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DC Makes 'New 52' Announcement: Andy Kubert to Draw Action Comics

Wait until you hear who he'll be drawing in the issues.

Of course he'll look a little younger than this.

There's a pretty good chance we'll be hearing some big announcements for DC's 'The New 52' as New York Comic-Con is almost upon us. Today, DC has made one concerning Andy Kubert and Action Comics. We've been left wondering what's next for Andy after the five-issue Flashpoint miniseries that essentially kicked off 'The New 52.' Now we know, at least the next couple issues.

DC's The Source revealed that Kubert will be working on issues #5 & 6 of Grant Morrison's 'Action Comics.'

Kubert said the following:

When Editor Matt Idelson asked if I would be interested and/or able to fit into my schedule two upcoming issues of Action Comics with Grant, I couldn’t say no.

Who will he be drawing in those issues? The solicits for those issues haven't been released yet but word is the issues will guest star the Legion of Super-Heroes as well as Krypto. We'll have to wait and see. Rags Morales will return with issue #7.

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Posted by batflasharrow96


Posted by EnSabahNurX

That's cool wish action comics would stop selling out so i could have actually bought issue one and two BUT I shall find them at comic con this weekend lol

Posted by Decept-O

Indeed great news.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Still weird hearing about all these replacements, fill-in writers, and artists so early in the 52's existence, but hell if I'd ever complain about Andy Kubert getting to draw more. Feel like his pencils would be great for the series.

Posted by mikeclark1982

this is worth the art almost as much as it is for the writing! SOLD!

Posted by CrimsonTempest

Well, DC has my money by then. I'm in.

Posted by kennybaese

So he's drawing issues 5 and 6 then? Hopefully the part of the arc Morales is doing with Morrison will come to a bit of a conclusion before they switch artists.

Posted by cosmo111687

:'( I love Morales' work for Action Comics. Hope it's only temporary...

Posted by VanAce

I am already reading Action Comics so this is just a little treat.

Posted by moviegeek17

@VanAce said:

I am already reading Action Comics so this is just a little treat.

couldn't have said it better myself

Posted by shawn87

I like Andy Kubert but what's the point of having him replace Rags Morales for two issues only to have Morales return after that?

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Andy Kubert will be drawing 2 issues of Action Comics? Whoa! Awesome! 
Story will gust-star Krypto and Legion of Super-Heroes. 

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Posted by GalacticPunt

If fantastic artists like Morales and Kubert can alternate, I'm all for it. Hopefully Action can have at least 28 pages of story per month this way.

The 8 page "commentary track" in issue two ended being enjoyable, but I don't want there to be regular cop-outs. There is supposed to be extra pages of comic to justify the extra dollar in price.

Posted by Or35ti

I'm excited :)

Posted by zackattack529

@cosmo111687: they made it clear it was only two issues

Posted by Phaedrusgr

I'm excited he will be drawing Krypto...;p

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Posted by Osiris1428

I like it a little, but I like his brother better. My least favorite thing he keeps doing is drawing faces looking up from their brow. It's just not proportionate.

Posted by Gambit1969

Typically, I don't like when a title is always switching artists but Andy is one of my favorites so I'm stoked.

Posted by They Killed Cap!

Looking forward to seeing Legion Crossovers

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am glad to hear we will see new art in Action Comics for 2 issues. I like seeing a change in art sometimes for a series.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Awesome! Have always loved Kubert's art. Soooo glad Action Comics is one of my regular titles I get monthly.

Posted by xX2nite_alriteXx

Cool beans.

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@MrDirector786 said:


Posted by IamKryptonite

This is great! I love Kubert, I remember when I was young (before I got into comics) my brother had got me some X-Men reads once when i was sick and they were drawn by Kubert. I don't think I ever read them but I do remember the art. So he holds a special place. Action Comics is at the top on my pulls so this is so exciting! Rags is outstanding but theres always something wrong with the eyes. No offense cuz I can't draw a lick, so far be it for me to criticise.

Posted by Jake Fury

Alright! Krypto! He's a dog, no wait he's a super dog. Who gives a dime about Krypto?
Posted by SuperXAsh

But wait... won't Krypto confuse new readers??? I thought we were going back to the 80's and 90's with this reboot... so no super pets. :P

Posted by revbucky

Let the good times roll, baby!!

Posted by Primmaster64

Hell yeah!

Posted by BatUniverse

I saw this on DCU the source he will only draw 2 issues and later Rags Morales will return as the AC artist...

Posted by johnny_spam

@SuperXAsh: He's a superdog who many people recognize as being part of the Superman franchise don't see how he could confuse readers. And DC never said they were going back to the 90's.

Posted by tonis

oh man oh man, that's some of the most interesting news I've heard all week :)

Posted by goldenkey