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DC Unveils Latest BEFORE WATCHMEN Covers

Get a first look at the covers to the second issues of the upcoming titles.

The month of June is just around the corner, and with it will come the release of the BEFORE WATCHMEN, a new collection of titles from DC Comics centered around the WATCHMEN characters first created by Alan Moore. In order to do the original series justice, DC has gotten some of the biggest names in the industry together to tell the stories of characters like The Comedian, Silk Spectre, Ozymadias and more.

Earlier today DC unveiled the some of the covers to the second issues their BEFORE WATCHMEN books. We got a look at some of the fantastic art by Amanda Conner on BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE, Darwyn Cooke on BEFORE WATCHMEN: MINUTEMEN and J.G. Jones on BEFORE WATCHMEN: THE COMEDIAN.

Creators of these new books spoke to outlets IGN, Rolling Stone and i09 about these new series, something we will probably hear a lot more about at C2E2 in Chicago this coming weekend. For now, though, check out the covers to these titles below and let us know what you think of DC's decision to bring back the WATCHMEN characters. Do you think it is a good idea? Which cover is your favorite?

Source: DC

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Posted by dementedtheclown


Posted by deadpool25mm


Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

29th oh wait I'm early.

Posted by cattlebattle

I still can't believe they're writing a "prequel" to the Watchmen......
 It's like writing a sequel to Pride and Prejudice or something

Posted by sesquipedalophobe

@cattlebattle: Which wouldn't be a bad idea. The characters were much more interesting before marriage.

Posted by Joe Venom

♥Amanda Conner....oh how I have missed your artwork ♥

Posted by cattlebattle
@sesquipedalophobe said:

@cattlebattle: Which wouldn't be a bad idea. The characters were much more interesting before marriage.

Posted by moywar700

milk dat cow

Posted by The Impersonator

A watchful event. =P

Posted by CaptainCockblock

Every fiber of my being tells me to be cynical, but it's hard when I see the talent they're bringing in on this.

Posted by Mandrewgora

Darwyn Cooke is in my top 3 favorite artists.

Posted by Suprman

Darwyn Cooke is good at drawing and writing period pieces so I think him working on the Minutemen could be good.

Posted by ReVamp

@cattlebattle said:

I still can't believe they're writing a "prequel" to the Watchmen...... It's like writing a sequel to Pride and Prejudice or something

You know Cattle is right, because he's yet to be wrong...

Posted by Mercy_

@Joe Venom said:

♥Amanda Conner....oh how I have missed your artwork ♥

Seriouslyyyyy. Those covers are works of art.

Posted by ReVamp


Posted by AlKusanagi

I love that last Silk Spectre cover! The other one, not so much...

Posted by Rise2Ragnarok

I love the cover for silk spectre 2

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

See, see art like this just conflicts me further. Part of me just still believes that Watchmen should be left alone for what it is, but then I see amazing artwork and am reminded of who the writing and artistic teams are and then I want them so bad. Sadly I will have to just wait for these as trades though because I just don't think funds will be forthcoming in large amounts for the summer. But I will try to hold out for single issues...I'll try.

Posted by Theodore

Ehhhh still wary but I'll check em out

Posted by BlackArmor

I suppose it should have been obvious, but when I found ut all of these are 3.99 I thought my wallet started bleeding, turns out a red pen just broke in my pocket but still........

Posted by Kal'smahboi

I'm far more interested in the Minutemen than any of the others.

Posted by EpicMeltDown

Pretty covers or not, I won't be there for this. There's plenty of great art work on comics that aren't muddying the figurative waters of a classic for future generations.

Posted by fables87

Glad they picked out good artist for the prequel...but still not to sure about the entire idea.

Posted by mickoreo_LZ

That Rorschach cover is way too deadly. Still can't believe they're writing a prequel though. Seems like a money grab

Posted by bladewolf

I LOVE that Comedian cover: the blood forming the shape of Vietnam is an awesome touch.

Posted by tis_blackwater

i really don't see this as a bad idea certainly it's not the greatest idea and doesn't really make that much sense i can already expect Alan Moore is against that, but they could actually turn this around personally i'm really looking forward to the Rorschach comic the cover looks amazing.  

Posted by Luthorcrow

@cattlebattle said:

I still can't believe they're writing a "prequel" to the Watchmen...... It's like writing a sequel to Pride and Prejudice or something

Clearly it is dirty business. On the other hand, I do love the art o these covers even if the idea of exhuming Alan Moore's work and then gang banging the corpse is unsavory. As for which one's I like the best, definitely the two golden age style covers.

Posted by blur1528

Say what you will, but I do want those Azzarello ones...

Edited by PrimeDirective

Dat Rorschach cover... Notice the "Rorschach" on the mask has a "Rorchach" on his mask... Effin genius and detailed to boot!

Posted by sinestro_GL

If we're talking SOLELY about the covers, the first and second ones are BRILLIANT> The third one freaks the sh*t out of me

Posted by Angol

I must read the comedian and the cannot tone him down for this one, i wanna see war crimes man

Posted by MetallicMercury

Well, she has the most defined cheekbones I have ever seen.

Posted by Sammo21

I think I am more excited for the Darwynn Cooke stuff than anything.

Posted by Mr_riddler

Poor Alan Moore.

Posted by Billy Batson

Dat comedian.

Posted by TDK_1997

I love the covers but I don't get it what they have to do a prequel to Watchmen.

Posted by KidSupreme

@The Impersonator said:

A watchful event. =P


Love the second Silk Spectre cover and the Rorshach cover.

Posted by bloggerboy

Cool covers! Hopefully the stories within will be good too.

Posted by Blood1991

Oh god I feel like their about to destroy the greatest graphic novel of all time...