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Dave Sim's Cerebus Returns To McFarlane's Spawn

Can you believe it's been over fifteen years?

Way back in 1993, Dave Sim's Cerebus guest starred in Spawn #10.  The issue returns to print in the upcoming Spawn Origins Collection: Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 HC.

"It hasn't been reprinted since it first came out," SPAWN #10 writer and CEREBUS creator Dave Sim said. "I'm very glad that's all over with after 14 years. Todd sent me black and white scans of Spawn 10 which will be published in a Cerebus Miscellany volume someday and, hopefully, Spawn 10 will be included in any and all future collections if the Toddmiester decides to make that official McFarlane policy."

The hardcover features the artwork of Todd McFarlane and includes classic stories written by Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Frank Miller and Todd McFarlane himself.  This will mark the first time Sim and McFarlane's collaboration has seen print since 1993.
Spawn Origins Collection: Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 HC is a 620-page, full-color hardcover that retails for $100.  It will be on sale soon.  A signed and numbered edition will also be available for $150.  Talk to your local comic shop to get them to order it.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir
Posted by Bruce Vain

Man this issue takes me back :)
Posted by G-Man

It's crazy that it's never been reprinted before.

Posted by Asymmetrical

I suppose since I'm not part of the 90's generations I don't feel overwhelmed with excitement...but I too am surprised it would never have been reprinted, hmm

Posted by 1eyejoker

Good issue. The only Spawn issues I own are 8 by Alan Moore, 9 by Neil Gaiman, and 10 by Sim. They're the best Spawn comics I've read.
Posted by Dr. Maxwell

I have the original that was published waaaay back, its one of my favorites. I also have the by Gaiman that caused the Lawsuit.

Posted by goldenkey

I remember this when it came.  Image was new and no one knew just how bad it was going to be but all the hot artists just upped and left Marvel.  Batman still didn't have his back broken yet and Superman was still dead.  Spawn goes to some level of hell or another where all the creators where tied up with bags on thier head and all the big hero's and villians of Marvel and DC were behind a cage and something is mentioned of he who came first and you see Superman siiting in a cell and the only word he says is Doomsday.  It had a lot to do with the artist owning thier own characters and why they left but the book had nothing to do with the continuity of Spawn.  It was and still is one of my single comic favorites, and Cerebus is in it.  Just a great book that meant so much back then.  I can't believe it has never been reprinted. 
Posted by goldenkey
@1eyejoker said:
"Good issue. The only Spawn issues I own are 8 by Alan Moore, 9 by Neil Gaiman, and 10 by Sim. They're the best Spawn comics I've read. "

They are the best spawn issues.  I remember being so pumped up for the Miller issue and it just sucked, but this issue is the best of all of them
Posted by Blue_Shield

The quote from Dave Sim, G-Man, makes it sound like that there is more to the story.  It sounds as if there is something to this issue not being reprinted/collected before.
Posted by G-Man

I seem to vaguely recall something about it not being reprinted.  Have any of the other early "guest" issues been reprinted?  I never paid attention to the collections since I have these issues.

Posted by drawme

Yeah! I´m totally into Spawn.