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Deadpool #900 REVIEWED! So Much Deadpool For You To Enjoy

G-Man reviews the massive "milestone" issue.

Deadpool is the man.  Who would've thought that he'd be the first Marvel character to reach issue #900?  That is definitely a milestone.  Wolverine? Psh...  Spider-Man?  Whatever.  Deadpool managed to do what they haven't been able to.  Okay...maybe the way he reached issue #900 is questionable.  I wonder if Deadpool himself was put in charge of counting the issues.  Either way, it's a massive book.  Question is, how does it rate?

 What you get here is a whopping 104 pages for $4.99.  Sure it might seem like a bit of money for one single comic but if you compare it to some of the $3.99 comics, you definitely get a lot of Deadpool for your money.  When I first started reading it, the short stories by the different creative teams was a bit distracting.  I understand that logistically it might not have been possible to have longer stories.  I think it would've been more enjoyable.  As I read more, I started appreciated seeing all the different stories.  We had some stories that we might not have been able to see if it wasn't for this format.  
If you're a Deadpool fan, obviously this is like Christmas for you.  Over one hundred pages of Deadpool action.  It's hard to pinpoint which of the numerous stories was my favorite but I do have to say seeing a Joe Kelly/Rob Liefeld story was pretty nice.  Is this too much Deadpool for one sitting?  Is it possible to get Deadpool overload?  
For a milestone issue, this is how it should be done.  Lots of bang for your buck.  As I mentioned in the video, I did round the review up a tiny bit since it fell in between two ratings.  I like the package and I like the presentation.  I would've just liked some tiny tweaks to the content.  For a Deadpool fan, I'm not sure if there's much to complain about.  If you're not a Deadpool fan or if you've been getting too much of him lately, don't try to read this in one sitting.  I do wonder if we'll see more "900" issues any time soon.
What was your favorite story here?  Did you enjoy this humongous comic?
Posted by reaper2923


Posted by G-Man
@reaper2923: Maybe it was too heavy for your postal carrier.  It's such a massive book.
Posted by reaper2923
Or maybe the mail man took it either way I'm not able to get it, curse you MGS3!
Posted by War Killer

I only liked four of stories out of the whole thing (The first one with the aliens, the Silent one, one where he goes to the tharpy, and the one with Doc Ock (which I think he was shown in a preview, so I'm not really spoiling it), I like these stories over all, and the Silent one was probably my favorite just because of how creative it was.

Posted by Drafta

It was a fun read, but it didn't really blow my mind.
It was worth 5 bucks.

Posted by AlfredPMcLovely

I don't usually pick up floppies but I can't pass up this deal.
Posted by kneel before doom

$5 100pages=$1 20pages= 5cent/page
if 1 page=2min, 100pages=200min of entertainment.

Posted by reaper2923
@kneel before doom said:
"$5 100pages=$1 20pages= 5cent/page if 1 page=2min, 100pages=200min of entertainment. "

Is that the comic book equation
Posted by Dr. Detfink

I actually hated the initial Liefeld introduction of Deadpool but only the zanny writing of Joe Kelly can sell such a great combination of slapstick low brow humor and violence. The art is fantastic and captures Kelly's whimsical adventure. 
Do I think Deadpool will reach #900? Yes. Deadpool is to kids who collected comics in the 90s what Wolverine was to me as a kid.

Posted by SirSparkington

This was pretty rad. I enjoyed the  Joe Kelly/Rob Liefeld story the most also. 

Posted by Media_Master

Sounds like a good deal!
But I'll definitely take it in small doses.

Posted by Power NeXus

You brush your teeth before you floss them?
Posted by G-Man
@Power NeXus: Nah, just needed something to come after brushing.  Maybe I should've said gargle with mouth wash?
Posted by Power NeXus
@G-Man said:
" @Power NeXus: Nah, just needed something to come after brushing.  Maybe I should've said gargle with mouth wash? "

Or perhaps massage your gums. 
But people haven't really done that since the 50's or something...
Posted by LordX1095

Loved every single story.... the Kelly one had to be my favorite though (the guy is simply the best at writing the Merc with the mouth). 
=P such a great start to the Deadpool Team-up series which starts at #899 and counts downwards.

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Glitcher's story was cool, just as the mime one. But the best was pinky swear! It made me feel like I was back in the 90's.
I agree with you, not worth a five outta five. I kinda felt like an overload too and thats coming from a hardcore fan hahaha. Should had been less stories but longer. I wanted more Joe kelly for example.
Oh btw.. Deadpool's Age is revealed. He is 31.  Dont agree? well it was in the story by Lifield and Kelly, the 2 key creators of DP so... ;)
Keep Reviewin Deadpool G man! U rockz.
Posted by jakob187

I saw this issue up at the shop today, and ZOMG IT'S MASSIVE!!!  It's like it's own graphic novel, it's THAT thick!!!

Posted by FoxxFireArt

To listen to the variety in the different stories it almost sounds like this is some sort of trade paper back collection.
I like they actually have a justification for the 900 title.

Posted by DEADPOOL

G-Man, could had just scored each story and then average it out in the end. Which would be, like, what? 75.5 out of 5? lol.
Unfortunately I haven't gotten the issue yet, but I'm expecting it.

Posted by James Lasagnaboy

Heh, if you look closely, the "justification" at the back of the issue is actually a big page of non-Deadpool comics shrunk down with the word "Deadpool" slapped on the bottom or top.

Posted by mattydeNero

Best $4.99 I've spent on a comic all year.
Posted by xerox_kitty

Seriously value for money!!  I spent the same amount on Liberty Comics #2 and didn't feel that I was getting my money's worth.  My poor wallet felt used & abused afterwards from those two issues alone! 
Shame about the Widdle Wade story, because that's just a reprint.  But I do find it funny that the worst art in the whole book was by the guy who 'created' him :p

Edited by heroic_warrior76

The Merc with a Mouth will always be one of our most favorite anti-hero comic book character ever I believe I

spoke on behalf of my siblings in this.
Posted by Mr. Wilson

Awesome ish.