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David Duchovny Talks Third X-Files Movie

Do you still want to this franchise?

It's not often that a TV show can remain relevant years after it's off the air.  X-Files still has its share of fans but are there enough to warrant another big screen movie?  
X-Files aired on FOX from 1993 to 2002.  In 1998 we saw the first movie, X-Files: Fight The Future along with a second movie ten years later, X-Files: I Want To Believe.  Despite the anticipation for the second movie six years after the show went off the air, it failed to live up to the expectations of the fans.  Could there still be a third movie?
Last August Gillian Anderson expressed her enthusiasm for a third movie.  Recently David Duchovny spoke to The Daily Beast and brought up the subject once again.

As far as the X-Files movie I’d like to do next, if we get a chance to do it, would be a return to the heart and soul of the mythology, which is the alien-oriented conspiracy. I think it’s natural for The X-Files to have another movie in 2012, so we’ll see if we get to do it.

I do think that would be the key, return to what the show is really about, aliens.  Duchovny went on to defend the last movie and stated that he has nothing but respect for show creator Chris Carter and the entire writing staff of the show.
Is The X-Files still on your radar?  DC (throught Wildstorm) recently put out a seven issue mini-series so we can see people are still interested.  Would you watch the next movie?  Can a movie dealing with alien conspiracies be successful today?  Is it time to close the X-Files once and for all?  Personally, I hope to see the movie return in full force.
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Posted by EisforExtinction

If there was a third movie I'd want it to go back to the mythology not just have Mulder and Scully investigate monster of the week type cases (like in I Want to Believe).
I'd actually rather a sequel to the Red Shoe Diaries. I'd watch that.

Edited by Dr. Detfink

I loved the X-files. It was the LOST of my early 20s. I was so into the show and yet, the way it ended left a bad taste in my mouth.

I can't forget how much of a Hollywood douche Duchovny was when X-files had to give him time off, the battles over his salary, moving the set from Vancouver to LA, etc. It's interesting how Duchovny is missing a big pay check after many of his other cable show vehicles just haven't enjoyed quite as much main stream success. I also don't think his movie career blossomed in the way he had hoped.
The last X-files movie wasn't really a movie, it was just one long TV episode. Although I acutally enjoyed the film, I don't think I could recommend it past a rental. Since the last episode of the TV series laid out the invasion date, how does the second film fit in? It's almost as if that whole story didn't exist. That is the challenge because they otherwise ignored the whole build up of this alien invasion using nasty oil slick spooge.  
That said, I would like to see another X-files film but a REAL X-files film that built off the first film.

Posted by XXXStone

I loved X -Files when I was a kid but to me the movies were pretty boring.  I always though it was kinda hard to put their world onto the big screen and make it intersting for lets say 90min.  
So the answer is NO
Posted by Birdeater

 Oh, please.
"I want to belief" was a good story, it's like another part of series after pretty long time. Me, personally, was pleased.
And yes, someone who wait to see the alien invasion, alien embryo, alien weapon, alien food and drink was very disappointed, but X-files had a variety storys and some of them don't concern any extraterrestrial life form, so I actually don't get a heck about this "opinion".
So, why not? )

Posted by TheOmegaMan
Agreed. If anything, i'd watch it at home on DVD and not in the theaters...
Posted by Bruce Vain

I personally would like to have another X-Files movie.
Posted by EdwardWindsor

i have all the show on the dvd and i think i film tieing up the whole invasion storyline is kinda needed to tie up the whole story really, its what i was hoping would be in last film before i was told was a monster of the week movie

Posted by G-Man
@Dr. Detfink:@Birdeater: 
I did like the last movie but it wasn't spectacular in my opinion.  It did feel like simply an extended episode.  At its core, the X-Files started becoming all about the alien conspiracies.  Cancer Man (or Cigarette Smoking Man, whatever you want to call him) and his shenanigans were what people seemed to really want.  I'd love to see more of the alien angle but they have to be careful to not make it too cheesey.
Posted by geektrooper

Ive been a DIE HARD X-Files fan since the pilot and the last movie really let me down. I would give it another shot if there was a 3rd movie, but Chris Carter needs to get his shit straight.

Posted by Mbecks14

i really want to watch this series. i'm going to need to find the old dvds

Posted by MrCipher

For me the first season is what the X-Files were "about". The aliens focus came after that, since it seems every show nowadays needs a massive, multiple season, story arc to be validated somehow. I liked the one episode storylines that dealt with strange things that were supernatural and paranormal AND sci-fi. That melting pot of the weird and fantastic made each episode exciting for me because I never knew what was coming next. After a while I got to thinking "ok how are they gonna work aliens into THIS episode, whats the link?" 
I never bothered to see the second movie, I saw the first and got confused and then bored - truth be told it didn't hold my attention very well. I didn't even think X-Files was on the pop-culture radar any longer. I'm not convinced a new movie would be a huge hit.

Posted by Adam Michaels

Just recently, my girlfriend and I collected the entire series on DVD. I didn't watch it much when it was on TV, but I checked it out this time around. Just like others, I noticed that it kinda swerved away from the alien conspiracy theory tone that made the show a success to begin with. The show was still interesting, but not as intense. 
When I read that Duchovny feels this way, it's reassuring because he has a say on this stuff. Maybe not the final decision, but they will listen to what he has to say if has has something to say.
Posted by Media_Master

David knows what people want.

Posted by jefprice

I don't really know any hardcore fans that didn't like the last one. I saw it and enjoyed it, Everyone I know who saw it (this is a lot) liked it more then me. I'm def up for round 3. 

Posted by Agent355

if they focus on the colonization of Earth, invasion of aliens, and all that stuff...sure, why not?  it would be fun to see.  i always loved the shadowy government, Syndicate stuff with the Smoking Man and Deep Throat and all that.  it's a truly a one of a kind series.  a million other movies about 2012 are going to come out in the next two years, why not an X-Files movie?!