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David Tennant's Final Doctor Who US Airdates

It's going to be sad to see him go...

I have to say I'm not crazy about writing on David Tennant's final Doctor Who episodes.  Usually each time one Doctor regenerates into another, it's hard to accept the change.  I'm sure Matt Smith will be brilliant but honestly, I'm not excited about seeing him in action.  
BBC America has announced today the U.S. premiere dates of David Tennant's final episode as the tenth Doctor.  Doctor Who: The End Of Time, Part 2 will premiere January 2, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, one week after Part One on BBC America.  The final era of David Tennant is one of the most eagerly anticipated adventures in Doctor Who's history.  Guest stars will include John Simm (Life On Mars) as the Master, Timothy Dalton, Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins.

Regarding the final specials, lead writer and executive producer Russell T Davies told Radio Times, "It's personal for the Doctor. The Master (John Simm) is his enemy, his opposite, and yet so tantalizingly close to being his soul mate.  There's something epic about their sheer existence - the last two survivors of an ancient race. It's a clash of the titans. Both of them, heading for death, and yet both determined to survive - at any cost!"
The Doctor faces the end of his life as the Master's plans hurtle out of control. With the sound of drums growing louder, and an ancient trap closing around the Earth, the Doctor and Wilf must fight alone. But sacrifices must be made, and the deadly prophecy warns: "He will knock four times."

Doctor Who: The Waters Of Mars will air on BBC America Saturday, December 19, 9:00p.m.  ET/PT.
Doctor Who: The End Of Time, Part One will air on BBC America Saturday, December 26, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.
Prepare to say goodbye to the Doctor.
Posted by Satyrquaze

Sadly, we all don't get BBC America. :'( 
I watched Waters of Mars on youtube a few days ago, and it shocked me. 
It's going to be rough to see David go.
Posted by Kiara_Sullivan

I'll be tuning in to watch. But I will not be happy!
Posted by Moomin123

I can't wait for this episode. The Master kicks arse. 
I wonder if he'll have that shrinking device that he had in the old series of Dr. Who...
Posted by G-Man

Does any one besides me think that Matt Smith looks kinda smarmy?

Posted by King Saturn
I hate the fact that David Tennant is leaving us as The Doctor... but I guess all good things must come to an end... I still aint all too sure about this Matt Smith dude.. he looks sort of like a Wanker to me... I know its a little unfair to judge him before he even appears in his first episode as the new Doctor... but hey... it is what it is... lmao
Posted by Agent Buttons


Posted by Satyrquaze
Hopfully, he's not wearing the substitute maths teacher outfit for long.
Posted by drawme

Looks not so nice.

Posted by FLStyle
@G-Man: Smarmy sounds about right but his hair looks pretty cool. More so than Tennant and Eccleston. Now all he has to do is act as well as them... good luck with that :)
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

he will knock four times...

Posted by Constantine

this will be awesome

Posted by xerox_kitty

The problem is, Tennant has become Our Doctor.  I mean, I grew up with Baker, Davidson, Baker & McCoy and loved them for the rollercoaster rides they gave me.  But Tennant is pure genius, and I don't want to see him go (but it would also be a rip-off to the fans if we didn't see him regenerate).  So no matter who was going to replace him, they'd have a hard job to fill his shoes. 
As for Matt Smith, I'll reserve judgement till I've watched a few adventures.  I'm more concerned about how I wont empathise or relate to his new companion. 
Anyway, I'm convinced that we'll see Tennant back as the Doctor.  Whether it'll be in future specials that cover unseen adventures (like those in the time gap between Waters of Mars & End of Time), or in a 'Five Doctors' style adventure where he crosses-over with future Doctors.  Because of Tennant's genuine love for the character, I'm sure that we haven't seen the last of the Tenth Doctor.

Posted by G-Man

Plus it's good to leave while you're on top.  We wouldn't want Tennant to get sick of the character (even though I wouldn't see that happening).  A lot of actors don't want to be tied down to one role.  That's why Eccleston only signed up for one season.  I was bummed when he left and wasn't totally crazy about Tennant at first.  I'm sure Matt Smith will do well once we get used to him.

Posted by Media_Master

The new doctor has crazy hair!

Posted by pentagram

tennant was my favorte doctor, & one of the best to me. i'm not so sure about this matt smith guy, he better not mess it up,  but well see what he brings to the doctor.