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Deadpool #2 Early Review

Deadpool #2

As Good as the First?

It seems like a lot of people liked the first issue.  It even won me over.  We were left a little surprised at Deadpool's willingness to help the Skrulls invade Earth.  But then, since he's a little off in the head, it wasn't too much of a surprise.  The question is, what will he do next.  Another question is, are the Skrulls pulling one over on Deadpool or is it the other way around?

One of Deadpool's strongest assets is that he is unpredictable.  That's what can help sell this comic.  We do get a brief re-cap of his origin in the first few pages.  I have to say I'm glad Daniel Way didn't go the cliche route and have it take up space in the first issue.   From the cover we get the impression that the Skrulls will use Deadpool's strengths as a killing machine to further their invasion.  That in itself is a scary thought.  An army of Deadpools.  Who could lead such an army?  I'll let you take a guess.

I enjoyed seeing Deadpool in his new role.  But how does this comic stack up?  Will this Secret Invasion tie-in change the outcome of the war?  Probably not.  It's not essential reading as far as the main story goes but as far as being entertaining, it's pretty much a must have.  Daniel Way continues to capture the essence of Deadpool's character.   Paco Medina's art captures the mayhem perfectly.  He has the right amount of detail mixed with the hilarity of Deadpool's world. 

4.5! Woooo!
This volume is off to a good start.  Again it's not essential reading but it was highly entertaining and that's what a comic should be.  I had fun.  I'm going to up my rating a bit from last month and give this issue a 4.5 out of 5
Posted by Darkchild

i cant wait for the second issue. the first had me rolling almost the entire issue so i cant wait for this one

Posted by Mr. Wilson

Sounds Awesome G!

Posted by blade hunter

just 1 deadpool is crazy enough on his own its scary to think that there is going 2 be an army of them!!!!!!!!!!