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DC Unveils New, Modern Logo [Updated]

The company decides to change their logo to commemorate the changes made to DC Entertainment and 'The New 52.'

You may have seen rumors of DC Comics' brand new logo. Sources had hinted that the publisher submitted the new logo but nothing was really confirmed until today. Earlier the logo was unveiled on Fast Company's website. The image of a D being pulled back (likening to a page of a comic) to reveal a C is very different than the previous logo and appears to be much cleaner and more "digital friendly."

“The peel element can tie back to the storytelling content or character we’re showcasing, and leverage those colors,“ says Desai. "The 'C’ can be a vessel to showcase stories and character. It’s unexpected, requires a little thinking and some storytelling behind that mark.”

The publisher revealed their new trademark very clean, black and white trademark logo as well as a variety of different takes on the same logo -- each commemorating a different major DC superhero. The image above depicts six of the different logos that readers may begin to see in circulation. Some characters and concepts that will be celebrated via the logo include Green Lantern, The Flash and Watchmen. The reason for the change? The company wanted to revamp their logo to coincide not only with the revamp of DC Entertainment, but to also commemorate the changes that have taken place like same day digital and the launch of "the new 52."

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This is not the first time DC has changed their logo, either. The publisher recently modernized their logo in 2005 showcasing the blue and white slanted font encircled by a single star. Business insider recently created a gallery of all of DC's logos through the years which you can check out here. What do you think of the change? Do you like DC's new logo? Do you care?


The Source posted more images of the new logo, check them out below.

Source: Fast Company

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Posted by Or35ti

I think it is waaay too corporate and makes DC look like a software publisher instead of an awesome comics publisher... Honestly I'm a little disappointed

Posted by Pauldro

The new 52 comics with logos have the numberings wrong, it says Batman 708 with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

Posted by Eyz

the new logo...

So bland....even worse now... this is why I dislike that companies (like DC in this case) nowadays prefer to use external graphic designers who will produce such sterile and unrelated logos for products..rather than having people on board, co-working with the guys creating the comics.

In this case, people working on the comics, making their own logo.

I already had the same problem with these New 52 series' logo...but now the DC logo follows the same pattern of "hi-tech design modern logo", and even worse, looks completely unrelated to the material. There's no synchronization or harmony between the books/cover art/content and and the series' logo or the DC ones...

(ps: Yes, I'm a graphic designer)

(ps2: yes, I can recognize graphic designers and myself included often work on our side of things, making things pleasant visually/design without thinking about a correlation, a link if you will among product and representation/logo)

And you know what, in the end there's only thing you can know for sure.... They'll change it again.

On the plus side: we'll get another one someday.

At the worst scenario: we'll be stuck with this for the next 29 years...

But they might change it sooner if they got some legal troubles.

You know what this logo actually looks like?....

Posted by Wolverine0628

At first, I didn't really like this logo. But now, after seeing what they can do with the colors and everything, I like it. I just have to go buy something with the new logo on it!

Posted by Xaviersx

It makes me want to buy banana's, and peel the labels off.

Posted by The Poet

I like the circular one...but I'll live...

Posted by deveir

the original is always better then the duplicate

Posted by Mahzian

@deveir said:

the original is always better then the duplicate

which original are you refering to, 1940?

Posted by Dex_Starr

Looks like ass

Posted by dr.x

Here is a thought If aint broke don't fix it .

Posted by RazzaTazz

I think its more a case of the DC mentality at the moment - trying to create a vibe which is conducive to a new reader, while pretty sure the old readers will stick around.  I would say it is mostly working too, just as long as those readers aren't reading Hawk and Dove or Men of War.  

Posted by ReVamp

@RazzaTazz said:

I think its more a case of the DC mentality at the moment - trying to create a vibe which is conducive to a new reader, while pretty sure the old readers will stick around. I would say it is mostly working too, just as long as those readers aren't reading Hawk and Dove or Men of War.

-.-. But yeah I agree.

Posted by KnightRise

I couldnt care less about the logo, like it could be two octopus soldiers humping a cactus and id still buy the books if theyre good.

Posted by sora_thekey

In honor of this new logo I drew this:

Posted by Billy Batson


nice :)

Posted by Iron_Turtle

Dis Crap.

Posted by Zeeguy91

Did I think the logo needed to be changed? Not particularly. But do I like this one? Yeah, sure, it seems pretty cool. And in the end, it doesn't really matter. As long as DC keeps producing quality stories, like they have been with Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Animal Man, Green Lantern, etc. in the New 52, I'll keep buying their comics.

Anyway, hasn't DC always made it a habit to put whatever logo they wanted on any comic. I swear I have comics from 2006 that still have the logo from the '70s and '80s, while I also have comics from that same year that have the current logo on them. They could just do the same thing that they've always done. Put this new logo on a third of the comics, put the current one on a second third, and put the old retro logo from the '70s and '80s on the last third.

Edited by Zeeguy91

@bingbangboom: Dude are you seriously just using this as an opportunity to bash DC? Jeez, I bet if you went around to the average moviegoer, the also wouldn't know that Marvel is the home of Spider-Man and the X-Men. And they wouldn't even know who the Avengers are or what company they originated from. They just think of it as another superhero movie. They don't care what company it comes from. I was the same way when I was a kid before I got into comics. I always wondered why in the cartoons I never saw Superman teaming up with the X-Men or Green Lantern and Spider-Man. I didn't know they were produced by different companies.

DC as a name is fine. And believe it or not, Marvel is not as big a name as you would like to believe. Many people I know who aren't into comics don't even know the name. I had to explain to my friend a few months ago that Spider-Man and Superman did NOT inhabit the same universe and that Spider-Man was Marvel and Superman was DC. So, why doesn't Marvel just change its name to Disney Comics? Disney is, after all, a MUCH bigger name

Posted by MrDirector786

I don't like it.

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Like the new look, can't wait to get my next comics in this new format

Posted by maemmfc


Posted by TheGoldenOne
@sora_thekey said:

In honor of this new logo I drew this:

Cute. Good job.
Posted by laabitres

dont know how to feel about this but looks ok O.o

Posted by lagoonman

it's like everything new, first hate it and then is a matter of getting used. but what really intrigues me is the number 708 on the cover of Batman.

Posted by arw1985

I think it's alright.....I guess anyway.

Posted by awesomeoclock

Correct me if I'm wrong, but then doesn't that basically read as "Detective Comics Comics?"

Edited by Digifiend

@lagoonman said:

it's like everything new, first hate it and then is a matter of getting used. but what really intrigues me is the number 708 on the cover of Batman.

That's clearly a goof, since the last pre-New 52 issue was Batman #713. If they're resetting the numbering, I think 720 would be correct,

Posted by nickthedevil

damn... am i the only one that actually likes the new logo?

Posted by Hector

I hope this change doesn't happen or at least they come up with a different design.

Posted by mattydeNero

CHANGE. It's human nature for us to get all stupid when there is a change. I love the new logo and direction for that matter. It'll look dope one the big screen, it'll look cool on the books. A lot of posts have been a hate-fest as if the logo itself was going to make Batman suck right now and that's not going to happen. I'm not huge Bats fan, but I am smart enough to know it's the best book going right now. Again, this logo isn't going to change 's'. Rob Liefeld's Hawkman may be a different story but again, I'm smart enough as a comic reader and fan to know to not touch that with a 10 foot pole. Unless I am convinced by CV. It's rather funny how the posts begin to settle down.

My point to those of you: Leave it alone. I am past the point in my life now(30) to where I would use the term "Haters" in any sentence other than one like this. But most of the time when someone doesn't like something it's because they're jealous or don't understand what's about to happen or currently unfolding. Or maybe whomever knows something that whomever doesn't. Read the books. Shut up. Enjoy yourself. This is history.

Posted by gravitypress

I think its ugly.

Posted by djbilog

Very cool concept, looks modern and it's not to flashy. However, I dont think this logo fits right for DC comics.

Posted by eliottgballade

I like it. It's contempary and subtle. Reckon the new 52! heading will be dropped when the logo changes over - probably why they launched the new 52 with the current logo.

Posted by Slaze

I agree it'd look better on a digital only release and that they should've introduced this at the start of New 52. It looks nice and modern though, I suppose it doesn't really matter anyway.

Watchmen return ftw.

Posted by SithLantern93
Posted by CODYSF

I hate the new logo why!!!!

Posted by dewboy01

Ive just finished doing my own designs, and let me tell you, there much better than these Seirra mists look a'like.

Posted by pingclang

Looks like some kind of law firms emblem. Sad.

Posted by InnerVenom123

@sora_thekey said:

In honor of this new logo I drew this:

Cute! Makes me like the logo a bit more.

Posted by slapz88

i dont like this because you cant even tell if its a D, u just see a half C. And this makes me feel like the age of print is dieing, welcome the age of digital... maybe im just not ready for that yet

Edited by Maniac2312

Will definitely take getting used to......right now it hurts to look at it....|=^6Also @BatMark_ said:

Hot diggity that's a sexy logo... But why not release it 5 months ago with the start of The New 52?

Bet it would of felt better then. I might not even of noticed...ok, probably wouldn't have now either if I didn't read this article.......

@CrimsonTempest said:


Posted by sora_thekey

@Billy Batson: Thanks!

Posted by sora_thekey

@TheGoldenOne: @InnerVenom123: Thank you! Glad you guys liked it!

Posted by N7

I think it's sexy. Reeaaaaeeeelly sexy.

In fact, I want comics just because of that logo.

Posted by CODYSF
this Logo is better then that crap.
Edited by CODYSF
All the logos here are better then that new crappy one.
Posted by fACEmelter88

Meh...i feel as though they could have come up with something better

Posted by Poontanglife

Meh... its kinda boring, but i guess its very ''modern'' looking. I often find that the modern design trend is very clinical, clean... and often rather boring.

Edited by Shotgun

Pfffft. I only like the logo for one reason...

Just kidding. The original blue one is less of an eyesore.

Theres also a Nightwing version, haha.

Posted by Broadsword

I hate this. Blah.