept Doc Ock being Spider-Man. But not this? I just don't get it. I think I'm gonna just write the article that I have been wanting to write tomorrow to give you a better understanding of what Man of Steel is doing.

Sorry for going out of topic guys.


i cant help but notice more often then not this site tries to kill all things marvel an praise all things dc

since when does a game have to be emotionaly gripping? since when does it have to be the newest ground braking technology

i own this game and have played through it twice for no other reason then the game is fun.

why do you play games?

if you want to kick back laugh an throughly enjoy yourself play this game its not ment to do anything other then be fun an it delivers

Posted by Mucklefluga

@k4tzm4n said:
@mucklefluga said:

I'll stick with The Last Of Us.

I still need to get that!

Then again, I still haven't completed Far Cry 3, Bioshock Infinite or Assassin's Creed 3...

Hold off on the other games and play The Last of Us first. It's emotionally gripping and fantastic to play.


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I still haven't played it but soon I will.

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I've been watching a Play Through of Deadpool. That's good enough for me. As for the super heroes killing, Tony, you're right. My bro in law says I'm not a follower of the comic and doesn't know all about what (Spoiler?) that red blue and yellow super hero does in them so doing what he did, he thought it was ok and good movie. I liked some of it and not other parts. So yeah, Katz is right, look what you've started. :)

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The "you f******* philistine!" is a refrence to a deadpool comic from the time of Dark Reign. A hydra agent named Bob betrays him and he says "Et tu Obay" quoting shakespeare in pig laten from Julius Caesar and Bob doesnt get it so Deadpool says calls him a philistine. @citizenbane: If thats what you meant, nice refrence!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I'm still intrigued by playing Deadpool in the game and getting used to his antics. I will give this a try eventually.

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The Rogue scene was funny as hell; didn't know Rogue liked it like that haha.

Posted by demonyusuke713

the immaturity and chessey the bllod vulgar language and out right insanity is what makes deadpool deadpool the target audience is for ppl that are fans of deadpool yea its not the best game but its good enough for the fans that being said 5/10 its an average game that captured the essence of deadpool not many superhero games do that

Posted by StMichalofWilson

I was impressed by the comedy and comic book references in it, but the gameplay was too repetitive most of the time. I'd go with 3 1/2 out of 5 stars for effort.

Also I'm not surprised at everyone's else's opinion. Though it lacked in some parts, this game was probably one the best comic-book video games(that stayed true to the comics)I've ever played since Batman Arkham City.

I'm also not surprised at the profanity. It's a M-Rated game duh.

Posted by Danial79

I'm tempted to get this because it's Deadpool, but then scared at the same time because I watched a playthrough by Giant Bomb and even that one level looked repetitive and bland as hell. As someone else pointed out, that seems to be the way these things go: devs buy a license to a popular (or film) character, then throw out a mediocre game to cash in on that popularity.

Posted by metalpsips

Its a fun game to play in terms of humour and jokes,but the gameplay itself is very unpolished and shallow.I didnt expect a super challenge for my brain or a revolution to the hack n slash genre,but I expected something more polished.The animations are awful,the combat system is awkward,and the whole appearance of the game doesnt appeal to me.Was it so difficult to make it feel more like a Devil May Cry in terms of combat?

Posted by Dingle_Fairy

I loved it, I played through it in one sitting, didnt eat, sleep, or really move until I completed it. Which took about 11 or 12 hours.

Posted by ZombieMowlcher

@m3th: If I remeber correctly, pretty much EVERY dc game sucked until the Arkham series.

Posted by Kiddevil

Anyway it's on PC?

Posted by nakobass

I Love this game. I've never played a game that made me laugh out load so much. Blasting people with those Plasma Rifles is just damn fun. Die-Hard Deadpool Fans will love it. Just wish it had a code for unlimited ammo so I could keep blasting people with those Plasma Rifles, I love those guns.

Posted by Tazirai

I hated Vertigo dying in like 1 second without a boss fight. But it is Vertigo.. and She's in a Video game.. kudos for that. Glad I red Boxed it!

Posted by Yung ANcient One

Anyone else wished we got more boss battles?

( + )

Posted by LoganRogue24

i enjoyed the Rogue stuff.

Posted by dbatdog

I'll stick with Batman Arkham

Posted by Chibio

I wanted this game to be good, but unfortunately it simply isn't... The gameplay is average at best! The graphics are mediocre, the story is mind-numbling and even the humor, which is supposed to be the games main strenght is way too Wayish for my own personal Deadpool-taste.

Posted by Homew1949

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Posted by EliCrofoot

I absolutely f**king love this game. Maybe it's just because I love the character, but I love this game with every fiber of my being. The writing of this game is the best work Way has ever done, and far better than his mediocre run on the series, and Nolan North killed it yet again. Seriously, to me Nolan North IS Deadpool. This game also has a lot of variety. One minute you're in a turret section inside a Sentinel's boot, then the next you're playing as Rouge with Deadpool's powers, and then you're in a minecart with skeletons with french accents. And the combat, while somewhat repetitive, is very fun. That said, Deadpool is not without it's fair share of problems. The camera sometimes puts you at awkward angles, and the game is very short and lacks replay value.

Overall I give Deadpool a very high 7.5 out of 10.

Posted by BaneStrokeLoboGrundyBatArrow


Posted by SoA

it was okay, a little short and no real unlockables (no costumes?) but it was entertaining and fun

Posted by tinmancanlord

Words cannot describe this video game. I have literally waited 2/3 of my life waiting for this and it is finally here. Impressions? The story itself was absolutely outrageous, comical and just great in every way, from Deadpool hallucinating about floating taco heads to slapping the crap out of wolverine to going through a mental carnival ride with death, the story was just great! The gameplay: I love the graphics, the feel so comic book orientated that it just brings the crazy stuff you are doing so much to life and it just makes you feel so much more awesome about the game if you read the comics. The fight and weapons is where I feel they totally could have amped it up a little, with Deadpool I was expecting a little more weapons and maybe a bit more outgoing dont get me wrong I love the idea of pulse rifles, giant hammers and bear traps because those were crucial to my survival but maybe just a few more weapons for that variety feeling. The humour never stops, and I mean never, I love it because this is Deadpool, the merc with a mouth, he just bombards you with jokes left right and centre and you just can't get enough of it, sometimes the jokes will be stale or crude to the point where it isn't funny but seconds later there is another 9 jokes that makes up for it, the character himself was just done so perfect I can't even begin the explain it. Overall I loved everything about the game with minor problems giving it a 9/10 in my books. Keep up the good work high moon!

Posted by WarBlade539