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David Finch's Batman: The Dark Knight Won't be in Limbo Much Longer

The long-awaited third issue hits shelves before getting revamped and renumbered this September.

When it was revealed that artist David Finch would be leaving Marvel comics following an incredible run on Marvel's X-Men: Second Coming story arc fans were definitely caught by surprise. The artist revealed that he would be leaving Marvel for an exclusive contract with DC Comics. This contract limited him to covers and one very top secret project for DC; Batman: The Dark Knight.

The book was first announced a year ago (last summer) and it was revealed that Finch had already finished up the first arc in what was supposed to be his own ongoing series. Unfortunately, however, David Finch fans did not get to see the comic book series written and penciled by Finch--at least not on time. The series launched with the release of the first issue in September of 2010, but fans didn't see Batman: The Dark Knight #2 until May of 2011. So, what happened?

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In an interview with Newsarama back in July of last year Finch revealed that he had completed the first story arc and was just starting to work on the second.

Nrama: Have you picked a title for the series? Or the first story?

Finch: Yes, the book is called Batman: The Dark Knight. The first story is all written, and it leads into the second, which is in the planning stages right now.

Nearly a year later DC is finally bringing the third issue of Batman: The Dark Knight to stores this Wednesday, July 13th. DC also revealed the preview of the issue due out this week earlier today and based on the solicit the book continues to tell the story of Bruce Wayne, Batman and his childhood friend Dawn Golden. You can check out the story below.

So what is up with the major delay on this book? The interview with Finch made it seem things were well underway and that the first arc was already in the bag. Understandably it can be attributed to a number of different things, but I would venture to guess that this may have a little bit to do with the revamp of the new DC Universe which is set to launch this September, 2011. We posted some of the covers and the accompanying solicits to the upcoming 52 new titles earlier, so be sure to check them out here if you haven't already. The good news is that Finch's Batman: The Dark Knight won't be stranded in comic book limbo and is set to start over in September beginning with issue #1 as part of the 52 new ongoing titles.

It seems like Finch had a pretty solid understanding of what he wanted to do with the story and where he wanted to take it based on a variety of different interviews.

If I could be so bold as to draw a comparison, I would want to associate it with Neal Adams and Denny O'Neil's work from the early '70s. It's a street level book, very hands on, down and dirty. That's just more my style. But Dark Knight will take Batman in a bit of a darker direction. He's going to be dealing with mysticism, dark arts, and demonology. All things that are well outside of his comfort zone. The challenge for Batman will be to pit his brains and grim determination against forces that defy logic and fear. But he's a fast learner, and he'll have help... The Demon [Etrigan] plays an ongoing part in the book. Jason Blood is very helpful to Batman when it comes to understanding his enemy. But Jason has his own allegiances to worry about. Helping Batman puts him at direct odds with his masters. Alfred, Gordon and the usual cast are heavily featured, along with characters from other Batman titles.

So how much of Finch's vision for his initial series will carry over into the relaunch of Batman: The Dark Knight? Finch initially stated that he wanted a "dark and gothic" feel to his Batman book, and it will be interesting to see if that's something prevalent this September starting with Batman: The Dark Knight #1. Be sure to look for issue #3 of Batman: The Dark Knight this Wednesday written and penciled by David Finch as well as issues #4 and #5 due to hit July 27th and August 24th respectively.

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Edited by Fhiz

This third issue was dubbed the "conclusion" to the first arc at DC's site. So you go from being 1/3 in to the intended length, to the "conclusion" during the very next issue... I can't wait to see how rushed it is. Being that this is the "conclusion" Im willing to bet issues #4 and #5 do not exist.
Then it goes from an Occult/Supernatural story, to a "Penguin got brought to a pig party then got mad" story. Wow? Really? Not to mention, that this revelation is almost exactly the same plot as the B:TAS episode "Birds of a Feather" 
I don't realy think the book is going to fair any better in September. The second issue was solicited today, and it already has a co-writer and co-artist in Paul Jenkins and Jay Fabok. Sorry, can't commit to something I don't believe in.

Posted by Gylan Thomas

Finch is an artist not a writer. I'm not in the least surprised this has gone the way it has.
Read the first issue and was massively underwelmed.

Posted by mikeclark1982

does this mean that this trade will be 4 bucks or 7? it better be because ill be damned if i pay 20 bucks for a 3 issue collected arc!

Posted by B_Heart

Looking forward to these, it's been too long since the second issue

Posted by Red Rum

In that last pic, is that Ragman?

Posted by doordoor123

I just dont feel like his Batbook is up to par with the others.  And his art isnt really for me.  
But Ragman is in it. One of my favorite characters. Its a shame that I wont pick it up.
Posted by The Stegman

think i'll just wait til september 

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow, three issues. Amazing. Wonder when collected edition of this would be out?

Posted by The Mast

I feel bad for those kids who would have had to jump in at issue #3 or #4. Thank every deity imaginable that it's getting rebooted to #1.
-The Mast

Posted by CombatSpoon86

I knew this book would fail from the get-go but i didn't believe it would be this bad. Some people should just stick to just one thing instead of trying to write and draw at the same time. The fact this book gets a relaunch instead of books like Red Robin and Secret Six is just wrong.

Posted by Dreadmaster

I really hate issue 3 is BARELY coming out this week because i've been trying to get more into Batman and this  series seemed like an okay place to start. Good thing this Revamp of DC is happening so i can follow the direct Batman and not have to deal with date pushes like this.

Posted by The_Tree

This book is great, definitely better than Tony Daniel's. But Finch needs to step it up on how long it takes to come out. 
But hey, at least it's not like Batman Europa.

Posted by triangle

David needs to go back to school these story boards really are underwhelming . he doesn't seem to be able to encapsulate the tension necessary in the panel to drive the post. what a snore. 

Posted by Eyz

Like Batwoman, it might have ended in limbo, but the 52 books relaunch seems to be bringing it back :D

Posted by AMS

'' But hey, at least it's not like Batman Europa.'' 
Yup seven years and still counting....

Posted by RandyFemrite

 I still think Aphrodite IX could have been a HUGE success had the issues come out on time... 
 Finch was definately the right artist for her.
Posted by spider-man 2996

The first issue was out in December not September