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DC Unveils BATMAN, INC. #1 Cover Art

Batman channels his inner James Bond in the upcoming BATMAN, INC. cover.

Artist Chris Burnham and writer Grant Morrison will be returning to BATMAN: INCORPORATED very soon, something that DC Comics reminded readers of earlier today on their blog. This May, Morrison will resume the story of Batman and his multi-national crime-fighting organization starting with the launch of the series' first issue.

The cover to BATMAN: INCORPORATED #1 was revealed today, and who better to grace the cover of the continuation of the popular series than Batman and his son, Robin? Check out the image by Burnham above. What do you think of Batman, INC.? Are you looking forward to seeing the series resume? Are you excited about "Leviathan"?

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Posted by the_gouge

cool beans

Posted by cosmo111687

Dead Shot, maybe?

Posted by deadpool25mm

Is this story from before the new 52 and continuing, or If i only started reading DC from the new 52 i can start this?

Posted by GamerGeek360

I'm excited for this and I'm happy to see it become an ongoing and not just a mini that Morrison does for 8 issues and then is done forever. Although, he may still only work on it for 8 issues. I'm fine with the idea of new creative teams taking this concept on down the line.

Posted by pspin

The name is Man, Batman.

Posted by The Impersonator

@the_gouge said:

cool beans

Posted by TheGoldenOne
Posted by zombietag

please no

Posted by ReVamp


Posted by sweetesttoaster

I hope this is accessible to new readers. I didn't read any of this before the reboot. I have no idea what the hell a Leviathan is...

Edited by Omega Ray Jay

Not a bad cover, still not a fan of the idea though even if it did give us Batwing.

Posted by HotSauceCommittee

Finally another Batman title =D

Posted by The_Tree


Posted by BlackArmor

Meh cover is Meh

Posted by maikkywin

Not to flak on the art .

But if the cover art is anything like the in-art, its not that good IMO .

Posted by 1fearless1

Looks like Bats is crapping more titles.

It sad that DC just keep on cashing off of Bats. I'm getting tired of it.

Posted by TheNameIsWayne

 i love the stories, but the art is horrible. Imagine how batman inc would have looked if it was done by Jim Lee or artists from the Return of Bruce Wayne. Chris B suckss.

Posted by RedOwl_1

Looks cool I'm exited for this, Leviathan Strikes was great so I can't wait see how it ends

@1fearless1 said:

Looks like Bats is crapping more titles.

It sad that DC just keep on cashing off of Bats. I'm getting tired of it.

Wow I didn't knew it's possible get tired of Batman o_0

Edited by ThePRez

Im just tired of batman. Its the same thing when wolverine and deadpool, mostly DP, had a lot of books. I do like him but no more batbooks please

Posted by mbembet

i'm truly glad Barman has so many books he is truly the KING of DC comics

Posted by Emperormeister734

nice oobats

Posted by entropy_aegis

FINALLY,we continue on with the most original bat story in years.

Posted by longbowhunter

Chris Burnham's art makes me happy.

Posted by kennybaese

Yay Morrison Batman.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I'm definitely looking forward to this and see this through, to Grant Morrison's epic conclusion to his 6-7 year run on the Caped Crusader. Go Batman, Inc! Yes, like the song implies "Whoa I'm a believer!"

Posted by cincyducksfan35

I think Damians Robin boots are hilariously awesome everytime I see them. If there ever is a movie Robin again, Damians costume should be the template

Posted by wowylied


It is from before the new 52.

Posted by NightFang

@cosmo111687 said:

Dead Shot, maybe?

Could be him.

Posted by IronHerc


why complain of something that was supposed to happen anyways? Season 2 of batman inc was scheduled even before the re-launch. Sure there are lots of bat boots but it's not morrison's fault of wanting to finish his 6-7 year run properly. Plus it won't last long anyways.

Posted by lusilly


Posted by Sammo21

I seem to be in the minority, but I hate Batman Inc and the idea behind it. Just give me actual Batman in Gotham with Scott Snyder in charge of all things Batman.

Posted by LordRequiem

Robin's eyes look too low on his face, and he's fly kicking thin air. At least the league of assassins taught him well then.

Posted by BKole

This is actually the only Batman title I like because it gives us something a bit...lighter than the other Bat titles, and actually, the more I see of Chris Burnham's work, the more I love it. He's like Geoff Darrow by way of Frank Quietly, and I certainly approve of that mixture.

Posted by Mumbles

nice cover.

Posted by Azrael66

Cover's kinda ugly.