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DC Unveils New, Modern Logo [Updated]

The company decides to change their logo to commemorate the changes made to DC Entertainment and 'The New 52.'

You may have seen rumors of DC Comics' brand new logo. Sources had hinted that the publisher submitted the new logo but nothing was really confirmed until today. Earlier the logo was unveiled on Fast Company's website. The image of a D being pulled back (likening to a page of a comic) to reveal a C is very different than the previous logo and appears to be much cleaner and more "digital friendly."

“The peel element can tie back to the storytelling content or character we’re showcasing, and leverage those colors,“ says Desai. "The 'C’ can be a vessel to showcase stories and character. It’s unexpected, requires a little thinking and some storytelling behind that mark.”

The publisher revealed their new trademark very clean, black and white trademark logo as well as a variety of different takes on the same logo -- each commemorating a different major DC superhero. The image above depicts six of the different logos that readers may begin to see in circulation. Some characters and concepts that will be celebrated via the logo include Green Lantern, The Flash and Watchmen. The reason for the change? The company wanted to revamp their logo to coincide not only with the revamp of DC Entertainment, but to also commemorate the changes that have taken place like same day digital and the launch of "the new 52."

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This is not the first time DC has changed their logo, either. The publisher recently modernized their logo in 2005 showcasing the blue and white slanted font encircled by a single star. Business insider recently created a gallery of all of DC's logos through the years which you can check out here. What do you think of the change? Do you like DC's new logo? Do you care?


The Source posted more images of the new logo, check them out below.

Source: Fast Company

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Posted by Walley

Another change. I like it for the most part but I still miss the DC logo from 1976 to 2004. But that's just me but I knew this was no surprise when the new 52 came around that a new logo would go with the change as well.

Posted by jorgeareizaga

this new logo is the worst logo that I have seen in years!!!! it is crap, the last logo was fantastic, the new one is trash

Posted by Mahzian

I find it hilarious that people are sticking up for the previous "swoosh" logo as when that was unveiled it almost broke the internet in half with people complaining about it!

I wasn't too keen on the new logo but seeing those character influenced designs has changed my mind, they look great!

Posted by shadowtaker

i'm sorry the logo look ugly to me

Edited by GalacticPunt

@Mahzian: Yup, at the end of the day people, especially comic fans, hate ANY change. When this logo is replaced by something else in a few years, they'll defend it because they're used to it.

I do think it's silly that it wasn't rolled out with the 52 Issue #1's. It would have given the old fans a greater shock, but it looks rushed to change the logo just a few months into the relaunch.

Posted by _Zombie_

Eh, it's not that bad. I prefer the old logo, but I could get used to this one.

Posted by Spectre108

Meh. s'okay

Posted by bingbangboom

FAIL. Simply as a designer, it doesn't fit. When you have to go through and explain it so much that it is going against what people think.

The way the logo is designed, it resembles a bunch of Web 2.0 designs with the "sticker peel" because of the curve. If you look at the Discovery logo, the peel is actually at the bottom corner which is more like a page unless DC is going to start having circled pages.

They also talk about how the logo is to identify the dual identities of its characters. Here is the problem, it doesn't. It just shows one identity. Would be one thing if one side had some guy with glasses and the other didn't. I think this is just some design company that does App and website logos that is trying to over think what they are working with. The old Swoosh logo is very 90s considering it was created in 2005 but they really didn't need to do anything and draw attention.

This also should have been done with the new 52 because that would have been the peek time to do it and help with the brand. And here is the other thing... Why?

Marvel Logo: Going strong!

The thing is that DC didn't need to change it's logo... it needed to change it's name. If they did a survey I bet the "DC" brand would rank very low as far as entertainment is concerned and most wouldn't know that it is the home of Superman and Batman. I think with the new 52 and just the way they are changing everything, why not just change the name too? Warner Bros. bought the company years ago, WB has a bigger name than DC. Why not just change it to WB Comics? DC as a name doesn't even stand for anything other than "Detective Comics" which now goes by "Batman: Detective Comics"! Why not just rename the company "Batman Batman Batman", people would have been cool with that.

I really do not know what DC is doing right now but it just seems weird. I bet there is a majority of movie watchers wondering when/if Batman will be joining the upcoming Avengers movie this summer.

Posted by kamionero

I like it! lol.

I think it looks cool and modern... and considering DC has changed their beat quite a bit since the orginal, i think its good they got rid of the old starry logo.

Posted by Zuckuss_02

This logo is an abomination. Hideous looking. There was nothing wrong with the current logo with the star. I actually loved that one!

But like the rest of the new's an abomination. So glad im staying away from anything "The new 52" related. I'll stick with back issues Sept. 2011 & before that.

Posted by thecomicscove

Meh. I don't really care one way or the other. I thought the 2005 redesign was pretty sweet, why they'd want to update it--particularly to *this*--is beyond me. But in the long run, it's not their logo that's gonna sell me comics.

Posted by mynameis7

I like it a lot. I think this should have been done when the new 52 started coming out but whatever.

Posted by Primmaster64

Alrighty then...

Posted by luckydomino1


Posted by Ugbug

I like the 1976 logo better than both this one or the current 2005 one.

the grey scale version of this one is just bland and boring, some of the colour varients look ok, but it does look like a generic book publishing company logo, and not the logo of a company that specialises in superheroes and other exciting stories.

Posted by CanucksXVX

kinda looks like a half hidden coast capital logo

Posted by Whisper_
Posted by nappystr8

I don't think they need a new logo, and if they were to do it, they should have done it to coincide with the New 52 launch. Now is a really bad time to change your brand logo, when you potentially opened up to new readers who aren't on message boards to get a heads up about the change.

That being said, I think the new logo is very cool looking. It has a definite social networking, twitter/facebook design aesthetic.

Posted by SkybornLord

It kinda sucks. A lot. It's really horrible. I think so. Why change the logo after so long? If it's not broke, DON'T BREAK IT!

Posted by blur99

@The Stegman said:

yeah...i still don't like it....maybe for digital media...but i think they should keep the current one on paper comics

This logo is great. They should keep it.

Posted by JJonahJameson

They're crap.

Crap, crap, megacrap.

I'll give you three hundred bucks for all of 'em.

Posted by Dernman

That's the ugliest logo I have seen. It's doesn't seem new. It actually seems old and I don't think comics when I see it.

Why do they have the old Superman in on of the pics

Posted by Leoblaze24

I do not like the new logo because it shows no class of any of the other logos. I think it is a poor choice and I think they show could continue with the one before it.

Posted by Queen's Halo

Still looks like a sticker-making company's logo to me.

Posted by obscurefan

Yes, make the DC logo more extreme and hip... because that's been working great for... uh oh.

Posted by PowerHerc


Posted by monitor_earthprime

it really dosn't even look like DC logo. I will not be using it in anything.

Posted by CaptainCockblock

It's not that it's bad, it's just that it's not... good.

As much as I'll miss the old logo (which at least had a resemblance to ones from the past), this new one at least looks somewhat decent on print. Sort of an old-school thing. At least that's the look I'm getting from the Wonder Woman cover with it. Still, it doesn't strike me as a comic book company logo. More of a logo I'd see on a laptop.

Posted by mattydeNero

I'm a fan.

Posted by Silkcuts
@PowerHerc said:


agreed. It is ugly.
Posted by msavo

I think it looks like shit.

Posted by Grim

...this might actually make it easier to let go...

Posted by CrimsonTempest
@_Whisper_ said:
Greg fuckin' Capullo for the win!
Posted by Chane


Posted by Mahzian

I like it, better than the "swoosh" design which looks like a random 90's sports team or presidential campaign logo, really don't see why so many people have their panties in such a twist saying stuff like they will quit DC books if they don't change it lol, the internet is such a crazy place

Posted by Dernman

It seems "soulless" to me. It's empty. The old logos when you looked at it you got a feeling of and for DC that you can associate with the logo.

This new one you get nothing off of it.

Posted by Herx

Not a fan. Looks more like the icon for a graphic designe program than a comic publishers logo.

Posted by imaginaryman

why change something so iconic???

the old logo was so easy to use in a lot of different medias and it being 2d gives off the feeling that DC has been around for a long time and It was just perfect

in a nutshell the new one sucks

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Stupid! I likes the last logo.

Posted by Utandi

I dont't like it. It's to digital. I don't like digital.

Posted by Dernman

@Herx said:

Not a fan. Looks more like the icon for a graphic designe program than a comic publishers logo.

Ya I did think of some random computer icon when I saw it.

Posted by muhabba

I'm not seeing much of a "D". But other than that I like it.

Posted by TheGoldenOne
Not a fan.
Posted by Billy Batson


no swearing on CV.


Posted by Dernman

If you didn't tell me the new logo was for DC I wouldn't even know.

I thought these marketing people were smart. Why did they pay big bucks for this crap.

Posted by Mr_Wayne69

HIlarious how everyone says "NO, NO, NO" when people did the same thing towards the logo before this one. People kept saying it reminded them of appliances.

Posted by Dernman

@Mr_Wayne69: I didn't mind the change before. It's certainly a lot better then this.

Posted by DarkShadows

I don't hate it nor do I like it, I'll miss the old logo.

Posted by greencrapweasel

i like it, but i don't prefer it..... defiantly don't prefer it

Posted by GundamHeavyarms

I like the concept, but I admit the execution was a little off. Ah well, its just a logo.