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'Dark X-Men: The Beginning' Part 3 of 3 Reviewed

Is this issue really vital to the Utopia story?

Is this issue really vital to the Utopia storyline?

'Utopia Dark X-Men: The Beginning' Part 3 of 3
Written by: Paul Cornell, Jason Aaron, Simon Spurrier
Art by: Leonard Kirk, Jock, Paul Davidson
 This issue is much like it's two predecessors in that it consists of three self contained stories chronicling the the way that each character on the Dark X-Men team joined. I could not tell if this was Marvel's way of "milking" the series or not but I am reluctant to think otherwise. That does not go to say that the issue was not well written and that the art work wasn't good; because for the most part it was. I would have personally preferred to have seen these individual stories be incorporated somehow into the primary ' UTOPIA' storyline, but I digress. In the end, the three part series is still fun and it manages to highlight stories of characters we may otherwise have not had the opportunity to read about. Whether it is a necessary read really depends on how involved you are in 'UTOPIA,' but I personally did not think so.
Posted by danhimself

Aurora's story was my favorite...I loved it when she put the crown thingy on Norman and he went full out Goblin....I really can't wait till Norman finally snaps

Posted by A Boy Named Art

I remember the Emma/Namor connection from an issue of Uncanny a few months back. It's possible that Emma's "foolishly loves me" line was used for her own benefit - after all, she once made Namor see her behead Sebastian Shaw in order to get what she wanted.

Posted by Legend of Zelda

The back of your hair is sticken up. No affense its kinda funny. :)

Posted by Mbecks14

Namor is supposed to be sexy? You'd think the pointy ears, dbag personallity, wings on his ankles, and the fact that he's really really old would be turn-offs.
And its about time Emma Frost and Cyclops got a little shake up. I've been waiting to see her betray the Xmen and go really evil again, with some sort of hidden agenda since astonishing xmen 1. but she's only been going "sort of" evil.

Posted by danhimself
turns out that the whole time she was still with the X-men and was working against Norman
Edited by themaskedhero

The Blackest Night : Tales of the Corps limited series was a better 3-part mini. 
Hanky-panky. Good word.

Posted by Grendel

If Utopia foolishly killed off the Dark Beast, Matt Fraction can rot.

Posted by The Psyentist
@Mbecks14 said:
" Namor is supposed to be sexy? You'd think the pointy ears, dbag personallity, wings on his ankles, and the fact that he's really really old would be turn-offs."
Pointy ears aren't that bad; I like his dbag personality; he doesn't look old (but some women like maturity anyway). But I do find the little wings on his ankles a little dorky...since he can fly, and all the other qualities, the little wings are tolerable. Then again, I'm obsessed with Doctor, I may not know what "sexy" would be to most ladies... ;)
Posted by Mbecks14
@The Psyentist said:
 I'm obsessed with Doctor, I may not know what "sexy" would be to most ladies... ;) "
Well Dr. Doom i can see.
Posted by damswedon

i may grab these three at some time

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Though all 3 Dark X-men issues were great

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I understand what you mean about incorporating these tales into the actually book, but I don't think the time line set really allowed for that. There is already a lot of criticism about the slow pacing of Utopia.
I don't think Emma really betrayed Scott. Though Emma is betraying Namor with the secret that Shaw is really alive.
I was more interested in how Mystique became a part of this. It seems like this would be right up her alley. So why did Osborn feel the need to inject her with something that could blow her up with the press of a button?
Yeah, your hair was kind of funky. Looked like you just woke up.

Posted by Dark Cell

Emma, you traitor!
Posted by crosal05

This was by far the best out of the 3 Dark X Men: The Beginning. 
The writing/art on all three stories were solid.
The Aurora story was the best writing for me.  I like the parallels Simon Spurrier makes between Aurora's uncontrolled schizophrenia vs. Norman Osborne's controlled emotions.  I like how Aurora pushes Norman's boundaries and how there are hints of how close Norman can lose it at anytime.
In terms of artwork, JOCK's was my favorite.  I'm a fan of the dark, gritty style - which JOCK definitely brings.
Overall, this issue was a pleasant surprise.   A solid 4.
On another note,  John Layman (writer for Chew) is coming to Isotope Comic Lounge in San Francisco September 12, 2009.  Are you coming?
We exchanged pleasantries briefly when Geoff Johns was at the shop.  You were 2 people behind me and I was with a couple of my buddies.  Anywho, you have a cool site.  I enjoy G-Man's and your comic book reviews. 

Posted by CATMANEXE--defunct

read it today. maybe my favorite book in the Utopia arc, next to Legacy.
loved the Aurora story. and Mystique...oh how i long for her series to not have ended.
someone heard me and gave me a little fix there. good issue.

Posted by No_Name_
@crosal05: I'll be there! 
Thanks for the kind words :)
Posted by DMC

I avoided  this mini series at first because I wasn't too interested in how they got together and I figured it would be a waste of money.  (Though I haven't read issue #2)
But Issue #3 is definitely worth it for all 3 stories, especially for Mystiques!!!  
Putting Mystique and Daken together (as her puppet or as a team (lovers?)) is gonna be SICK and an absolute nightmare for Wolverine.

Posted by pixelized

this mini was major waaaack, from stat to finish. Something happened in Namor/Emma's story that turned me off.. the thought escapes me though ]=

Posted by FoxxFireArt
I've have a major issue with Dark Reign altogether, because Emma is one of my favorite X-Men characters. On the flip side. Namor is one of my most despised Marvel characters ever. It was bad enough that during Civil War they had linked Emma to Tony Stark, but now to throw Namor into that list.
I find the whole matter annoying.
Posted by jamessime

I may be crazy, but I think this issue was worth the $3.99 price tag for Jock's first Marvel work alone. Here's hoping he gets to do an arc or 20 on Daredevil. Love me some Roberto de la Torre...but Jock & Diggle on DD? That would be perfection!

Posted by AlfredPMcLovely

The volume is too low.  That guy drew Emma all wrong.  She looked bad in human form and she looked like iceman in diamond form.  And I agree, Jock's art was great.    
Posted by Media_Master

sounds like I can pass on this

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

I'm tellin ya, Namor and Emma need to hook up and become the premier power couple in  the Marvel U.