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DC Unveils New, Modern Logo [Updated]

The company decides to change their logo to commemorate the changes made to DC Entertainment and 'The New 52.'

You may have seen rumors of DC Comics' brand new logo. Sources had hinted that the publisher submitted the new logo but nothing was really confirmed until today. Earlier the logo was unveiled on Fast Company's website. The image of a D being pulled back (likening to a page of a comic) to reveal a C is very different than the previous logo and appears to be much cleaner and more "digital friendly."

“The peel element can tie back to the storytelling content or character we’re showcasing, and leverage those colors,“ says Desai. "The 'C’ can be a vessel to showcase stories and character. It’s unexpected, requires a little thinking and some storytelling behind that mark.”

The publisher revealed their new trademark very clean, black and white trademark logo as well as a variety of different takes on the same logo -- each commemorating a different major DC superhero. The image above depicts six of the different logos that readers may begin to see in circulation. Some characters and concepts that will be celebrated via the logo include Green Lantern, The Flash and Watchmen. The reason for the change? The company wanted to revamp their logo to coincide not only with the revamp of DC Entertainment, but to also commemorate the changes that have taken place like same day digital and the launch of "the new 52."

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This is not the first time DC has changed their logo, either. The publisher recently modernized their logo in 2005 showcasing the blue and white slanted font encircled by a single star. Business insider recently created a gallery of all of DC's logos through the years which you can check out here. What do you think of the change? Do you like DC's new logo? Do you care?


The Source posted more images of the new logo, check them out below.

Source: Fast Company

Edited by revbucky

It doesn't communicate that well. It might look cool with the illustrations beneath it, but as a stand alone logo it leaves much to be desired.

Posted by Billy Batson

@walkingcarpet said:

It's interesting. Definitely a pretty dig change, but I think I dig it. It would be been cool if they had updated the Vertigo logo as well.

Also, did anyone else notice the numbering on that Batman issue they have in one of the illustrations?

No! The Vertigo logo is a classic!

Posted by feargalr

@CrimsonTempest: If this was a social network, I would click the thing acknowledging my appreciation for that picture

I can't say Im crazy about it. I think the old/current logo is really strong, I really don't see a need to change it, but I'm sure they have a reason other than someone saying lets switch it up.. , although maybe September was the proper time to do this

Posted by papo

when is this happening so I can start collecting marvel comics hahah just kidding. I guess Ill have to get use to it

Posted by Maki_P

I find it kinda boring. It does look better with colors and textures

Posted by kennybaese

@Billy Batson: So's the DC logo, at least in theory. I just would have liked a little more cohesion between the two brands.

Posted by KidSupreme

I agree it`s not working for me. It does not seem to be working for a lot of people maybe we just hate change LoL.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I wish they stuck with the old logo but I think it looks better with all the different colors. I am glad there is a different color for each hero or villain. That way the logo does not get bland. So, I think I will get use to this new logo.

Posted by azza04

I have a feeling it will grow on me.

Posted by Ganthetsward20

Some versions of it are cool but others just suck, I am fine with the idea of changing it. New things are great, but i wish they did some sort of voting process as fans and let that factor into it. It might grow on me over time, or it might not. I'm really unsure of it.

Posted by KidSupreme

@Daveyo520 said:

Not a fan.

I agree but they go through these changes every few years .. as you can tell.

Different DC logos throughout the years
Posted by Daveyo520

@KidSupreme: I like the one from 1976 best.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

I have no problem with this.

Posted by TheBestEver

This is the ugliest logo ever. Why fix what's not broken? These new logos look more suited to Adobe Photoshop or Windows. Ugh......

Posted by KidSupreme

@Daveyo520: I agree, but maybe that's cause I was born in the 80`s and grew up seeing the logo the longest out of all of them... I consider that the classic logo (1976).

DC did not do any logo changes from 1949 till 1970, 21 years with no logo change (wow) and then another gap of 29 years (1976 - 2005). (Yup really pointless but I think its cool)

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

@Icarusflies said:

That actually looks pretty cool! Not a huge fan of the black licorice looking one, but the others are very nice.

Edited by UchihaMatt

I wish this change was made at the beginning of the New 52. As there was nothing wrong with the old logo, this one was made purely to mark a change. Though it doesn't make much sense a few issues in. This could have been done much more seamlessly.

Also, I kinda wish there was a chuck cut out of the peel, so when laid flat, you'd see just the letter 'D'. I'm guessing they tried that and it looked worse.

I guess it looks OK, just wish they started using it sooner, so the significance was felt more.

Posted by lemontron

Looks great!

Posted by redhood21

the 76' logo is best.

Posted by SpidermanWins

That looks really cool actually but it won't sell t-shirts and baseball caps

Posted by RoninLoganX

Hate it. It just doesn't say DC Comics to me. Looks like something that would be more appropriate for a technologies company or a political campaign. The old DC logo was perfect, why'd they have to change it?

Posted by kartron

as much as i hated it when the news came out, somehow I am liking it with the colors added and designs being used!!! Im loving it!!

Posted by Kurrent


Posted by sora_thekey

Stand alone... I don't like it. On that trade it looks good!

Posted by Jordanstine

Someone mentioned that DC's new logo is very similar to the logo held by the Discover Channel:

Otherwise... LOL:

Posted by darthpat

Anybody happen to notice the issue numbers in the last picture? Batman 708? It also looks like Superman is in the 700 range. What's up with that?

Posted by The_Tree

I still think it looks terrible.

Posted by bobtv

BATMAN 708 in may... WAIT, WHAT!? (like no one saw it coming eventually... please :/ )

Posted by cmaprice

I like the idea in the first image of there being a design that has an element that changes with the story (LOVE the Watchmen one), but the design itself is kind of ugly.

Posted by BlueArrow

yeah i actually enjoy this logo, i like the page turning effect and being DC started with comics it's a good nod to its roots. Also, unlike the older logo it could be easier to mess with this logo to fit the book its on such as the green lanturn and watchman logo, something you couldn't do with the older one. also for movies they could make it animated with the full page turn that could be pretty cool.

Posted by soap on a rope

I hate it. The current one is better.

Posted by Superguy0009e

better than the original logo, but i am still a fan of the original

saying that, dont mind the change

Posted by Johnnyjavavee

looks like a crappy electronics recycling logo.

Posted by Owie

The monochromatic ones are the only ones that aren't too busy. Logos should be simple for scaling purposes.

Posted by zackattack529

i dont like it but im not really in this for the logo. so whatever DC wants theyll still get my money...its whats IN the comic thats got me.

Posted by BigPromise


Posted by BatWatch

It bugged me at first, but I was used to it by the end of the article. I don't like it without colors, but I dig it with varied color schemes.

Posted by spiderman20991992

i think the other one was way better...

Edited by krazyman27

It looks too corporate and not at all what a comic book logo should be. It also kind of looks like something that might be on a bottle of men's body wash.

What's with the "708" on the Batman cover? Issue # 713 came out the month before the New 52 started.

Posted by Project_Worm

It looks cool on the books but not so much by itself.

Posted by The Impersonator

@The Stegman said:

yeah...i still don't like it....maybe for digital media...but i think they should keep the current one on paper comics

Posted by Gordo789

much better in color. Still not as good as the last two logos.

Posted by Bestostero

it's not too bad...not great, but not bad...

Posted by talina

I don't really like it. I'm not against the changes but I think there are some things that you shouldn't change. This new one is so.. I don't know.. just doesn't feel right on comic books.

Posted by SeraPHIMM

As much as I like the current logo, this one doesn't look as bad as some people make it out to be. Simple is good, it'll definitely grow on me.

Posted by BruceW

WTF! It looks like the logo for a new Apple Product, That logo doesn't make me think, "Oh Valiant Heroes, Risking their lives to save the innocent" but instead makes me wonder which operating system I'll need to run it on. Dc's Past logo's symbolized heroism, I loved them keeping up the star motif, It was cool, and I actually grew accustom to the Current/Previous logo, This-This is a mockery to the 75 Years of Heroism, and Bravery, the newest Macbook -_-

Posted by ThePilot

One semi-word: Meh

Posted by Kallarkz

you know what needs a new logo? Weed. Not a user but that old one is too hip. Lets class it up.

Edited by DMC

I wasn't all that great at graphic design, I hated doing corporate identities. But I have to believe that even I could come up with something better than this.

I'm sorry but....dear god this new logo is AWFUL, I CANT STAND IT! And that plane, black type for "DC Comics" just makes it even worse!

This logo does not say or suggest comics or entertainment in any way shape or form, then again neither does Marvel but at least they kept it simple...very simple. This feels like a logo for a trendy and hip new website or an actual book publisher (like Scholastic), or a printing company or some boring fortune 500 company that nobody cares about.

And just seeing that logo on the comic looks sooooo wrong, it gives me the feeling that that the publishers the comics are a bunch of corporate big wigs, like the old DC was bought out by them.

It doesn't work with the product at all, IT'S AN EYESORE.

Posted by GuruOfFunk

The current one is SOOO much better than this new one. Not a fan.