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DC Entertainment Reveals the Next Stage of Digital Comics

The publisher is looking to bring the digital experience to a whole new level.

Whether you like it or not, The Big Two are putting a lot of focus on the digital side of things. While purchasing a copy of your comic mere moments after you wake up is always neat, DC is aiming to go above and beyond when it comes to its digital experience. Today, the publisher announced DC2 and DC2 Multiverse, and both are striving to bring a fresh approach to digital comics.

DC2 will add layers to the artwork, creating a greater sense of dimension to the panels. This will hopefully do a more thorough job pulling you into the fictional world and bringing the moments to life. Meanwhile, DC2 Multiverse is basically like those "choose your adventure" books. It'll let you alter the course of events along the way by giving you options (characters, storylines, plot points) and, according to the publisher, this will give one digital issue dozens of possible conclusions.

DC2 will debut in the digital-first BATMAN '66 series. As if the title wasn't obvious enough, that one is based on the super campy and fun 1960s TV show. DC2 Multiverse will premiere in the digital-first title BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS. That'll be based on the upcoming video game and will apparently include both sound effects and the ability to include a soundtrack.

DC has released a cover for '66 Batman and a preview of how the reading experience will be for both innovations. Mandatory reminder: you can enlarge the images by clicking on them and scrolling through them.

Source: DC

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Edited by snarkybits

CYA? Ugh...

Posted by webling

None of that sounds interesting to me, but why not increase the value of my digital long as they don't raise the price.

Posted by EuanLauder

As a guy who reads monthlies exclusively digitally I'm happy to see them innovating the way we read digitally. Also Arkham Origins prequel comic WOO

Posted by ele3000

Reminds me of Marvel: Infinite Comics

Posted by Dabee

Love the art from the previews!

Posted by akbogert

Like I said on Twitter, "I'll be a lot more excited about new digital content from DC when they provide a (reasonable) way to read their existing backlog. The list of DC comics I want to read and have been told I'd HAVE to pirate if I wanted to ever see them is preposterously long."

Articles I've read today have spoken about DC "catching up to Marvel" but until they offer something along the lines of Unlimited -- and until the vast majority of their backlog can be affordably read -- I couldn't care less about gimmicky "innovation."

Posted by longbowhunter

I have no interest in either title but it still sounds cool nonetheless.

Posted by Owie

This looks cheesy as a digital "innovation" but I am looking forward to it solely because it's 60s Batman.

Posted by vPuik

I'm assuming Batman '66 will be a bit more PC than the TV predecessor.

Posted by RoTheKid

Hmm...interesting. Will have to keep an eye on this.

Posted by Mandrewgora

Ha! This sounds so dumb, I love it! Also, Dat Mike Allred cover.

Posted by Cakeman3000

Digital comics definitely should bring something new to the table, and I'm happy DC is doing this. If digital doesn't add anything, why not get the hardcopy?

Edited by Danial79

The DC2 thing just sounds like Marvel's Infinite comics, but the choose your own adventure thing has my interest piqued.

Edited by fragmentmind

I want cheaper digital comics. I should not be paying $5 for a digital release comic.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Getting the Batman 66 series in hard copy format myself ^_^

Posted by kennybaese

I'm all for the fancy transitions and things as long as they're not too goofy (though in the case of Batman 66 that goofiness would fit), but choose your own adventure stories are almost always dumb. If I wanted that kind of interactivity in my fiction, I'd play a video game.

Posted by danhimself

I hope this doesn't affect the Beyond books or Smallville

Edited by Rich711

This sounds stupid. DCs marketing is a mess. The should go spend some time at

Posted by jer121

How about instead of creating stupid gimmicks, DC should start giving a free digital with every physical new 52 issue...I mean how are they honestly getting away with charging 3.99 for an issue? At least Marvel is giving you a digital to go with your Marvel Now purchase

Posted by lilben42

Cool! As long as the prices aren't raised I'm in.

Edited by Fantasgasmic

So it's motion comics? But motion comics suck!

Posted by lilben42

Cool! As long as the prices aren't raised I'm in.

Edited by Dud317

While I'm not entirely on board yet, it's cool to see some ideas flowing. Without more of an example, it seems like they're spitballing and taking some big chances. The choose your own adventure idea will only work with one shots, obviously. I'm not a marketing genius, but there is something to digital. Take a look at what Ten Grand did with the accompanied audio file. That was so cool. Maybe they could add a score, or sound fx. Maybe they could offer the option to read it in black and white. Maybe they could offer an online voucher with a discount for the physical trade, or something online. Maybe they could offer a something like a boxholder discount for multiple subscriptions. The plus side is that while extras will cost more, it's a one time cost whether they sell 5,000 copies or 500,000 copies. There's a ton of things they could do, and maybe they're on the right track.

Posted by NightCrawler358

The sound fx/ soundtrack sounds cool, and I've always loved choose-your-own adventure stuff. I already read digital, so I'll give it a shot!

Posted by turoksonofstone

Are these Digital Comics really selling that well?? I am very much surprise.

Posted by trebean

I actually like Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Posted by Med

comics are not video games. they don't need 'replay value'.

Posted by SavageDragon

Interesting, I will check it out.

Posted by Mucklefluga

Awesome, but isn't DC2 the same as Marvel's 'Infinite' ?

Posted by tximinoman

The way to go with digital comics is what Thrillbent has been doing. That's comics 2.0

Edited by Shallbecomeabattoo

Hate digital. Tried it, but to me the fun is lost if I don't have something in my hands that I can later put on m shelf, since I am a trade waiter. I love the feel of paper and the smell of a newly unwrapped hardcover. Cannot do without that.

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

nope, still like my comics in my hand thank you.

I know I will be phased out eventually, as I loved reading newspapers and magazines in my hand too.

But until then, gimme the real deal

Edited by sasquatch888

all of my friends have ipads tablets and phones ...if the digital comics were 99 cents like music we'd buy a ton of digital stuff , my friends and I were buying everything in trade and tons of single issues at midtown comics but its got too expensive with all the events and tie ins and 52 reboot were all going broke, some of my friends were devastated after flashpoint and dropped DC after the reboot to save money, some of my friends would rather download comics from a torrent site free than pay 3.99 for a digital copy . their used to be a comic store every 20 blocks in nyc when i was growing up but that's not the case anymore . I'm in my 40's now and have been reading comics since before secret wars and the first crisis and I love comics, but I have bills like everyone else and with cable having so many good shows and our kids playing expensive video games, Its hard spending 35-50 bucks a week on comics but some how i do ..although about half of my friends stopped collecting in the last ten years ..our kids have no interest in comics at all but love the movies video games toys and everything else based on the characters..but i think kids aren't going to spend 4-5 bucks on 5-10 mins of entertainment ever. 99 cents is the right price... i don't know if its possible but if doesn't go down to 99 cents it will never thrive digitally. I noticed my kid and his friends reading injustice though they love that comic its weekly and 99 cents ...maybe that's the way to go ten pages a week for 99 cents.

Posted by Dbennett6684

I love digital. I'd love to have all of my books in hand but I don't have time to get to the store every week, space to store books, or the patience for DCBS.

Posted by sinestro_GL

The layering idea is going to mean that we can get a lot of nice art pieces without the inconveniently placed speech bubbles...

Posted by RustyRoy

AWESOME!!! DC2 Multiverse sounds very interesting.

Posted by Azura_Thena

Choose your adventure? Reminds me of those 80s children books.

Has anyone besides me read this one?

Transformers - Attack of the Insecticons - Choose Your Own Adventure Book 1985

Edited by AirDave817

I don't read digital comics yet. But I am excited that DC is launching the Batman '66 title. I can't wait to read that in traditional, regular print. I saw the Previews description for the second issue, featuring a '66 version of Killer Croc!

Posted by DocLuthorVonDoom

Not too into reading comics online; but if this Batman 66' is exclusively a digital release I might just have to check it out. The sample art they have for it on here looks amazing. The hard lines, the ben-day dots, the limited color palate with the varied hues! This is how comics should look!