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DC Nation Is Coming To Cartoon Network, Along With New Shows

Plus... Daffy Duck gets a girlfriend!

      The bullet's coming atchya!

Many, many, many exciting things were announced in a new press release from Cartoon Network, but the tidbit most relevant to you discriminating Comic Vine maniacs concerns DC NATION. Warner Bros, CN and DC Entertainment are banding together like a corporate Justice League to put out a solid block of programming on the channel that’ll showcase behind-the-scenes features and exclusive on-line content in addition to an exclusive selection of shows like GREEN LANTERN and YOUNG JUSTICE. Reading between the lines, it sounds like we might have some spots promoting current comics as well creator interviews.  

It doesn’t say that explicitly, of course, but you'd expect that's what such company synergy would lead to, right? I figured it'd be an integrated update of the MARVEL ACTION HOUR of the 90s. == TEASER ==

 Dssssshperado... you've gotta let somebody love you, let somebody love you...

There are a bunch of new shows coming down the pipe, with two transformed-and-continued brands in the new HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and THUNDERCATS series as well as new iterations of BEN 10 and LOONEY TOONS. Out of all the mass of information in the press release, I’m maybe most intrigued by the note that Daffy Duck’s getting a girlfriend in that last show. Will feminine affection finally get him to mellow out after eighty odd years of tightly-wound daffiness? 

Oh yeah... and CLONE WARS has been renewed for another season. Big surprise.  

These are the titles of the new series, as well... 


You can find out all about them and the climb to top of the mountain of information here

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Edited by pikahyper

You forgot the E in Looney Tunes :P
awesome news though, I hadn't heard about a How to Train Your Dragon cartoon, I hope it is good. The titles for the other cartoons sound like they were made for the very young though :(

Posted by Nasher

Certainly is interesting .. Now if only they would do some programming crossovers.

Posted by Outside_85

Interesting...wish i had the channel... 
Btw isnt Looney Tunes the WB equal to Disneys Merry Melodies and Silly Symphonies?

Posted by Comiclove5

Cool I love me some tunes.

Posted by GraphicCasualFreak


Posted by Primmaster64

DC would you PLEASE give us a new Superman cartoon?

Posted by Eyz
@Outside_85 said:

" Interesting...wish i had the channel...  Btw isnt Looney Tunes the WB equal to Disneys Merry Melodies and Silly Symphonies? "

The Merry Melodies were the Looney Tunes' original name, ya know! :P
And both came out around the 30s ('29 for Disney), so..yeah... they've always been direct competitors.
Posted by HarlequinKiss


Posted by NightFang
@Primmaster64 said:
" DC would you PLEASE give us a new Superman cartoon? "
             F**k that, give us a Wonder Woman or Flash cartoon!
Posted by danhimself

it seems like Clone Wars should be ending soon...they only have a certain amount of time to work with....I'd like to see a show focusing on the time between episodes 3 and 4 or maybe a show that happens after episode 6

Posted by Primmaster64
@NightFang: HELLL NO!!!!! Superman, WW and Flash cartoon!
Posted by NightFang
@Primmaster64 said:
" HELLL NO!!!!! Superman, WW and Flash cartoon! "
             Hell yeah, I could live with that!
Posted by joshmightbe
@NightFang: How about a Lobo cartoon for adultswim?
Posted by weaponmaster

New Justice League Cartoon please.
Posted by mysticflame

Th i s sounds great, new Looney Tunes , Green Lantern gets his own cartoon, a new total drama, and redakai sounds okay too 

Posted by StarKiller809
I agree. I would love to have a new Justice League cartoon.
Edited by NightFang
@joshmightbe said:

"How about a Lobo cartoon for adultswim? "

             Only if the creators of Metaloclypse do it.
Posted by Dracade102
@Primmaster64 said:
" DC would you PLEASE give us a new Superman cartoon? "
Posted by Wattup

I think Blue Beetle needs a cartoon (Jaime Reyes version).

Posted by CrimsonAvenger

YAY, half those shows sound like they are going to suck! Why can't we get a Wonder Woman cartoon instead of a live-action show?

Posted by webling

Sweet! A DC channel and a Green Lantern cartoon, that is awesome news. Also good to know that Ben 10 will keep going, even if it's not as good as the original. I wonder if they'll ever work their way up to Ben 10,000?

Posted by DarkShadows

Sounds interesting, ecstatic about the Green Lantern Series. But I really want to see a new (in the future) Superman cartoon, a new Justice League cartoon, and maybe a remade for the Teen Titans series (can't really do that now because of Young Justice.)

Posted by NightFang
@Wattup said:
" I think Blue Beetle needs a cartoon (Jaime Reyes version). "
That could only work with cameos from Booster Gold and flashbacks of Ted Kord.
Posted by Gambit1024

I'd like a Justice League cartoon that runs parallel to the Young Justice cartoon. That league is badass.  
And Looney Toons are back????!!1! YES!!!

Posted by marvelunivers_deleteme

dang marvel/disney your slacking off

Posted by joshmightbe
@joshmightbe: That'd be perfect, hell they could do a Lobo/Ambush Bug power hour
Posted by cattlebattle

@joshmightbe said:

" @joshmightbe: That'd be perfect, hell they could do a Lobo/Ambush Bug power hour "


I'd so f'n watch that
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

we got some good stuff here

Posted by TWrite

Do we really need a new justice league cartoon? I feel like the old one managed to cover everything.

Posted by Burnstar1230

It probably wouldn't be the same with McDuffie around anyway, but I would like a new Static Shock series.

Edited by jordama

Even daffy has a girlfriend :/
Posted by Wattup

How about a Secret Six cartoon...on ADULT SWIM!!!

Posted by Video_Martian

Flash Cartoon Please!!! =D

Posted by Primmaster64

How about a new DCAU that's thesame universe YJ takes place?

Posted by TVN

I hate the Stars War, so that does nothing for me.

But the rest, with Ben 10: UA, YJ, GL and the new Thundercats, I'm happy.

The say we get a show revolving around *gasp* a female from DC would make me happy even more.

Posted by PowerHerc

Very cool.
Posted by Noctis

Give us a Wonder Woman show!!!

Posted by TDK_1997

Cool.I want a new Justice League animated series

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows
@Outside_85:  Actually "Merry Melodies" was WB.  After the success of Looney Tunes, they created the sister series Merry Melodies.  In fact many of the big characters we started in the Merry Melodies series.  Eventually they both just got joined under the Looney Tunes title.
anyway, about the CN lineup, nothing in there really excites me (in fact just the names of the series sounds like a step back to me)
However, the part with DC getting some airtime sounds good to me. Plus the success of Young Justice right now, hopefully we'll get more DC series down the line.  Maybe a Doom Patrol show, or some other obscure characters.
I'm excited for some new Looney Tunes. If it's anywhere near as good as the Duck Dodgers series then it should be worth it.  Not sure what I think about Daffy having a girl friend tho.  As long as he a comically neglectful boyfriend who is still more in love with himself than anything else.
Posted by Eyz
@Wattup said:
" How about a Secret Six cartoon...on ADULT SWIM!!! "
With the guys behind Venture Bros. on it?
Posted by ntb1124

If it is as good as Marvel did with Avengers this past few months I will be very happy.

Posted by Gambit1024

I'd watch a show about the Rogues on adult swim. Just sayin =P

Posted by arrowfan237

Young Justice is a great show.
Posted by sora_thekey
@HarlequinKiss said:

Posted by joshmightbe

Maybe they could put some vertigo shows on adultswim like a hellblazer show

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

I want more Ben 10!!!!!
Posted by termiteone4ever

Good stuff
Posted by CraigWayne
Amen brotha to that
Posted by #1ElderScrollsFan

Sounds great.

Posted by twisted17
@Wattup, so does Booster Gold. He should get a series based on his direction in the new book after 52. Would be a laugh riot! I can see it now:
"The Greatest Superhero you've NEVER heard of!"
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