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DC's Next Animated Movies: Superman/Batman & Batman Year One?

What are you looking forward to?

You may have heard the rumblings about a possible Batman: Year One animated feature. Comics Continuum mentioned it yesterday and it was also posted on our forums (courtesy of Johnny Spam). You might (or might not) be aware that I am a big fan of Batman. When I heard about a possible Batman: Year One feature, I did some digging. 
Batman: Year One will not be the next animated feature. The next feature will be Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

 Batman: Why can't I get my own movie?
  == TEASER ==
This information comes courtesy of the box art (click image to enlarge) for Batman: Under the Red Hood (coming on July 27).
What about Batman: Year One? The story by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchilli seems perfect for an adaption. While there has been speculation over future releases, I feel it largely depends on the success of the DVDs and Blu-rays. In other words, if people buy them, DC and Warner Bros. will keep making them. While we could make long lists of possible story arcs and characters we'd like to see, the possibility of movies with the bigger characters (like Batman and Superman) seem more likely.
I did try getting information about Batman: Year One but was unable to get a comment. At the same time, I didn't get a denial either. Perhaps there is hope in seeing this happen. What are your thoughts and hopes? What do you think Apocalypse will be about?
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Posted by NightFang

I can't wait!

Posted by UrmanitaRules

Although I very briefly read Public Enemies, I thought the film was a good adaptation of the story, especially with Tim Daly, Kevin Conroy and Clancy Brown returning to reprise their respective roles. I definitely would approve for a sequel to Superman/Batman. And while I think it would be interesting to see an animated version of Batman: Year One, I think we have already seen a Year One story already with Batman Begins, so that would explain why Batman: Year One will not be adapted for an Animated Feature.

Posted by sora_thekey


Posted by EdwardWindsor

looking foward to both

Posted by dondasch

Public Enemies was a huge disappointment.  And did I not read something earlier that DC was not putting out anymore animated movies ?  Was that just a gimmick ?

Posted by DominiqueAgri

Batman already has the movie monopoly - no complaining.  Year One would be dope though. I look forward to it. 
Do we know who's doing the voices for this?  
And, can we start a campaign to get them to make a movie to finish off the JLU series? (with the right voices of course).

Posted by Kid_Zombie

Year one would be sweet! not to excited about batman/superman, thought public enemies was terrible! By far the worst animated feature DC has put out. And way to much gay refernces.
I also heard they wernt doing any more animated features. Or was that they stopped all the ones in prep to start these ones? no clue ha

Posted by johnny_spam

Woo got a mention in the headline. I think Apocalypse will be the Supergirl arc from the comics as it followed Public Enemies and is more accessible then the Absolute Power arc. 
With Batman Begins does anyone else think there is a need for it? The only way is to focus on Gordon and Catwoman. It's short story makes it a prime candidate for animation.

Posted by cold_fuzion

Wait... didn't DC pull the plug on their animated features?

Posted by G-Man
@DominiqueAgri: No further info. has been put out. As soon as I get word, I will pass it on.
Staff Online
Posted by Bruce Vain

As much as I love Bats and Supes 

I would like to see them do a Flash and Green Lantern : Brave and the Bold or a teamup  of GL & Green Arrow.

Posted by ironshadow

Enough with th Batman $h!t there are other great DC characters who deserve movies..

Posted by Duo_forbidden
@cold_fuzion said:
" Wait... didn't DC pull the plug on their animated features? "
Yea that what I thought. Either way, this is some interesting news.
Posted by spiderguylll

YES!!! Who wants to see Batman's origin AGAIN when we can get a ALWAYS awesome Superman/Batman team up

Posted by ComicMan24

I'm looking forward to it!
Edited by ArtisticNeedham

As much as i would love to see a Batman Year One animated movie, didn't Begins and Dark Knight sort of do it?  Maybe thats why they aren't doing it yet, because the movies are using it still.  They are adapting ideas from those comics.
I think maybe they are going for the bigger more comic book stories that are better suited for animation like Public Enemies and Crisis, movies that would be much harder to do in live action.
Batman seems like DC's Hulk, any animated movie will most likely have him in it because he sells them big time.

Posted by johnny_spam
@cold_fuzion: @cold_fuzion said:
" Wait... didn't DC pull the plug on their animated features? "
They pulled the plug on DVDs starring women and little known characters the Justice League, Batman and Superman ones have been doing well so they will continue with them along with the DC Showcase.
Posted by cold_fuzion
@johnny spam said:
" @cold_fuzion: @cold_fuzion said:
" Wait... didn't DC pull the plug on their animated features? "
They pulled the plug on DVDs starring women and little known characters the Justice League, Batman and Superman ones have been doing well so they will continue with them along with the DC Showcase. "
Ah, well that's lame. I liked the Wonder Woman movie. It was the best one they've put out recently.
Posted by TheBug

I really wanted Long Halloween.
Posted by johnny_spam
@cold_fuzion: @cold_fuzion said:
" @johnny spam said:
" @cold_fuzion: @cold_fuzion said:
" Wait... didn't DC pull the plug on their animated features? "
They pulled the plug on DVDs starring women and little known characters the Justice League, Batman and Superman ones have been doing well so they will continue with them along with the DC Showcase. "
Ah, well that's lame. I liked the Wonder Woman movie. It was the best one they've put out recently. "
It was the best one but it didn't make it's money back quick enough.
Posted by ateygheyev

DC needs to quit playing games and do a SUPERMAN: RED SON flick...

Posted by rlmay3

If we're talking a Batman animated movie, I really want Long Halloween. As far as other heroes, I think it's time Green Arrow and Black Canary step into the DCU animated limelight.

Posted by longbowhunter

Year One is for sure one of my favorite Batman stories. I just wish Bats wasnt the focus of so many of these movies. Lets get a feature length Flash and Green Arrow film out there.
Posted by TheMess1428

Apocalypse? Supergirl was the sequel to Public Enemies. Maybe they just changed the name to Apocalypse. I wonder what will be the Showcase feature for it. Green Arrow?

Posted by Primmaster64
@ironshadow said:
" Enough with th Batman $h!t there are other great DC characters who deserve movies.. "

Posted by The Cyan Lantern

I would had rather seen GL First Flight have a sequel than S/B.

Posted by Wolverine0628

"Apocalypse" makes it sound like it has something to do with Darkseid.  I really liked Public Enemies, and I hope this one is as good. 
By the way, is "Red Hood" out yet?

Posted by cmaprice

I think there are more interesting things they can do with Batman than an adaptation of Year One anyway. That book speaks for itself and I think the Nolan films have given us as awesome an origin update as he's going to get in an adapted medium.

Posted by goldenkey

Year One would be great.  I would have liked to see Killing Joke too. 
Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

Oh yeah.I read before about the next possibly Superman/Batman animated movie to be around the Absolute Power story of the comic series,like they did on first one with Public Enemies,but either way I don't mind what the plot would be.Stoked!

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)
@Wolverine0628 said:
"By the way, is "Red Hood" out yet? "
According to the site,comes out 7/27
Posted by reaper2923

 Plz no Frank Miller story, plz no

Posted by SuperXAsh

so in summation, EVERY DC Animated Movie from now on will either be Superman, Batman, or Batman/Superman?? *sighs* 
Not that I won't watch them, but I kinda liked the idea that they were, originally, giving OTHER DCU characters some attention. Specially characters who weren't high on the "live-action movie' totem pole.
Edited by Aquamariner

Damn. Just when you think DC is FINALLY paying some attention to other DC characters  They go with Bats and Supes again. 
Dont get me wrong, I love 'em both, but this is always the problem with DC / WB... it's all Batman and superman or nobody else! 
Not looking forwart to it. Will watch it, but it would've been nice to have, I dunno, The Flash, Aquaman, Teen Titans, Anybody instead of another World's finest centric animated film,

Posted by TheGhostofGarethGraves

I think, in relation to a different article, that DC (AND Marvel) should be focusing the animated films on lesser known characters. This way, it would get people into them who would most likely not give then a second glance. Booster Gold is a prime example. His story would be amazing in live action format, but it woul dbe much more accessible in animated format, since the budget would be significantly smaller and it more than likely would get rented/bought much more than it would be seen in a theater, with people not knowing who he is/sticking their noses up at him.
Posted by RedHurricane24

Will S/B: Apocalypse be based on the Absolute Power in Superman/Batman? That would be perfect to have a DTV adaptation.

Posted by Kid_Zombie
@TheBug said:
" I really wanted Long Halloween. "
That would be sweet!
Posted by _Sojourn_

Batman has had too many movies...

Posted by KRYPTON

I like the ideal of Batman Year One.

Posted by ComicCrazy

Hmmmmm yeah I heard about this a couple a days ago.
Posted by Man of Lengend

i like these movies alot  so far. Hope its the return of super girl story arc .... where they go to fight darkseid. 
 Year one would be great too
Posted by Xion

if the next film is the supergirl arc, that be sweet! but only time will tell

Posted by bobtv

I also hope is the supergirl arc, that was the first trade i bought in my entire life, the second was dark knight returns.
i'm still sad about no green lantern ff sequel, I'm planing to buy it online soon, in my country there's nowhere you can fin DCanimated movies (or OVAs, like my friends who love anime call them), but I'm the proud owner of Batman GK, JL new frontier, crisis on two earths and superman batman PE, and future owner of a 2 disc DVD (yeah, not Blu-ray yet) of batman under the red hood.

Posted by LP

  Batman: Why can't I get my own movie?

Cause you already had like over 8. Give someone else a chance.
Posted by FoxxFireArt

I think they like having Batman interact with Superman, because their interaction is very humanizing for Superman. It gives them each someone to play off of. It's a classic good cop, bad cop ideal.
Batman Year One does sound like it could be cool.
I am curious about what Apocalypse is about. The name certainly implies something.

Posted by blueninjapanther

Awesome can't wait!!!!
Posted by speedlgt

I think is more for superman than batman.....batman is SOOOOOOOOOOO EASY to write and relate too he can movies about him forever......superman is harder writers are lazy with him and fans lazier still. but superman with batman is an easy sale!  
i thought the public enimes was fine. first off the book in general was not a masterpiece what it was was a COOL comic good story and in general had fun kick but feel. The movie did the same thing. Not really different i mean its not watchmen or anything like that so what do people expect? the movie was fine now the toy sales were a flop! they were on the target shelves for months and then clearenced out.  
superman and batman will always draw fans i would love to see more films with them together
Posted by Adam Michaels

I think DC and Warner have the animated thing down. I do believe that Marvel has stepped their game up. And with Disney now, they'll surely get better. But DC has made some real great animated films. 
BUTcan they please stop with the Supermans and Batmans? I was so happy to see Wonder Woman and Green Lantern get their features because it was different characters and stories. I'm a HUGE fan of both Supes and Bats, but I'm bored of seeing these two being in everything. I mean, they each got their own features (Batman has two), they have one together, they were inthe Justice League ones (New Frontier & COTE), and another one of the duo is next (with a 3rd Batman one rumored). Enough already!  
I want The Flash, Green Arrow, Teen Titans (or Titans or whatever), or how about another Wonder Woman and another Green Lantern one? Mix it up a little.  
If they release multiple DVDs within a small time-frame between them, I can understand making Batman and Superman animated features consistently while a feature on another character or two will be released in a few months. But they average about two features a year, and it seems that both have Batman and/or Superman in it.
Posted by Shadowdoggy

ok, I'm always super stoked to see these new DC animated films 
but is it just me, or has the writing gone a little.....down hill? 
Public Enemies was sort of cringe worthy 
the action was great, but the writing was just terrible! 
Crisis was good too, but again the writing wasn't as good as it was in the JLU series 
I'm still excited to see this, but I am no longer going to rush out and buy the newest DC DVDs day one 
I'm tired of wasting the energy AND paying those premiere day prices
Posted by MrDirector786

Well, I hope that Apocalypse will be worth watching.

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