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DC Makes More 'Brightest Day' Announcements!

Check out the changes on the upcoming GL books!

Check out the changes in the upcoming GL books!

 If you're a DC fan and you are looking forward to the upcoming release of Brightest Day this April, then I imagine that you would want nothing more than to finish up the weekend on a high note, with some Green Lantern news! Just as the Blackest Night story arc touched on a variety of different titles, so will Brightest Day. But I am sure you all knew that already. Earlier today, DC revealed the upcoming creative teams that will be working on the GL books that are affected by the new story arc, including Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. According to the announcement, writer Tony Bedard ( R.E.B.E.L.S.) will be taking over the starting this spring and the book will revolve around GL's Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Ganthet.  

“This is far and away the most exciting gig of my career. When they called to offer me the job and Geoff literally said, ‘Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps’ I felt like I’d put on a power ring. Now I just have to play up to Pete Tomasi’s impossibly high standards–!“

If you read R.E.B.E.L.S. then you probably have a good idea of whether or not Bedard can do a good job taking over for Peter Tomasi who has a long resume at DC. However, don't think Tomasi is leaving the GL Corps just yet!  In addition to this announcement, DC also revealed that they will be launching a new title, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, which will be penned by Tomasi and penciled by artist Fernando Pasarin ( Justice Society of America) and will be highlighting the adventures of Guy Gardner. Could Brightest Day bring back Fire and Ice to this book? I guess we will have to see! Are you guys looking forward to this announcement? What do you think all the shifting within the GL books means? What is the bigger picture?
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Posted by Dane

don't like the art but it sounds interesting enough.

Posted by lostlantern13

3 books about the Green Lantern universe was inevitable based on the buzz for the franchise (event and movie). I always figured it'd be a "Tales of the Corps" third book as opposed to a Guy Gardner title. 
I'm not disappointed at all - like that John's gonna get more page time - but wonder why Guy's gonna get his own title.  Ganthet as a lantern will be interesting...and overall, I love the creative teams: Bedard/Syaf and Tomasi/Pasarin.  
It's a good time to be a Green Lantern fan.

Posted by jCurwen

I could be wrong but given the character and his fan base I would think Kyle would have a better chance of holding down his own title than Guy.  Still pretty cool.

Posted by NightFang

Sounds very interesting.

Posted by brc2000

Can't have too much GL

Posted by HaHaManHV

This is awesome. I honestly feel like Guy deserves his own title as a GL (I love Guy) and I think that this is due to all his crazy going ons in Blackest Night. The only problem with this announcement is that it spoils the end of Blackest Night a bit. Oh well, I'm ready for it to be over anyways

Posted by Chane

Hmm... gonna have to rearrange my pull list a bit to fit GLEW on.

Posted by Chane
@lostlantern13: Yeah, I thought it would be a tales of the corps style title too. (and I thought it would feature all corps not just the green)
Posted by Moomin123

Where's Hal? I hope he doesn't die again.
Posted by AtPhantom

Thank God. Tomasi's GLC was lame. Bedard's R.E.B.E.L.S. is awesome. I'm looking forward to this.

Posted by Argentino_18

Hell yeah!!!!

Posted by ASKwhy

Interesting.  Guy is getting his own title again.  I take it Hal will be in the main Green Lantern title.  I'm hoping the other Lantern Corps won't be swept under the rug when Blackest Night and Brightest Day are over.

Posted by Archetype

A Guy centric story...I'm so there.Green Lantern really seems to be the best thing to draw in new readers.Also I love Rebels.
I still wonder what will happen to the other Lantern Corps.

Posted by Grim

Im hyped for Ganeth and Guy, but i have a feeling the story is going to run along the lines of JAson, Kyle, and Donna's countdown story. Lots of promise, but very little actual reward.
 we'll see though.

Posted by Nighthunter

DC keeps taking away my money.....

Posted by Emerald Warrior

yesterday news.

Posted by lostlantern13
I believe Hal's still on Green Lantern with the same creative team that has been on it recently (Johns/Mahnke).
Posted by Anddy_Pangg
@jCurwen:  amen to that my brother! Kyle gets saddled while guys gets his own title? Could Johns hate on kyle much more? Me thinks not
Posted by Silver Knight75

the constructs look different

Posted by AtPhantom
@Silver Knight75 said:
" the constructs look different "
No, Ganthet's energy always looks like that.
Posted by greenenvy

Fire and ice is something I would defiently look forward too from brightest day. As a green lantern fan this is too much for me to handle with green lantern getting the big stories since rebirth and so I am going to take a break after blackest night then come back for brightest day maybe.
Posted by Nighthunter
@Anddy_Pangg said:
" @jCurwen:  amen to that my brother! Kyle gets saddled while guys gets his own title? Could Johns hate on kyle much more? Me thinks not "
The series of GLC under Tomasi has been primarly a Guy Gardner centric series in recent months so it comes natural that he would want to keep the momentum. I think that it is a fair share, Johns has the seven leaders of the corps, Tomasi has Gardner (his favorite lantern) and Killowog (someone who he has expressed he has a lot of interest in) and Bedard has John (someone who needs spotlight) , Kyle (who if I'm not mistaken is also his favorite lantern) and Ganthet
Posted by Anddy_Pangg
@Nighthunter: I just pray some who "gets' kyle finally writes him.......I need my Rayner Fix!!
As long as Kyle does not get shafted im happy, enough hal/guy fanboys as it is!
Posted by dedwilson

the deadpool corps reign above all
Posted by Teru

This is awesome, tho I haven't read much of GL Corp's, I hope that Bedard can bring the some new life in to the series.
Posted by TheBug

I'm really sad to see Tomasi leave GLC, but Guy getting his own title...epic win.
Posted by emerald_lamp_2814

ganthet looks allright kyle looks really weard and john looks flat out bad what is with his lips  
other wise i hope the change is not to noticeable because gleason has been on GLC scince the beginning  
i dont really care that guy is getting a book all to him self, im not his biggest fan
Posted by Obsurity

Not a fan of that pic as much as I like Kyle if that's how the interior art will look, I'll pass.
Posted by Strafe Prower

John Stewart=My money
Posted by emerald_lamp_2814
@Obsurity said:
"Not a fan of that pic as much as I like Kyle if that's how the interior art will look, I'll pass. "

it wont look like that the cover is by rodolfo migliari while the interior is done by ardian syaf i bet this is just a variant cover because typicaly the regular cover is done by interior artest
Posted by Harlekin

This isn't the cover you show off to get new readers.

Posted by waruikumo

awesome,  I have been digging rebels to an extent, although it seemed long and drawn out.  I did really like the last issue of Adventure comics Bedard did.

Posted by Question08

Is Jon wearing lipstick?
Posted by Bathory1313

I guess my question is this... silly as it may sound if Ganthet is now going to be a green lantern honor guard, what happens to the Blue Lantern Corps?  Will Sayd run them or be their "Guardian". Hmmmmm?

Posted by Mox

Guy Gardner gets his own TITLE!!!! Thats where the reading is at.

Posted by danielddavis

OMG I can't believe what I'm seeing.