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DC Universe Halloween Special '09 REVIEWED

G-Man checks to see if this is a trick or a treat.

I have to say that I'm not a fan of the 'holiday' themed comic books.  While they're usually over sized and have a bunch of different creators working on them, they never really have any staying power.  The reality of it is, after you read it, you'll probably never go back to it.  There usually aren't any major ramifications in the stories but then again, that's not really the point here.  Despite my reluctance to read these 'specials,' I decided to read this and see if I'd change my mind.

In terms of the 'special' issues, this one wasn't bad.  I could even say it was better than I thought it'd be.  There were some pretty good and fun stories.  Others were just okay.  The nice thing about these issues is we get to see a wide variety of creators working with the different characters.  The main focus is these are meant to be fun.  With the way people are concerned with the cost of comics, I have to ask who (besides me) is buying these?  
How often can you open the comic these days and see a Bizarro story?  Adam Schlagman and Mark Bagley actually made me start liking Guy Gardner a tiny bit.  Also thanks to this issue, I got blown away by Scott Clark's art on the Wonder Woman story.
If you dig these kind of stories or really like Halloween, you'll enjoy reading these stories.  It is a pretty fun comic but nothing you'll majorly miss out on if take a pass on it.
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Posted by reaper2923

What are you going to be for Halloween G-Man?

Posted by TheOmegaMan

I picked it up but haven't read it just yet. I like the halloween ones, and am thinking about the Marvel Holiday Spectacular one coming out tomorrow. (But 10 bucks?!)  The DC one they did last year was really cool and I hope when I read this, it is as well. The holiday ones are really the only super hero comics I read, for the most part.
Posted by Tyler Starke

I actually kinda liked this issue and I've never collected a holiday special before this one, I love how the bat symbol is still on the wall in your basement

Posted by TheBug

That wasn't Fire, that was an incredibly out of character Ice.
Posted by Portrait

I liked the Flash story(s).

Posted by G-Man
@reaper2923: A scarecrow:

@Tyler Starke: Since Bruce is trapped in the past, it's been there for years and years...
@TheBug: Aaaaah!  Totally what I meant.  Fire...Ice...D'oh!
Edited by TheBug
Its all good. She acted more like Fire anyway.
Posted by reaper2923
Hahah sweet did u have it made or ordered it?
Edited by Media_Master

Kinda wish I could just get the Bizarro and Wonder woman stories.

Posted by Tyler Starke
@G-Man: Crazy costume man, the jeans and polished boots make it ten times scarier lol, But on a serious note do you think captain america could help speed up bruces return to the present?
Posted by Xion

I personally liek last years X-mas special, i ll see if i get a chance to pick this one up

Posted by Moomin123

This comic looks good, Halloween is my favourite holiday, just because it's all about evil stuff. 
I'm gonna check out this comic when I get the chance, I haven't read a Bizarro story in a while and the one in here looks funny and cool.
Posted by Bobby X

I love Guy Gardner...
Posted by Vortex13

I read this and thought it was ok. I also got the 'House of Mystery' Halloween annual and that was great.

Edited by Mbecks14

ehhhh i really am always disappointed with halloween specials. the arts usually crap
i really liked the Robin story.  But the Superman/Flash story was the best!
i wish they could put some effort into this title. especially if its gonna be $6

Posted by Amazing Weird

I might want to pick this up...

Posted by G-Man
@reaper2923: Not gonna lie, I bought it off the rack.  My daughter thought it was cool.
Posted by reaper2923
@G-Man: Well it's all about making the boss happy isn't it?
Posted by TheOmegaMan

Two things I learned from this video as I watch it again, GMan wants Bizarro Superman to mow his lawn. And There is a bat logo on the wall behind GMan!