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DC's HE-MAN: THE ETERNITY WAR Maxi-Series to Deliver an Epic Storyline

This December, it's an all-out war

DC announced today that they plan for a third Maxi-Series from the world of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. On Wednesday, Deceber 17th, DC and Mattel will launch HE-MAN: THE ETERNITY WAR. All of Eternia is at stake in this new series, including Castle Grayskull. The series will feature writer Dan Abnett, artist Pop Mahn, and covers from Stjepan Šejić.

"This is the big one! The epic! So much MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE lore and mythology sweeping together in one epic storyline! He-Man, She-Ra and their allies combine to take Eternia back from Hordak in the war to end all wars.... and there are other sinister threats lurking in the shadows,” said Dan Abnett writer of the series. “Did I say epic? I think I did. Twice. And Pop is a genius! His art is amazing. He's the sort of artist that writers long to write for! I can't properly express how excited I am about this book."

“When you are given the chance to be a part of a monumental storyline, so thunderously epic that it could only be crafted by master storyteller, Dan Abnett - you thank the heavens for your good fortune and you dig deep because this new MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE story is guaranteed to blow some socks off,” stated Pop Mahn the artist on the series. “Dan's brilliant scripts constantly push my artistic boundaries like no other and I'll be bringing this fresher, better artistic approach to the new saga. I can't wait to get in the trenches and help Dan produce something really special!”

“This is our Ragnarok, our Twilight of the Gods,” said Rob David, “the epic showdown He-Man fans have been waiting for. It’s He-Man vs. Skeletor, She-Ra vs. Hordak, Masters vs. Dark Masters – all fighting for control over Castle Grayskull. In the end, winner takes all. Who will become the Master of the Universe? Nothing will be the same after this.”

HE-MAN: THE ETERNITY WAR #1 will be available at your LCS and digitally on December 17th.

Source: DC

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Sounds cool and the covers will be amazing.. But I don't care about he mam at all.

Posted by NightFang

What happened to the Justice League\Master of the Universe crossover?

Posted by The Stegman

Oh yeah...I forgot He Man was at DC...

Edited by ALittleTooRaph

Sounds great! I can't wait! I've been very pleased with what DC has done with the He-Man series.

Posted by Caladorcp

@nightfang: they ended it. Basically all the dc heroes went home with a reaction kind of like, "that was weird...". The ending was very lackluster. :/

Posted by Perfect 10

SHE-RA! been loving her in the series, especially now that she is on her path from adora to she-ra!! and she just met swift wind!!!

Posted by Perfect 10

@nightfang: finished months ago. someone wasnt reading his books, for shame lol. definitely need to catch up on it, really fun ride if you are into the mystic stuff like i am

Posted by Juke

I like the cover but I've never read He-Man. He's a DC property?

Posted by laabitres

im about this cant wait for it to be released

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

I like the idea but will I get it , maybe.

Posted by sealife

Probably a dumb question but what is a maxi-series?

Posted by The Stegman

@sealife: Sometimes the obvious answer is the right one, lol. A maxi series is a limited series too long to be classified as a "mini series". Usually 12 issues or more.

Posted by sealife


Thought it was something along those lines, but was not sure.

Thank you.

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Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Brings back memories of my youth. Love the artwork on that cover.

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@perfect_10: I know right?! I love also the tie in with Skeletors family and King Grayskull. as well as them using Anwat Gar. LOVE THIS SERIES!

@nightfang:That story is already done. Volume 4 DC Universe vs MOTU should be out sometime within the next 2 months.

@inferiorego Spelled December wrong in the article. wanted to point that out. at the top first paragraph.

Posted by bladewolf

Sweet! Very excited for this!

Edited by StMichalofWilson

Awesome!!! Been enjoying the series so far. Can't wait for this upcoming event!

Posted by NightFang
Posted by Akindoodle

The most awesome thing is that according to his Deviantart page, one of Stjepan Sejic's childhood dreams was to draw He Man officially!

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it just makes me worried that this might be the end of the series. I just hope that this is not the end because the series has been awesome in terms of writing, and Pop Mhans art has been awesome.

Posted by eamon542000

Where do I have to start reading for this?!?! Will this be a jumping on point?

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

@nightfang: thankyou for reminding! completely forgot it existed.

Posted by RustyRoy

Looks cool


If DC doesnt like to use the name Captain Marvel, why not just take elements from the MOTU & have Adam Batson run into a Hot sorceress who gives him a magic sword that, by the power of Shazam turns him into He-Man, the world's mightiest Mortal?

They are similar characters power-wise, & TBH the main-stream public knows He-Man a heck of a lot more than the big red cheese.

Posted by Trodorne

Where do I have to start reading for this?!?! Will this be a jumping on point?

1) if you can find issue 13 on the racks anywhere right now. that is a good jumping on point. it starts the Origin of She-ra storyline which will last until issue 19 which is the final issue.

2) you can wait till December when the maxi series starts. that would be another jumping on point.

3) There are 3 books out now. Volume 1 the mini series. Vol 2 was origin stories and digital one shots, and vol 3, the first 6 issues of the ongoing. Vol 4 will more than likely be the DC crossover unless they do that as a separate book, if so than vol 4 will be issues 7-12 "What lies within" story. then vol 5 will be "Blood Of Grayskull" storyline. which is out now as issues.

Posted by Caladorcp

@cobramorph: probably because they are still using the captain marvel character? They just call him Shazam instead. Otherwise he's the same.

Posted by eamon542000
Posted by BeholdtheVison

So we get a Horde but no Great Rebellion? Darnit. They could've been bad@$$.