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David Tennant & Russell T. Davies Interview

Boing Boing does a nice and long interview about Doctor Who and other stuff.

Sigh, we're nearing the end of David Tennant as Doctor Who Boing Boing scored a nice interview with both Tennant and Russell T. Davies.  What are their thoughts on their departure of the show?  Check out this twenty minute interview.  Find out if Tennant cried when he saw the final script.

Do you think it's best that Tennant leaves while things are going so well?  It's hard to imagine the show without these two.  I'm sure things are in safe hands and it'll take some time for us to adapt.  But it is the nature of the show.  I'm sure we will survive this transistion.
Posted by Moomin123

I think Tennant should leave. He's had his fun and it's time for someone else to step into the TARDIS and fight Daleks.
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Here it comes.... The Sound Of Drums

Posted by Decept-O

Much to my own chagrin, I've only seen a few episodes of Dr. Who with Tennant but I enjoyed them quite a bit.  He was quite perfect for the role, even as a casual fan of the show I find it hard to understand why he'd leave that role so quickly but he did give his reasons.  Personally I think he should have stayed on for at least one more season.  
It does make me wonder what he may do next I hate to think he left without having something in the oven in terms of work.   If he were able to lose his British accent he'd make an excellent Riddler for a Batman movie, maybe some other type of super villain, I don't know.   I can see why he's had such a legion of fans.
Posted by FoxxFireArt

I don't see how Tennant could go wrong with the part of the Doctor with the way he plays him. It's always been interesting. If the story ever fell I'd blame the writers. He gives such great quirk and humor to the Doctor.

Posted by PrinceIMC

I will be sad to see David go but I'm a fan of Dr. Who so I will follow it wherever it goes from here. So long as the new Doctor is as different from David as David was from Christopher. That is how they can keep telling new stories, the Doctor doesn't just get a face-lift but often has new personality quirks too.

Posted by FLStyle

As someone who didn't see the original Doctors (but has since looked them up) I didn't care care about Christopher regenerating into David, he'd only been around for one season after all. But now after the four years of the 10th Doctor, I understand what they mean by it being such an important part of their childhoods. It's one of my favourite shows by far and congrats go to David and Russell. Good luck in the future.

Posted by Darkchild

I will really miss David and Russels scripts. Davids hands down turned inot my favorite DR Who.

Posted by konshu101

I'm gutted that Tennant has left. Davies delivered Doctor Who as we always knew it could be. Though I still loved it when it crappy cardboard sets. Even though I'm sure I'll love the new series I can't help but think it's the end of an era.
Posted by Deadeyeduck

*scratches head* 
Didnt he leave at the end of the last series? 
I thought the guy from Ruby in the Smoke was the new doctor.... 
Finally get rid of Davis...his writing is awful. Moffat is much better and doesnt have a habit of shoving sexuality down your throat. 
The recent Torchwood was alright as well.

Posted by Media_Master

that interview was epic!!