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Aw yeah! Here comes Superman and his whole family ready for some all-age action.

In case you haven't heard the sad news, TINY TITANS by Art Baltazar and Franco is ending with the 50th issue. It's great and amazing that a "kids' comic" could reach that number (although if you've ever read it, you know you do not have to be a kid to enjoy it).

Fortunately, that won't be the last we see of the characters or creators. The creative duo is moving on to SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES, a monthly ongoing series for readers of all ages. Today, DC's The Source has unveiled the first look at the cover for May's first issue.

Art Baltazar had this to say:

Superman is here! And he’s bringing his family!!! AW YEAH!” Working on SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES is truly a highlight to my career. Everything you know about the Superman mythos is here in this comic. You will see Bizarro, Parasite, Brainiac, Metallo and yes, even Lex Luthor! Writing and drawing bad guys is really cool! We had bad guys in TINY TITANS, but this time, they fight the heroes! ACTION! ADVENTURE! HUMOR! BIG GORILLAS! GIANT ROBOTS! LOIS! JIMMY! PERRY! and…SUPER PETS!!!! Whaaaa? Yep, that’s a true story right there! SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES is gonna rock! Aw yeah Krypton!

I'll admit, focusing on Superman seems a little strange. But the best thing about this? Krypto!! You know this will definitely be added to my pull list.

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Posted by laabitres

lol it looks mad cartooney

Posted by sethysquare

I say Yes!

Posted by Adnan

heh, anyone else notice the slight alteration to Supergirl's DCnU look on this cover?

And Krypto rocks.

Posted by Lvenger

Not bad for a kid's book. Hopefully it will be better than the current Superman ongoing. The first arc has been kind of average for me though the next storyline with Helspont in looks pretty interesting. Maybe that will improve the title.

Posted by SuperShafe

Interesting that Superboy gets his awesome prenew 52 costume but Clark doesn't get his red shorts.

Posted by Shazam78

I've always liked this artist's style. One my favorites on, hmm is it just me or does Krypto remind anyone else of Brain from the original Inspector Gadget cartoon? Something about that facial expression.

Posted by kennybaese

I'd have to disagree that the focus on Superman doesn't make sense. The Superman "family" has kind of something for everyone in the age group they're going for. You have Superman as the father figure, Superboy for the little boys and Supergirl for the little girls. Plus, a lot of Superman's villains are much more colorful and easily turned into very cartoony characters appropriate for a children's book. Superman, in an of himself, taps into this very innnocent childhood notion of right and wrong and what a superhero is. As such, I think he's perfect.

Well, that went on way too long...

Anyway, ti's interesting that they updated Superman's costume, but kept the Superboy costume from before the New 52 and kind of mashed up the Supergirl costume with the pre and post New 52 design.

I read a couple of issues of Tiny Titans and thought it was pretty great for a kids comic. I'm sure this will be more of the same.

Posted by Baddamdog

Awwwww yeah!

Posted by KidChipotle


Posted by 04nbod

@ArturoCalaKayVee: I don't want to see Superman's underwear! I'm not a perv.

Posted by wowylied

It can only be better than the superman ongoing.

Posted by KidChipotle

@04nbod: It looks so much better with the red tighties in this form of art, IMO

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

 But the best thing about this? Krypto !!

best part
Posted by The Impersonator

@sethysquare said:

I say Yes!

Posted by rasx

Where's Steel on that cover?

Posted by Wowlock

Well at least they didn't break Clark and Lois in this book ( at least that's what I am hoing :P )

Aside from that, KRYPTO !

Posted by humanfly26

In case you haven't heard the sad news, TINY TITANS by Art Baltazar and Franco is ending with the 50th issue.

I hadn't heard.... NOOOOOOO!
Now that that's out of my system, I think the Superman book will be a decent replacement. Not being a kid anymore, the thing I found really cool about Tiny Titans was the wide range of characters included. The Titans have a long proud history of forgotten characters and it was always interesting to see who was going to pop up next and how they were humorously used (Lagoon Boy ftw).
Superman also has a pretty expansive set of characters and wacky scenarios across its history. Here are some things I'd like to see in this new series that aren't mentioned in the blurb:
  • Legion of Super-Heroes
  • Superman Emergency Squad
  • Superman Robots
  • Red Kryptonite transformations
  • Phantom Zone
  • Mxyzptlk mischief
  • New Gods mayhaps?
  • An issue with every version of Supergirl, like they did an 'every Robin' issue of Tiny Titans
  • And the winner is... Jimmy transforming into a giant turtle
Posted by Ganthetsward20

Do they have collected editions for the tiny titans? I think this will be really awesome, I like this artwork and think they could use this on any hero family...but superman could use some help so I hope its successful!

Posted by HombreMan


Posted by Or35ti

Sounds like fun! :)

Posted by RedOwl_1

I'm a bit sad for Tiny Titans because I have pretty memories about it, but I have to say it:

I'm curious about Superboy, is bigger here than in TT

Also when I see this I can't avoid think onTiny Titans #31

@04nbod said:

@ArturoCalaKayVee: I don't want to see Superman's underwear! I'm not a perv.

Either I

Posted by Grim

...nah. cant imagine it getting the same fan fare as Tiny Titans, mostly because of the adults.

Calvin and Hobbies. Peanuts. Tiny Titans. They were all about the independent kids. Unbridled freedom is one of those thins we all want as kids and never grow out of. As soon as you make an parent figure a main character, you remove the freedom from the kids. He HAS to be responsible when the kids are being rash. and thats no fun.

This could still work... but its a long shot.

Posted by Video_Martian

LOL, why does everyone love Krypto?!?

Posted by

New series for Lil G-girl to do a monthly writing assignment for? I love the tiny titans one. Improve her writing.

Posted by DarkShadows

I think I'm going to read this but part of me will never let Tiny Titans go. Never!

I will miss them.

Posted by notarandomguy

@HombreMan said:


@HombreMan said:


@HombreMan said:


Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Awesome! Looks fine to me and I think it will be great to introduce new generations of youngsters to the Man of Steel. Plus, gotta love Krypto!

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I would try this series out. It reminds me a lot of Tiny Titans

Posted by Primmaster64